Supergirl Filming Locations

Kara Zor-el, living under the identity Kara Danvers, takes up the mantle of Supergirl to protect National City from alien and other superpowered threats.

Part of the DC Universe
Supergirl was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada and Los Angeles & Chicago in United States of America.

Warner Bros. Burbank Studios

CatCo Worldwide Media (deliveries)

Kara arranges to meet both James and Winn behind the building as Supergirl in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together".

Source: IMDb

Dark Alley

Two soldiers sent by Astra attack Hellgrammite for his indiscretion at the chemical plant in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together".

Outside Kara's Apartment

Kara and Alex spot the helicopter falling through the sky and Kara runs off to become Supergirl in episode 1x04 "Livewire".


Cat confronts Livewire outside their old radio station in episode 1x04 "Livewire".

Confronting Red Tornado

Kara sets up a trap for Red Tornado while the rest of the team hunts its operator in episode 1x06 "Red Faced".

Slingshot Toys

Kara heads to Winn's father's old factory and falls into a trap in episode 1x10 "Childish Things".

Auto Shop

Alex leads a DEO team to capture a escapee when the Master Jailer attacks in episode 1x14 "Truth, Justice and the American Way".

Stopping the Car

Alex and Kara try to save Detective Warren from the Master Jailer but Alex gets shot in the process in episode 1x14 "Truth, Justice and the American Way".


Kara shows up to support a young girl who is being bullied for her homemade Supergirl costume in episode 1x16 "Falling".

Burning Building

Supergirl saves a firefighter at a burning building and then gets infected with the Red Kryptonite in episode 1x16 "Falling".


Indigo scares off a newly engaged couple and then meets Non on a roof in episode 1x16 "Falling".

Armored Car Robbery

K'hund is robbing an armored car when the DEO arrives to stop him in episode 1x16 "Falling".

Siobhan's Roof

Winn finds Siobhan on her apartment's roof in episode 1x17 "Manhunter".

Bank Robbery

Supergirl is photographed stopping a bank robbery in pilot episode.

Source: Seeing Stars


Middleton Ranch


Vartox spots Supergirl on the television in pilot episode.


Long Beach Generating Station

National City Power Plant

Vartox calls out Kara to battle at the power plant where her X-Ray vision can't find him in pilot episode.


Citibank Center

CatCo Worldwide Media

Kara works for Cat Grant at her media conglomerate in pilot episode.


East 6th Street (between Spring & Main)


Kara runs out of the bar and sees Alex's plane falling in pilot episode.


Soledara Canyon Road (near Crown Valley Road)

Final Battle

Kara stops a truck with her body and fights Vartox in pilot episode.

Source: Seeing Stars


1055 West 7th Street

CatCo Worldwide Media (roof)

Kara tells Winn the truth on the roof of CatCo in pilot episode.


West 5th Street & South Flower Street

Pedestrian Bridge

Kara crosses the pedestrian bridge while walking towards the CatCo building in pilot episode. Kara destroys the CatCo screen and fights against the police before being stopped by Hank in episode 1x16 "Falling".


Frank Court Alley (south of Broadway, west of 6th)


Kara runs down the alley and makes several attempt to fly in pilot episode.


Mystery Mesa (Agua Dulce Ranch)


After being rescued by Barry, he and Kara end up in a field outside the city where they introduce themselves in episode 1x18 "Worlds Finest".

DEO Base Camp

The DEO tests Supergirl's abilities in the middle of the desert in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together". Supergirl is tested against the military's Red Tornado in episode 1x06 "Red Faced".


Griffith Helipad (Griffith Park)

Hilltop Interview

Kara carries Cat's car to the top of a hill near the city for her interview in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together". Cat interviews Supergirl for CatCo in episode 1x03 "Fight or Flight".


Former Sixth Street Viaduct


The truck carrying the DDT is attacked by the Hellgrammite while being protected by Alex and Hank in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together".

Source: IMDb


S.S. Lane Victory

Tanker Ship

Kara attempts to save a ship from a fire at the port but accidentally causes an oil spill in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together".

Source: IMDb


Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant

Plastino Chemicals

Hellgrammite kills a guard at a chemical plant and then Supergirl and the DEO are called in to investigate in episode 1x02 "Stronger Together".

Source: IMDb


Los Angeles Produce Market

Empty Lot

Supergirl takes the fight against Reactron from the fundraiser to an empty lot in episode 1x03 "Fight or Flight".

Landing in Town

Alex and Hank land in town and Hank struggles to shield Alex and himself from the Myriad signal in episode 1x19 "Myriad".

Los Angeles Convention Center

Super Rail Station

Carter Grant sneaks away to attend the unveiling of the new rail system which is targeted by the bomber in episode 1x05 "How Does She Do It?".


Building 156 (Warner Bros Studios)

Lord Air Terminal 2

Alex and Hank supervise the evacuation with the DEO's support and then find the bomb inside the terminal in episode 1x05 "How Does She Do It?".


