Cloak & Dagger Filming Locations

Two teenagers living different lives are drawn together by their linked superpowers and shared trauma.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Cloak & Dagger was filmed in New Orleans in the United States of America.

Saints Peter and Paul Church

St. Teresa's Church

Tandy is dropped off by Liam and then sneaks across the street into the empty church she calls home in episode 1x01 “First Light”. Tandy tries to summon her light dagger again and then packs up all the stuff she stole from the guy she stabbed in episode 1x02 “Suicide Sprints”. Tyrone has a vision of young Tandy handing out roofies to a line of people as if they were taking communion in episode 1x03 “Stained Glass”.

Appears in 7 additional episodes.

Tandy and Tyrone tell each other their secrets and discuss their abilities.

Princeton Offense

Tandy goes through the evidence she gathered from Greg's law office and searches for connections.

Funhouse Mirrors

Tyrone waits for Tandy to chat about the wall he ran into in his investigation and later he appears after Duane is shot.

Lotus Eaters

Tandy talks with Tyrone on the phone late into the night after waking Ivan Hess.

Ghost Stories

Tandy goes over the blueprints of the Roxxon building in preparation for her infiltration.

Back Breaker

Tandy brings Liam to her hideout and uses her powers to get inside his hopes once more.

Colony Collapse

Two lovers save the city from a deadly flu outbreak when one sacrifices his life for the other. Back in the present, Evita visits Tandy and Tyrone and tells them about their fate.

Research & Technology Park (UNO)


Tandy and Tyrone both remember waking up on the beach after the accident in episode 1x01 “First Light”. Tandy watches a promotional video with a Roxxon executive cleaning up a beach in episode 1x05 “Princeton Offense”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Ghost Stories

Tyrone, Tandy, and Melissa Bowen light a lantern to remember their loved ones.

B Sides

Young Tandy and Tyrone awaken on the beach after the rig explosion but this time their loved ones are still alive.

Dirt Road

Detective O'Reilly gets a call about Tyrone's visit after having sex with another cop in the back of a squad car in episode 1x05 “Princeton Offense”.

Crescent Park

Port of New Orleans

Young Tyrone and his brother try to hide from the police among the containers as the oil rig explodes in episode 1x01 “First Light”. Tyrone leads Connors on a chase through the containers as Billy's ghost and manages to get him to confess to the murder in episode 1x08 “Ghost Stories”. Connors waits for Tyrone in the same spot he murdered Billy and when Tyrone arrives he offers to help get himself convicted in episode 2x05 “Alignment Chart”.

Crescent Park

Tandy asks Lia Dewan to accompany her to a meeting with Tyrone where she fakes Tyrone as an abusive ex to gain Lia's sympathy in episode 2x05 “Alignment Chart”.

New Orleans Athletic Club

Ballet School (interior)

Young Tandy takes a ballet class and later she has a vision of her parents in the same classroom in episode 1x01 “First Light”. Tandy works hard at ballet practice and later breaks in to dance at night in episode 2x01 “Restless Energy”. Tandy tries to dance her emotions away but finds herself powers effecting the lights in the room in episode 2x02 “White Lines”.


Tyrone poses as an employee at the spa to steal the key to the stash from Senator Henderson in episode 2x05 “Alignment Chart”.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade

Tandy enters a mall in the void and joins up with Mayhem who needs her help traveling the gauntlet in episode 2x04 “Rabbit Hold”. O'Reilly finds herself in front of the mall and while searching inside runs into Mayhem in episode 2x08 “Two Player”. Tandy guides Tyrone through the gauntlet on their journey to Andre in episode 2x10 “Level Up”.

