Cloak & Dagger Filming Locations

Two teenagers living different lives are drawn together by their linked superpowers and shared trauma.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Cloak & Dagger was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Market Street Power Plant

Abandoned Building

Tyrone breaks out of the trunk he appeared inside and interrupts Detective Connors' drug deal and then tries to escape through a nearby building in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Research & Technology Park (UNO)


Tandy and Tyrone both remember waking up on the beach after the accident in episode 1x01 "First Light". Tandy watches a promotional video with a Roxxon executive cleaning up a beach in episode 1x05 "Princeton Offense". Tyrone, Tandy, and Melissa Bowen light a lantern to remember their loved ones in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories".

Dirt Road

Detective O'Reilly gets a call about Tyrone's visit after having sex with another cop in the back of a squad car in episode 1x05 "Princeton Offense".


Saints Peter and Paul Church

St. Teresa's Church

Tandy is dropped off by Liam and then sneaks across the street into the empty church she calls home in episode 1x01 "First Light". Tandy tries to summon her light dagger again and then packs up all the stuff she stole from the guy she stabbed in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints". Tyrone has a vision of young Tandy handing out roofies to a line of people as if they were taking communion in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass". Tandy and Tyrone tell each other their secrets and discuss their abilities in episode 1x04 "Call/Response". Tandy goes through the evidence she gathered from Greg's law office and searches for connections in episode 1x05 "Princeton Offense". Tyrone waits for Tandy to chat about the wall he ran into in his investigation and later he appears after Duane is shot in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors". Tandy talks with Tyrone on the phone late into the night after waking Ivan Hess in episode 1x07 "Lotus Eaters". Tandy goes over the blueprints of the Roxxon building in preparation for her infiltration in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories". Tandy brings Liam to her hideout and uses her powers to get inside his hopes once more in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker". Two lovers save the city from a deadly flu outbreak when one sacrifices his life for the other. Back in the present, Evita visits Tandy and Tyrone and tells them about their fate in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".


Carondelet Street (between Julia & St. Joseph)


Liam returns with money for Tandy after selling the things they stole in episode 1x01 "First Light".

Dealer's Corner

Tyrone follows the dealer from Duane's business but is caught and later O'Reilly and Connors chase the dealer from the corner in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".


Maestri Bridge

Percy LaVeau Memorial Bridge

Young Tandy watches from the back seat while her father talks on the phone and doesn't pay attention to the road in episode 1x01 "First Light".


The Orpheum Theater

Orpheum Theater

Tandy puts on the stolen dress and uses her stolen tickets to attend the ballet in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Crescent Park

Port of New Orleans

Young Tyrone and his brother try to hide from the police among the containers as the oil rig explodes in episode 1x01 "First Light". Tyrone leads Connors on a chase through the containers as Billy's ghost and manages to get him to confess to the murder in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories".


Chalmette High School

Chatsworth High

Tyrone's coach gives him a hard time in the locker room and the Tyrone gets into a fight on the court during a game in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Port Street (between Architect & Chartres)


Young Tyrone hears his brother talking with some friends about being cheated after installing some guy's car radio in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Premium Parking P158

Roxxon Corp Building

Tyrone wakes up on the roof of a building downtown after going to bed in his own room in episode 1x01 "First Light". Tyrone has a vision of young Tandy dancing near a live electrical wire in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


203 Carondelet Street

Ballet School (exterior)

Young Tandy waits outside the ballet class in the rain after all the other students have left in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Press Street (between Villere & Urquhart)

Train Yard

Tandy has sex with Liam in his truck and then tries to tell him about what has happened to her in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Decatur Street & Port Street

Street Corner

Young Tyrone hides from a police car and then runs into his brother who confronts him about the theft in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Lafayette Street & Baronne Street


Tyrone tries to hail a cab but is denied when he admits to not having any money on him in episode 1x01 "First Light".


941 Lafayette Street

Roxxon Corp Building (exit)

Tyrone walks out of the building in his bedsheet and sees the police officer who murdered his brother walking past in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Alley (south of Roosevelt, west of Canal)


Tandy is accosted by the guy she robbed and two of his friends and forced into an alley where he tries to rape her in episode 1x01 "First Light". Detective O'Reilly arrives at the site of the stabbing and looks around for clue in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Architect Street (between Port & St. Ferdinand)


Young Tyrone walks through the street in his giant hoodie in episode 1x01 "First Light".


New Orleans Athletic Club

Ballet School (interior)

Young Tandy takes a ballet class and later she has a vision of her parents in the same classroom in episode 1x01 "First Light".


Le Pavillon Hotel

Wedding Reception

Tandy and Liam con their way into a wedding reception and plot to steal any available cash in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


North Robertson Street (between Ursulines & Governor Nicholls)


Tandy rides through town with Liam on their way to the dry cleaners in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Lusher Charter School

St. Sebastian's Prep (gymnasium)

Tyrone shows up to practice extremely late and is forced to watch the other players be punished for his actions in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Carroll Street

Club Ampersand

Detective O'Reilly investigates the club where Tandy picked up Rick in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Kermit's Treme Mother in Law Lounge

Liam's Apartment

Detective O'Reilly stakes out Liam's home and arrests him when he arrives in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Q. Lee Laundry & Cleaners

Q. Lee Laundry & Cleaners (interior)

Tandy tries to get some new identification while with Liam but learns it will cost $11,000 in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Crescent City Connection (north)


Tandy drives across the river in the car she stole in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


North Robertson Street & St. Bernard Avenue

Street Corner

Liam and Tandy drive away in Liam's truck in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".