Building 2 (Warner Bros Studios)

St. Edmund Hall

Kara flies in as Supergirl and quickly changes into her street clothes to pick up Cat's son Carter from school in episode 1x05 "How Does She Do It?".


Lot A (Warner Bros Studios)

Parking Garage

Kara falls to the ground in a trap set by Astra in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day". From episode 1x08 "Hostile Takeover".

Parking Garage

Kara prevents a burning building from collapsing while being recorded by a mysterious drone in episode 1x05 "How Does She Do It?".


Pershing Square

Downtown Square

General Lane, Lucy, and James are attacked in the park by Red Tornado in episode 1x06 "Red Faced".


Stadium Way (between Academy & Scott)

Saving Children

Supergirl saves a group of schoolchildren from getting hit by a pair of angry drivers in episode 1x06 "Red Faced".


West 6th Street & South Olive Street

Street Corner

James and Kara talk about Kara's new humanity in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


West 4th Street & South Figueroa Street


A bridge collapses as an earthquake hits the city in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


Hill Street (between 5th & 6th)

Bus Stop

Kara and James are seated at a bus stop when Kara spots a robbery in progress in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


West 5th Street & South Figueroa Street


James helps Kara to the office with her injured arm and they see the damage to the city in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


606 South Olive Street

West National City Bank

Supergirl puts out a fire at the top of a skyscraper after regaining her abilities in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


West 4th Street (between Figueroa & Flower)

Crashed Car

Maxwell Lorde, Kara, and James arrive to help someone who has been in a car accident in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


L.A.X Discount Store

Convenience Store

Supergirl talks down a man who is robbing a convenience store in episode 1x07 "Human for a Day".


Los Angeles Center Studios


Kara & Astra's fight continues on the ground and Kara manages to capture her aunt in episode 1x08 "Hostile Takeover".


Ontario Convention Center

Lord Technologies

From episode 1x08 "Hostile Takeover". From episode 1x09 "Blood Bonds".


1000 West Temple Street


Kara meets Hank on the roof after they convince Cat Grant that Kara isn't Supergirl in episode 1x09 "Blood Bonds". Hank sits atop the same rooftop while searching for the White Martian in episode 1x11 "Strange Visitor from Another Planet".


Pier A Street (between Neptune & end) (Port of Los Angeles)

National City Port Street

Supergirl and the DEO meet to hand Astra over to Non in episode 1x09 "Blood Bonds".


Bearth 153 (Port of Los Angeles)

Port of National City Warehouse

The DEO raids a warehouse only to fall into a trap set by Non in episode 1x09 "Blood Bonds".


Redondo Fun Factory


Winn heads the arcade to meet his father while being watched by the FBI in episode 1x10 "Childish Things".


Frank & Son Collectible Show

National City Toy Con

Kara works to stop Toyman from bombing the convention using Winn in episode 1x10 "Childish Things".

Source: IMDb


Civic Center Dog Park

Senator Crane's Rally

Alex and Hank watch Senator Miranda Crane's anti-alien speech in episode 1x11 "Strange Visitor from Another Planet".


North Broadway (between Temple & 1st)


Kara and Alex chat about heroics and Winn on their way to the coffee shop in the morning in episode 1x11 "Strange Visitor from Another Planet".


Elysian Park


Bizarro kidnaps Kara and brings her atop a hill near downtown where the battle before the DEO arrives in episode 1x12 "Bizarro".


3800 West Alameda

Rooftop Transmitters

Astra is planting a device when Alex and Hank arrive to stop her in episode 1x13 "For the Girl Who Has Everything".


Maple Avenue & East 8th Street

Near Crash

Supergirl saves a family from being hit by a truck in episode 1x15 "Solitude".


Santee Street & East 8th Street

Truck Driving

A semi-truck drives towards a collision with a family car after Indigo changes all the lights to green in episode 1x15 "Solitude".


3400 West Riverside Drive

CatCo Worldwide Media (entrance)

Kara catches Cat right before she hits the ground after throwing her off the building in episode 1x16 "Falling". Kara lands with Winn and James next to the body Kelly after the three of them fall off building in episode 1x19 "Myriad".


Leo Carrillo State Beach

Beach Party

In a flashback, a young Kara is attending a party on the beach with Alex when she saves a woman and her child from an accident in episode 1x17 "Manhunter".


Cypress Sea Cove

Danvers House

Jeremiah Danvers talks to Kara about using her abilities and gives her the new glasses in episode 1x17 "Manhunter".


Grand Hope Park

National City Park

Livewire and Silver Banshee draw Supergirl and The Flash to the park where they are holding Cat Grant in episode 1x18 "Worlds Finest". People watch Supergirl's broadcast on a large screen in the park in episode 1x20 "Better Angels".

Source: IMDb


Renaissance Tower

Tower by Park

The Flash follows Livewire to the top of a nearby building in episode 1x18 "Worlds Finest".


