“Chapter 4” Filming Locations

Series: The Rook Season 1, Episode 4
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The Rook episode "Chapter 4" was filmed in London in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Andrews Road (between Sheep & Cambridge Heath) as Traffic Jam

Monica is following the kidnapped EVA when she discovers the two Russian drives without their memories.


Shorefield Road as Brighton Road

Myfanwy drives down towards the waterfront on her way to The Glass Cage.


Western Esplanade (between The Leas & Shorefield) as Brighton Waterfront

Myfanwy drives down the road searching for where she needs to turn.


More London Riverside as Near Tower Bridge

Linda waits for her meeting with Nazim but he doesn't show when he spies her from the distance.


Winchester Walk (between Stoney & Cathedral) as Street

Gestalt speeds down the street with Monica after identifying their target on CCTV.

Borough Market as Borough Market

Monica tags along while Gestalt coordinates the capture of the rogue EVA but Nazim manages escape after a police officer gets too close.


Freemasons' Hall as Mansel Bank London (basement)