“The Bottle Episode” Filming Locations

Everyone adjusts to the new post-Crisis reality and Brainy gets some unexpected Brainies.

Series: Supergirl Season 5, Episode 10
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Supergirl episode "The Bottle Episode" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
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Surrey City Hall as L Corp

Kara expresses disgust at the DEO ad starring Lex, Lena, and her that she sees while out walking with Alex. Later, Kara talks to William about his distrust of Lex during Lex's press conference.


Town Centre Park as Smoothie Stand

Nia and Brainy are out on a date when they run into a second Brainiac-5 asking for the same order.


Civic Hotel as Luthor Foundation

Lena talks to her mother about Lex and Supergirl's offers to collaborate.