DC Stages


Kara heads outside the old TV station and finds Alex waiting in a Kryptonite exoskeleton while under the control of Myriad in episode 1x19 "Myriad".


Lot at College & Spring

Crashed Ship

Kara and Hank arrive at the location of the crashed Kryptonian ship in episode 1x20 "Better Angels".

Canada Post Main Office

L Corp Helipad

Lena is taking off in her helicopter when it is attacked by several drones in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".

L Corp Garage

Supergirl fixes the support to prevent the L Corp building from falling over in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".

Building on Fire

Supergirl and Superman help the firefighters put out a building that is on fire in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

The Daily Planet

Clark lands back in Metropolis and quickly receives a call from his boss in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

Harbour Green Park

L Corp Plaza

Lena Luthor is announcing the rebranding of Luthor Corp when the event is attacked by the assassin John Corben in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl". Lena gives a press conference about the sick children and someone takes a shot at her in episode 3x05 "Damage". Ben Lockwood hands out anti-alien fliers before the terraforming attack and months later he spies Dean Warren while talking to a crowd in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel". George Lockwood sees Kara's article on his father and later gives a press conference saying he supports aliens in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

White House Fence

Outside the White House, protestors on both sides begin to read Kara's article on Lex's deception in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

305 Bute Street

L Corp Building

Supergirl and Superman save the newly renamed Luthor Corp Building from destruction in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".

West Georgia Street & Homer Street

Metropolis Newstand

Clark Kent is talking to Perry White on the phone when he sees news about the explosion aboard the Venture in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".


Homer Street (between Robson & Georgia)

Drone attacking Family

Superman saves a family from one of John Corben's drones in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".


Alley (south of Richards, west of Dunsmuir)

Metropolis Alley

Clark changes into his Superman outfit and flies into the air in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".

102b Avenue (west of 208 Street)

Saving the Venture

Kara and Clark greet a bicycling family after saving the Venture from disaster in episode 2x01 "The Adventures of Supergirl".


Georgia Viaduct

National City Bridge

Kara and Clark arrive to stop a jumper only to find Metallo waiting for them in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

George Wainborn Park

Krypton Park

Metallo 2 attacks a park in Metropolis while Superman is in National City in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

Simmons Square

James and Winn are walking through the market when a telekinetic alien attacks in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Abbott)

Alley beside Parking Garage

Alex & Kara's fight with Metallo continues when Kara throws Metallo down into the alley in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".


EasyPark Garage at 150 Water

Parking Garage

Kara faces off against Metallo with help from Alex in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

Riverside Calvary Chapel

Bank Robbery

The Super-cousins foil a bank robbery in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton".

Harold's Custom Equipment Rentals

Under the Bridge

Kara and Clark head to the industrial district where Metallo is unloading equipment in episode 2x02 "The Last Children of Krypton". Brian is being kidnapped by Cadmus when Alex and Maggie show up to rescue him and gather intel in episode 2x15 "Exodus". J'onn and Kara watch M'yrnn as he marvels at Earth in episode 3x03 "Far from the Tree". Kara is thrown to the ground by the dragon and gets a tip from Alex which allows her to calm it down in episode 4x06 "Call to Action". The Monitor welcomes a green martian who has a vendetta against J'onn to Earth in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

20146 100a Avenue

Alien Bar

A hiden alien-friendly bar where the gang regularly hangs. Maggie Sawyer takes Alex to a secret alien bar in episode 2x03 "Welcome to Earth". Hank returns to the bar to apologize to M'gann only to be captured by Roulette in episode 2x04 "Survivors". Hank confronts M'gann about her true nature in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place". Mon-El follows the real Hank Henshaw outside as and fights him as the virus is released inside the bar in episode 2x08 "Medusa". M'gann and J'onn are attacked by the White Martian Armek outside the bar in episode 2x11 "The Martian Chronicles". Mon'el draws out Mr. Mxyzptlk and challenges him to a duel in episode 2x13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk". Cadmus agents kidnap Lyra and several other aliens from the bar but Guardian manages to capture one of them in episode 2x15 "Exodus". Kara heads outside to clear her head and gets a pep talk from Cat Grant in episode 2x21 "Resist". Winn runs outside after hearing about his father's death and James talks to him in episode 3x14 "Schott Through the Heart". Agent Liberty throws a bomb at the bar with a few of his anti-alien bigots in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".

News Report

Maggie is interviewed by the news about the apparent Guardian murders in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".

More Vigilante Work

James returns to the van after another bit of vigilanting and he apologizes to Winn and brings Lyra back onto the team in episode 2x18 "Ace Reporter".

Cadmus Staging Area

Kara finds Lillian and agrees to team up to rescue Lena in episode 2x21 "Resist".

Alley behind Dive Bar

Manchester Black accompanies a very drunk Officer Petrocelli out of the bar and learns about an upcoming anti-alien attack in episode 4x04 "Ahimsa".

