The Rook Filming Locations

The Rook was filmed in London in United Kingdom.
Show Map

St. Pancras Station

St. Pancras Station

Monica arrives in London by train and is picked up by Conrad in episode 1x01 "Chapter 1". Monica opens the encrypted drive in her hotel room and finds a listing of auctions for EVAs in episode 1x02 "Chapter 2". Monica sees the £50,000 entry fee to the auction in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

From episode 1x01 "Chapter 1". From episode 1x02 "Chapter 2".

Kinkao Korean

Hume Hotel

From episode 1x01 "Chapter 1".

Australia House

Mansel Bank London

From episode 1x01 "Chapter 1".

Somerset House

Apex House

Secret headquarters of the Checquy. From episode 1x01 "Chapter 1". From episode 1x02 "Chapter 2". Linda guides Myfanwy over the phone when she reports that she is being followed in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".


Bow Locks


From episode 1x02 "Chapter 2".




From episode 1x02 "Chapter 2".

Charing Cross Station

Charing Cross Station

The hooded pursuer his Myfanwy with a tranquilizer dart but learns too late that she switched hoodies with Gestalt in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".


Pancras Square


Myfanwy calls Linda and tells her of the two men following her in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".


King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station

King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station

Gestalt helps Myfanwy escape one of her pursuers but the second manages to get on the train with her in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".


Empty Lot off Burt Road


Monica watches the transfer of the EVA from a distance in episode 1x03 "Chapter 3".

Borough Market

Borough Market

Monica tags along while Gestalt coordinates the capture of the rogue EVA but Nazim manages escape after a police officer gets too close in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


Andrews Road (between Sheep & Cambridge Heath)

Traffic Jam

Monica is following the kidnapped EVA when she discovers the two Russian drives without their memories in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


Shorefield Road

Brighton Road

Myfanwy drives down towards the waterfront on her way to The Glass Cage in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


Western Esplanade (between The Leas & Shorefield)

Brighton Waterfront

Myfanwy drives down the road searching for where she needs to turn in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


More London Riverside

Near Tower Bridge

Linda waits for her meeting with Nazim but he doesn't show when he spies her from the distance in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


Winchester Walk (between Stoney & Cathedral)


Gestalt speeds down the street with Monica after identifying their target on CCTV in episode 1x04 "Chapter 4".


Harrow Place (between White Kennett & Middlesex)


Linda releases Bronwyn and orders her to find Nazim within 24-hours in exchange for Myfanwy in episode 1x05 "Chapter 5".


River Lea Path (at Bow Back River)

Canal Path

Gestalt talks to Myfanwy about their past and accuses her of only sleeping with them to distract them in episode 1x05 "Chapter 5".


Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park

Myfanwy watches from the distance as Monica tries to get answers from Bronwyn about her partner's death but things go wrong in episode 1x05 "Chapter 5". A reporter interviews people affected by Linda's powers at the park in episode 1x06 "Chapter 6".

Old Royal Naval College

The Checquy

Myfanwy goes out to her car and calls Bronwyn using Nazim's burner and Gestalt wanders around talking to himself about her actions in episode 1x06 "Chapter 6".


Highbridge Wharf


Gestalt tracks Monica's phone but finds it discarded in episode 1x06 "Chapter 6".


Crane Street & Park Row


Monica wanders along the waterfront in a daze in episode 1x06 "Chapter 6".