Q. Lee Laundry & Cleaners (exterior)

Liam and Tandy arrive at the laundromat that acts as their fence in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


704 North Claiborne Avenue

Detective Connors' Home

Tyrone stakes out Detective Connors' car but ends up falling asleep in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Loyola Avenue (between Girod & Julia)


Tandy drives the stolen car through town after dumping Liam in episode 1x02 "Suicide Sprints".


Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

St. Teresa's Church Cemetery

Tyrone chases Tandy through the graves and when they touch hands their powers are activated in episode 1x01 "First Light". Evita leads the tour group with Tyrone into the cemetery and tells them about Marie Laveau and she guides Tyrone through a ritual to have his wish granted in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Marie Laveau's Tomb

Evita shows the tour group the tomb with the cross marks covering the surface in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


Jackson Avenue Evangelical Church

St. Teresa's Church (exterior)

Tyrone looks up at the church while walking with Evita and notices the stained glass windows that match his vision in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


Reverend Zombie's House Of Voodoo

Damballah Voodoo Tours & Shop

Evita leads the tour group to her family's shop and then talks with Tyrone in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


City Park


Tandy and Tyrone each have visions of the other facing they greatest weaknesses in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


Coliseum Street & Sixth Street

Street near St. Teresa's Church

Evita tells her tour group about the history of the nearby church in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


Congo Square

Armstrong Park

Tyrone arrives in the park and finds Evita leading a Voodoo tour in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass". Auntie Chantelle makes another mark in the middle of the square in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


North Rampart Street & St. Ann Street

Streetcar Stop

Tyrone gets off the streetcar and heads into the nearby park in episode 1x03 "Stained Glass".


North Claiborne Avenue (between St. Ann & Dumaine)


Tyrone stages a fake bike theft and takes photos for the police in episode 1x04 "Call/Response".


House of Dance & Feathers

Redhawks Beadery

Otis brings Tyrone to visit some of his old tribe of Mardi Gras Indians and introduces him to the beadwork. Inside, Tyrone discovers his brother's unfinished project and decides to complete it himself in episode 1x04 "Call/Response".


Bonnabel Boat Launch


Tandy ties a chain around her legs and then jumps into the water in a suicide attempt in episode 1x04 "Call/Response".


Resurrection After Exoneration

Greg Pressfield, Esq. Attorney At Law

Tandy spies on Greg at his office and decides to help him with his case against Roxxon in episode 1x04 "Call/Response".


Messina's at the Terminal (NEW)


Tandy cons her way into a Roxxon party and uses her powers to look at the desires of the various Roxxon executives in attendance in episode 1x05 "Princeton Offense".


Six Flags New Orleans

Abandoned Amusement Park

Tandy meets with Mina Hess at her container home in an abandoned amusement park and they head into the swamp after having fresh-baked cookies in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".


Alley (south of Julia, west of Carondelet)


Connors chases the dealer down the alley and a message for Duane before O'Reilly manages to catch up to them in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".


Alley (south of Julia, west of St. Charles)

Alley near Buildwell Wood Shop

Connors tries to shoot Tyrone as he flees but Tyrone manages to use his power to disappear in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".


Premium Parking P142

Roxxon Parking Lot

Tandy approaches Mina Hess with coffee posing as her new intern in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".


801 Carondelet Street

Empty Lot

The dealer catches up with Tyrone and tries to get his bag back but Tyrone uses his fear powers to drive off the dealer in episode 1x06 "Funhouse Mirrors".


Starlight Studios

Police Station (parking lot)

Tyrone uses his powers to freak out Connors while posing as Billy's ghost in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories".


Bud's Broiler

Bud's Broiler

Tyrone remembers talking with his brother about what he'll be like when he is older in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories".


Decatur Street & Marigny Street

Street Corner

Young Tandy steals a phone to call her mom the morning after the accident in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories".


509 Mandeville Street

Tour Group

Young Tyrone encounters Auntie Chantelle leading a tour group on his way home the morning after the accident in episode 1x08 "Ghost Stories".


219 South Rampart Street Parking

Parking Lot

O'Reilly is treating her injuries back at her car when she hears the call about Fuchs' murderer in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


Where Y'Art

Tandy's Reflection

Tandy looks at her reflection in the window of a shop in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


Royal Avenue (between Esplanade & Kerlerc)


Tandy wanders down the street in a daze and Tyrone walking separately sees his own reflection in a puddle of water in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


Esplanade Avenue (between Decatur & Peters)


Tyrone argues with his parents about their reaction to the news of Connors' arrest while they head back to the car in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


1010 Common Street

Roxxon Gulf

Adina spaces out during a meeting and gets angry over a press release about the drilling operation in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


Orleans Street (between Burgundy & Dauphine)

First Marking

Auntie Chantelle sprays out some rum and makes a mark in the middle of the street in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


905 Orleans Street

Third Marking

Auntie Chantelle makes another marking and then notices a Roxxon pipe hidden behind a gate in episode 1x09 "Back Breaker".


1689 St. Thomas Street

Float Warehouse

Tandy and Mina are attacked by the Roxxon fixer and forced into a warehouse when a group of Terrors arrive in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".


Second Line Stages

Roxxon Corp

Tandy and Mina intercept Peter Scarborough as he is trying to flee and Tandy uses her powers to break his mind in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".

Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility

Tyrone and Tandy finally make it to the facility where they can shut off the pipeline but are attacked by Connors before they can go inside in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".


River City Venues


O'Reilly returns to her car but is attacked by Connors and thrown into the river after getting exposed to the Roxxon pipeline's contents in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".


Market Street & St. Thomas Street

Abandoned Parade

Tyrone and Tandy get trapped by the Terrors in an alley filled with abandoned parade floats but are rescued by O'Reilly in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".


Champions Square Garage


Tandy and Tyrone wake up on the roof of the stadium after saving the city in episode 1x10 "Colony Collapse".