Camper Parking

The blast of purple energy hits the RV that houses, Jerry, his sister Bobbi, and his drug dealing buddy Kevin turning their supply purple in episode 4x11 "Blood Memory".

Mercenary Base

The Elite livestream a video from a secret mercenary base where the mercenaries were torturing aliens announcing their murderous manifesto in episode 4x13 "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?".


Otis drops Mikhail off somewhere safe and warns him to stay away from bald men in episode 4x16 "The House of L".

Luthor Corp Garage

Lena finds Lex returning to demand to know why he didn't make their meeting and realizes he is working with Brainy in episode 5x11 "Back from the Future: Part One".

DEO Garage

Mercy Graves kills the agent she turned inside the DEO and then takes away the two alien prisoners in episode 4x04 "Ahimsa".

Bloedel Conservatory (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Bill Signing

President Marsdin hosts a press conference for her signing of the Alien Amnesty Act but this too is interrupted by an attack by Scorcher in episode 2x03 "Welcome to Earth".

Argo Dome

Kara is walking through the gardens thinking about her future when she is attacked by a drone controlled by Felra in episode 3x21 "Not Kansas".


Abbotsford International Airport

National City Airport

Supergirl joins the rest of the crowds waiting for the president to land in National City but her arrival is interrupted by an attack in episode 2x03 "Welcome to Earth".


Port Mann Power Station

First Fight Club (exterior)

Alex joins Maggie outside a warehouse in a fancy outfit for their not-a-date at the fight club in episode 2x04 "Survivors".

Second Fight Club

Hank and M'gann are forced to fight each other at Roulette's fight club but are saved by Supergirl and the DEO in episode 2x04 "Survivors".

Portal Warehouse (exterior)

The Resistance is constructing a portal to another world when they are attacked in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

Clarkson Street (between Begbie & McKenzie)

Quill's Apartment

Maggie and Alex track down the Quill who is a suspect in the murder of the alien in episode 2x04 "Survivors".

Alley near Robbery

Kara confronts Gayle Marsh as she is loading up her loot and is finally able to resist the fear in episode 3x02 "Triggers".

New Westminster Police Service

National City Police Department

Alex arrives at the police station just as Maggie is forced to release Roulette and then she asks Maggie out for drinks in episode 2x04 "Survivors". Maggie is walking Chet and his cohorts to the transport van when the three criminals are killed by Cadmus in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".


628 Carnarvon Street

Body Dump

Maggie invites Alex to where the police found the body of an alien in the trunk of a car in episode 2x04 "Survivors".

102 Avenue & 201 Street

Confronting Roulette

Supergirl stops Roulette's limo and confronts her about the fight club in episode 2x04 "Survivors".

Vancouver Central Library

L Corp Gala

Lena invites both Kara and Supergirl to her gala where she lays a trap for the three criminals terrorizing the city in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

Diamond Exchange

Supergirl arrives to find the gang using an anti-gravity gun during their latest heist in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

Collapsing Building

James reveals his face to a panicking woman before heading inside to save her child in episode 3x23 "Battles Lost and Won".

Downtown Parkade

Parking Garage

The mysterious leader of Cadmus meets with the criminal gang and provides them with the new alien weapons they requested in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

Police Parking Garage

Alex heads to the parking garage to ask Maggie to lay off Guardian and ends up talking about her feelings in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".

National City Savings & Loan

Kara once again tries to stop Gayle Marsh but finds herself again debilitated by fear in episode 3x02 "Triggers".

MNP Tower

West National City Bank

Kara attempt to stop a bank robbery only to find the perps sporting alien weaponry in episode 2x05 "Crossfire". Maggie is trying to negotiate with some band robbers who took hostages when Kara bursts in through the roof and takes them out herself in episode 2x19 "Alex".

Oxford Place

Kara smashes into the ground unconscious and is surrounded by bystanders in episode 3x09 "Reign".


The Law Courts

Federal Reserve

James attacks the criminals after they have robbed the Federal Reserve in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".


50 Lorne Street

Bridwell Avenue Homeless Shelter

James saves a building of people after Chet Miner damages the building with his alien gun while robbing the Federal Reserve in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

Alley under Portal Park

By the Tracks

Chet and his gang meet with the Cadmus leader again but she warns them off of attacking Lena Luthor's gala in episode 2x05 "Crossfire".

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Street Ambush

Mon-El attempts to be charitable and is captured by Cadmus for his trouble in episode 2x06 "Changing".

Outside Climate Deniers Conference

Mon-El and Guardian stop the mutated Dr. Jones from killing Rand O'Reilly and other bystanders until Supergirl can arrive to stop him once and for all in episode 2x06 "Changing".


Reign and Kara smash to the ground in the street and Kara takes a beating in front of a bunch of bystanders in episode 3x09 "Reign".

Earth-1 Gotham City

Kate is interrogating some members of the Wonderland Gang to find Alice when the Harbinger arrives and takes her away against her will in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".