Metropolitan Nightclub


Tandy and Tyrone plant the listening device in the back room of the club and then wait for the gang meetup to be complete in episode 2x01 “Restless Energy”. Tyrone and Tandy are chewed out by O'Reilly after the gang meeting goes wrong and later she returns to investigate the scene in episode 2x02 “White Lines”. A few days ago, Mayhem interrupts the gang meeting and slaughters everyone inside in episode 2x03 “Shadow Selves”.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

St. Teresa's Church Cemetery

Tyrone chases Tandy through the graves and when they touch hands their powers are activated in episode 1x01 “First Light”. Evita leads the tour group with Tyrone into the cemetery and tells them about Marie Laveau and she guides Tyrone through a ritual to have his wish granted in episode 1x03 “Stained Glass”.

Former 3101 Tulane Avenue

Old Club Delight Ruins

Tyrone and Tandy head to the burned out ruins of the old club to find a bunch of people under Andre's thrall as he works towards playing the Blue Note in episode 2x09 “Blue Note”. Tyrone and Tandy examine Andre's body in the ruins of the club but realize he finished what he started before they could kill him in episode 2x10 “Level Up”.

The Orpheum Theater

Orpheum Theater

Tandy puts on the stolen dress and uses her stolen tickets to attend the ballet in episode 1x01 “First Light”. Tandy and Tyrone head deeper into Lia's mind and find a younger version of her playing cello in a concert hall in front of her parents in episode 2x09 “Blue Note”.

Motel Mason's

Viking Motel

Tandy wakes up in a motel being held with the other kidnapped girls and meets Del, who has given up all hope of anything else in episode 2x07 “Vikingtown Sound”. O'Reilly investigates the crime scene at the motel and learns that the person in charge of the human trafficking is already out on bail in episode 2x08 “Two Player”.

Second Line Stages

Roxxon Corp

Tandy and Mina intercept Peter Scarborough as he is trying to flee and Tandy uses her powers to break his mind in episode 1x10 “Colony Collapse”.

Roxxon Gulf Operations Facility

Tyrone and Tandy finally make it to the facility where they can shut off the pipeline but are attacked by Connors before they can go inside in episode 1x10 “Colony Collapse”.

Retif Oil & Fuel Warehouse

E-Z Stow

O'Reilly comes upon Tandy investigating the ambulance lot owned by one of the victims and they give chase to one of the drivers in episode 2x02 “White Lines”. Mayhem asks Tandy to join her in her hunt for the missing girls before Tyrone teleports them to safety in episode 2x03 “Shadow Selves”.

603 2nd Street

Mikayla & Jeremy's House

Tandy follows Mikayla to the house she shares with her abusive boyfriend and later breaks in to leave a threatening message in episode 2x01 “Restless Energy”. Tandy returns to search for Mikayla and call out Jeremy for lying about the attack in episode 2x02 “White Lines”.

Leni's Cafe

Leni's Cafe

Tyrone approaches Solomon and asks him to arrange a meeting with the head of his gang in episode 2x09 “Blue Note”.

Premium Parking P373

Roxxon Corp Building

Tyrone takes the two gang leaders to the roof and negotiates with them by throwing them off the roof in episode 2x09 “Blue Note”.

1739 South Peters Street

Little River Livery (exterior)

Tyrone tracks down the building where the gang is holding the kidnapped girls through one of the ones they rescued and then he uses his powers to break in to rescue them in episode 2x03 “Shadow Selves”.

Maestri Bridge

Percy LaVeau Memorial Bridge

Young Tandy watches from the back seat while her father talks on the phone and doesn't pay attention to the road in episode 1x01 “First Light”.

St. Peter (between Bourbon & Royal)


Mayhem approaches Father Delgado as he is thinking about going to a liquor store across the street and after talking to him she notices the missing persons fliers in episode 2x03 “Shadow Selves”.

House of Dance & Feathers

Redhawks Beadery

Otis brings Tyrone to visit some of his old tribe of Mardi Gras Indians and introduces him to the beadwork. Inside, Tyrone discovers his brother's unfinished project and decides to complete it himself in episode 1x04 “Call/Response”.