Earth-66 Gotham City

An older Dick Grayson walks his dog through town when the skies turn red in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".

E-One Moli Energy

Thorul Arctic Research Station

A group of researchers in the arctic find a frozen wolf body and something goes terribly wrong when they go to dissect it leading to the D.E.O.'s investigation in episode 2x06 "Changing".

National City University

Dr. Jones heads back to his lab after being rescued by the DEO and kills his boss who wants to fire him in episode 2x06 "Changing".

Drug Deal

James interrupts a deal between Brian and his drug dealer and squeezes some information about the attack on the square from him in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

Hideout (exterior)

James, Winn, and the alien refugees leave their hideout to watch the spacecraft flying over the city in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

National City University Stadium (basement)

Kara finds Thomas Coville beneath the stadium with the Kryptonian pod set to detonate in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".

Alien Fission Rod Facility

Kara arrives at a robbery by the Children of Liberty in time to save Manchester from being shot in episode 4x07 "Rather the Fallen Angel".

Kasnian Military Lab

Lex supervises a series of tests of Snowbird's strength and abilities in episode 4x16 "The House of L". Kara and Lena find the base deserted except for a bunch of paper files and Eve acting very oddly in episode 4x20 "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?".

Lake Vostok Research Facility

Kara and J'onn track Rip Roar to a base in Antarctica but are unable to stop him from punching a hole in the ice cap in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Socorro Satellite Station

Kara tries to stop Rip Roar from enhancing the Marathon Laser but he hits her with it and escapes in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Luthor Corp Naval Solutions

Alex is taken by her teenage self to the last place she saw her father in an effort to get her to confront her reality in episode 5x16 "Alex in Wonderland".

Seawall (between Strathmore & Homer)


Alex comes out to Kara while walking along the waterfront in episode 2x06 "Changing".

West Parking Garage (Bentall Centre)

Parking Garage

Dr. Jones tries to kill Rand O'Reilly who is saved by Kara & Hank who have to be saved in turn by the DEO in episode 2x06 "Changing".

Construction Site

Barry and Oliver learn that Deegan has taken on the guise of Superman in this altered reality but they manage to escape him despite not having any powers in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".

Alley (south of Cambie, west of Pender)


Kara responds to reports on an alien attack only to find Mon-El roughing up another alien to collect a debt in episode 2x06 "Changing".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Cadmus Facility

Kara fights with Hank Henshaw who has been transformed into Cyborg Superman and then she escapes through tunnels with Mon-El in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".

Arkham Asylum

Deegan performs unethical experiments in the opening and after being defeated he is locked up next door to Psycho-Pirate in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".

White House Tunnels

Eve condescendingly briefs Snowbird on her mission while they sneak underground in maintenance uniforms in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

Stryker's Island

Lena and Kara use some leverage on the warden to gain access to Lex's old cell so they can search for evidence in episode 4x18 "Crime and Punishment". Lena prepares to test Non Nocere on a group of inmate volunteers and learns something important that she was missing in episode 5x14 "The Bodyguard".


Jack Cooper Transport Canada

U.S. Mint Transfer Depot

The gang watches a news report on the Guardian foiling an armored car heist in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".


430 Columbia Street

Newsboy Wine & Liquor

Guardian ties up a liquor store robber who is subsequently murdered by another vigilante in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".


Empty Lot off Front Street

Drug Deal

The Guardian attempts to stop a drug deal only to be interrupted by the killer vigilante and almost arrested by Maggie in episode 2x07 "The Darkest Place".

Surrey City Hall

L Corp

Cyborg Superman breaks into the lobby of L Corp to steal the isotope needed to use the Medusa virus but is thwarted by Kara in episode 2x08 "Medusa". Snowbird poses as Kara and gets into the elevator with Lena to meet her before being admonished by Eve in episode 4x16 "The House of L". Kara expresses disgust at the DEO ad starring Lex, Lena, and her that she sees while out walking with Alex. Later, Kara talks to William about his distrust of Lex during Lex's press conference in episode 5x10 "The Bottle Episode".

National City Art Gallery (exterior)

Lyra takes Winn to the art gallery and convinces him that they should break in to have some hot museum sex in episode 2x16 "Star-Crossed".

Metropolis Department of Justice

Lena and James both testify against Lex, he poisons the judge and the jury as the verdict is read, and meets Eve for the first time as he is being marched to prison in episode 4x16 "The House of L".


Vancouver Wharves

Port of National City

Lillian takes Lena to the port to launch the rocket carrying Medusa and is confronted by J'onn and Kara in episode 2x08 "Medusa".


Pitt River Quarries

Slaver's Moon

Kara and Mon-El find themselves trapped on Slaver's Moon after Mon-El ignores Kara's orders and follows her through the portal in episode 2x09 "Supergirl Lives".


M'yrnn gives J'onn one final memory before shapeshifting into the Earth to stop the destruction in episode 3x23 "Battles Lost and Won". J'onn returns to the spot where his father gave his life and is confronted by Manchester who has recovered a powerful Martian staff in episode 4x15 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".


Franklin Street (between Woodland & Commercial)

Car Chase

A group of thieves attempt to stop Supergirl with a missile launcher while driving away with their loot in episode 2x09 "Supergirl Lives".


Alley (south of Franklin, west of Commercial)

Alley Chase

Guardian fights two of the thieves who escaped Supergirl but one of them escapes. Winn knocks down the last remaining criminal but is almost killed before being saves by James in episode 2x09 "Supergirl Lives".


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

NCPD Garage

Kara and Mon-el head to the police parking garage where a group of officers is under attack by what appears to be Livewire in episode 2x10 "We Can Be Heroes".

Outside DEO

Kara yells at Mon-El outside the DEO after he disobeyed her orders and put the police officers at risk in episode 2x10 "We Can Be Heroes".


Kara meets Edna outside Amertek and asks her help investigating the company's connection to Lex Luthor in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".

Pacific Coliseum (PNE)

National City Power Co.

Livewire is being tortured to extract her powers by a mad scientist at an abandoned power company. Guardian and Mon-El arrive to rescue her but get in over their heads until Supergirl arrives in episode 2x10 "We Can Be Heroes".


Maggie and the cops show up to find a criminal tired up for them by Guardian in episode 2x10 "We Can Be Heroes".

Sewer Tunnels

Kara, Alex, and Brainy track Malefic to the sewers and William follows Kara there using her cellphone in episode 5x02 "Stranger Beside Me".

National City Toy Con

Kara and William are interviewing Lex for CatCo when Toyman attacks in an attempt to kill Chester Dunholtz in episode 5x11 "Back from the Future: Part One".

DEO Basement

Brainy is attacked by some DEO drones after finishing a call with Lex and then Winn and Kara head down to the server level to find the computer that the Toyman personality is inhabiting in episode 5x12 "Back from the Future - Part Two".

Oceanic Plaza

Outside the DoJ

Kara tries to stop Lillian and Metallo from fleeing but is forced to save a bunch of bystanders in episode 2x12 "Luthors".

Museum Square

A group of schoolchildren watch Superman fly overhead and later cheer after he saves them from the falling crane in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".

Vancouver Convention Centre

DoJ Courtroom

John Corben is being questioned during Lillian Luthor's trial when he attacks the courtroom using his Metallo abilities in episode 2x12 "Luthors". Lena is testifying during Lillian's trial when the defense attorney asks that she reveal Supergirl's identity in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".

Lex Luthor's Lair

Lillian takes Lena to one of Lex's hidden lairs to retrieve some anti-alien weapons from an armory in episode 2x12 "Luthors".

Alien Affairs Building

Ben Lockwood holds a rally to announce his racist policy and a peaceful pro-alien march converges on the event in episode 4x14 "Stand and Deliver".

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver


Mr. Mxyzptlk transports Mon-El to a stage for their duel in episode 2x13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk". Kara finally comes clean to Lena just before Lena introduces her at the awards ceremony which is soon interrupted by Midnight in episode 5x01 "Event Horizon".

The Vancouver Club


Maggie throws Alex the perfect not-Valentine's Day date in episode 2x13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk".

Hornby Plaza

Jewelry Store

Supergirl stops a group of thieves outside a jewelry store but is quickly bothered when Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up in episode 2x13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk".

Plaza near Alien Affairs Building

Ben Lockwood is holding a rally after accepting his new role as Alien Affairs Liaison when the Elite attempt to assassinate him. Later, Kara decides to join the pro-alien rally as it travels towards the Alien Affairs Building in episode 4x14 "Stand and Deliver". Alex tells Kelly to be careful while they are out getting coffee with Kara and James before work in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines". Thomas Coville sings Lena's praises during a Cult of Rao rally after she protected Supergirl's identity during Lillian's trial and later Kara reveals her identity to save Lena in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".

Metropolis Plaza

Lena visits Sam in Metropolis to talk about Kara's reveal just before the atmosphere is laced with Kryptonite in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".

West Hastings Street & Hornby Street

Fighting Parasite

Kara arrives downtown to stop Parasite who has reappeared only for Mr. Mxyzptlk to show up to help posing as a superhero in episode 2x13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk".


Kamei Royale Japanese Restaurant


Winn takes Lyra out to a fancy restaurant for their first proper date in episode 2x13 "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

Lord Technologies Test Range

Kara and J'onn intercept a Cadmus transport and discover Jeremiah Danvers being transported in episode 2x14 "Homecoming".

Thompson Trail (Stanley Park)


Kara and Alex track Jeremiah to the woods where he is meeting with Lillian Luthor and the real Hank Henshaw in episode 2x14 "Homecoming".

Allard Crescent (between Campground & Park)

Country Road

An alien family is driving through the country when they are pulled over by a Cadmus agent posing as a police officer and kidnapped in episode 2x15 "Exodus".


Vancouver Drydock

Luthor Corp Naval Solutions

Jeremiah returns to the Cadmus facility after stealing the list from the DEO in episode 2x14 "Homecoming". Cadmus is loading the kidnapped aliens onto their spaceship to send deep into space when Alex shows up to infiltrate the facility in episode 2x15 "Exodus".

City Centre Library

National City Art Gallery (interior)

Maggie shows Winn footage of his night at the art gallery but Lyra doesn't show up anywhere on the footage in episode 2x16 "Star-Crossed".

Medical Professional Center

Kelly talks to James in the car while dropping him off at his first therapy session and then gets a call from Alex in episode 4x18 "Crime and Punishment".

Obsidian North

J'onn poses as Kelly in order to draw Malefic into an ambush but he somehow escapes them in episode 5x04 "In Plain Sight".


Brownsville Pub & RV Park

Jupiter's Rings Trailer Resort

Winn goes to the trailer part to confront Lyra with James's help only to find she has backup of her own in episode 2x16 "Star-Crossed".


The Columbia


Kara wakes up in a old-timey music hall and is sent onstage to sing in episode 2x16 "Star-Crossed".

La Terrazza


Maggie tells Alex about her breakup with Emily after she doesn't show up for their dinner in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".

Cathedral Square

Midtown Park

Kara heads to a downtown park where an alien is shooting up the place with a laser eye patch in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".

Alley (south of Seymour, west of Pender)

Alley near Kara's Apartment

The second alien bounty hunter stands in an alley near Kara's apartment and takes control of Mon-el in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".


Big Leaf Fountain Plaza

Yoga Hossiers

Maggie and Alex are leaving yoga when they run into one of Maggie's exes who Alex invites to dinner in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".

Seymour Parkade

Parking Garage

Kara and Mon-el land atop a garage near her apartment where he continues to attack her in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".



The Baldwin Hotel

Alex confronts Emily outside her hotel and learns that the reason they broke up was that Maggie cheated. Later Maggie comes by to apologize to her ex in episode 2x17 "Distant Sun".

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Spherical Announcement

Kara attends a product announcement with Lena being put on by Lena's ex in episode 2x18 "Ace Reporter".

20175 100a Avenue

Vigilante Work

James finishes taking out a criminal and returns to the van to find Winn making out with Lyra in episode 2x18 "Ace Reporter".


Waterfront Pier

Parking Lot at Fourth & Main

Kara meets with the whistleblower from Spherical who tells her some important information before being killed in episode 2x18 "Ace Reporter".

21183 #105 88 Avenue

Liquor Store

James and Lyra stop a liquor store robbery where Lyra gets a bit too aggressive with the young criminal in episode 2x18 "Ace Reporter".

1436 Pendrell Street

Derrick Simmons's Apartment

Kara follows Snapper to a meeting with an informant and she has to swoop in when the nano-swarm attacks in episode 2x18 "Ace Reporter".

Ellis Residence

Rick Malverne's House

Kara returns to the home of Rick Malverne where she finds a computer watching Alex and confronts Malverne in episode 2x19 "Alex".


Johnstone Boiler & Tank Ltd.

Wrong Warehouse

Kara heads the warehouse indicated by Alex's tracker but only finds a trap set by Rick Malverne in episode 2x19 "Alex".

Abandoned Warehouse on Waterfront Road

Alex confronts Hank Henshaw who is waiting for her with a kryptonite weapon in episode 5x16 "Alex in Wonderland".

Beatty Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender)

Outside the Restaurant

Mon-El is walking down the street eating ice cream when he thinks he sees his mother in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

False Creek Yacht Club

Stopping Muggers

James stops a woman from being attacked by two men at night only to have her run away scared from him in episode 2x20 "City of Lost Children".

Blieberger Farm

Air Force One Crash

Kara lands in a field surrounded by remains of Air Force One with Cat Grant in her arms in episode 2x21 "Resist".




Maggie calls Alex while shooting some invaders outside the police station in episode 2x21 "Resist".


Keefer Place Plaza


Daxamites beam down from their ship to attack civilians while Rhea appears on a screen above in episode 2x21 "Resist".


Shanghai Alley

Fighting Back

A group of civilians that have been penned in by Daxamites hear Cat's announcement and fight back in episode 2x21 "Resist".

Robson Square

National City Square

Clark and Kara fall to the city and fight in a fountain in the middle of downtown in episode 2x22 "Nevertheless, She Persisted".

Homer Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender)

Street Fight

Clark and J'onn fight a group of invaders and are soon helped by M'gann and her White Martian allies in episode 2x22 "Nevertheless, She Persisted".

Alley (south of Richards, west of Pender)


Someone fights off a group of Daxamites who then succumb to the leadened atmosphere in episode 2x22 "Nevertheless, She Persisted". A man steals a delivery van after knocking out the driver in episode 3x10 "Legion of Superheroes".

1133 Melville Street

Rooftop Combat

Kara and Rhea meet to fight a single combat for the fate of Earth in episode 2x22 "Nevertheless, She Persisted".

Rooftop over Statue Plaza

J'onn talks to Kara as they watch the ceremony from a nearby rooftop in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".

Fighting Ninjas

Oliver gets a call from Felicity about the wedding while he is fighting a group of ninjas in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".


The evil versions of Kara, Oliver, and Wells assemble on a rooftop after their attempt to kill the heroes fails in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1". After landing on a roof, Reign holds an injured Kara over the edge before dropping her to the ground in episode 3x09 "Reign".

Sinclair Centre

Building across from Statue Plaza

J'onn lands next to Kara as she watches from a rooftop near the plaza in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".

West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Main)

Chase down Street

Supergirl stops two of the thieves but the third manages to escape in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".

Cambie Street Bridge

Chase over Bridge

Supergirl comes to help as Maggie and Alex are chasing down a truckfull of thieves with heavy weaponry in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".

Central City Bridge

Everyone arrives in Central City for the wedding in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

Granville Plaza

Statue Plaza

Maggie and Alex keep watch during the unveiling ceremony for the Supergirl statue which Lena Luther is presenting in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel". Citizens run in a panic as Reign's earthquake rips through the city in episode 3x22 "Make it Reign".

Parking Lot (off West Waterfront Road)

News Broadcast

A news reporter talks about a robbery that Supergirl thwarted in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".


Path beyond Koerner Road

Field of Dreams

Kara has a dream featuring that guy and her mother in episode 3x01 "Girl of Steel".

Walnut Grove Secondary

Davis Middle School

Sam drops Ruby off at school but has to return after Ruby gets into a fight in episode 3x02 "Triggers". Sam is dropping Ruby off at school when another student collapses in episode 3x05 "Damage".

West National City Bank

Kara tries to stop Psi from robbing a bank but she uses her powers to stop escape in episode 3x02 "Triggers".


8939 Hudson Bay Street

Sam's House

Sam wakes and gets Ruby ready for school and later they talk about Ruby's fight in episode 3x02 "Triggers". Lena stays at Sam's house after the attack during her press conference in episode 3x05 "Damage". Sam wakes up from a nightmare and realizes she doesn't remember her trip the day before in episode 3x09 "Reign". Sam plays with Ruby in the morning and then sees a newspaper on Reign's attack in episode 3x10 "Legion of Superheroes". Sam is watching a movie with Ruby when she has a terrible feeling in episode 3x21 "Not Kansas". Ruby encourages Sam to tell everyone about her new symptoms in episode 3x22 "Make it Reign".

New Westminster Court House


Alex helps Kara work through her fears so she can face Psi in episode 3x02 "Triggers".


the hide out cafe

Pizza Place

Ruby is having pizza when she sees Psi attacking outside in episode 3x02 "Triggers".


Carnarvon Street & Lorne Street

Corner Robbery

Ruby sees Psi robbing an armored car and decides to put herself in danger to see if her mother has superpowers in episode 3x02 "Triggers".


Thornton Park

Park near Pacific Central

Maggie goes to the bus station to pick up her father and they talk while walking through the park in episode 3x03 "Far from the Tree". Alex and Kelly are jogging through the park discussing martial law when Alex gets a call from the adoption agency about a potential baby in episode 4x20 "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?".


Station Street (between Prior & National)

Street behind Kara's Apartment

Maggie follows her father when he leaves the party and demands answers from him in episode 3x03 "Far from the Tree". Kara and Mxyzptlk appear in the ruins of Kara's apartment in a dystopian reality where Kara never became friends with Lena in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".

Lilac Lounge

Nia lures out Gregory Bauer with a dating profile and nearly kills him before being talked down by Kara in episode 5x15 "Reality Bytes".


European Food Importers

J'onn's Garage

J'onn takes Kara to the garage where he stashed his spaceship in episode 3x03 "Far from the Tree".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Factory Fire

Kara goes to save someone from a fire only to learn he put himself in danger just to be saved in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".

Community Center

James and Winn accompany Kara to the meeting listed on the strange pamphlet and find themselves in a Cult of Supergirl meeting in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".

Warehouse District

Lena brings James to a meeting with a contact but they are attacked by a guy with a laser gun in episode 3x09 "Reign".

The Docks

Reign interrupts a gang deal on the docks killing all of the gang members involved in episode 3x09 "Reign".


West Georgia Street & Granville Street

Biking to Stadium

Alex bikes through downtown towards the stadium in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".


Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre

National City University Stadium

Thomas Coville sets up the pod to explode below the station with his followers and waits for Supergirl to come and save everyone in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".


Dunsmuir Street (between Granville & Seymour)

Biking through Downtown

Alex bikes across town to the stadium in episode 3x04 "The Faithful".


Walnut Grove Community Centre

Frances Park

Sam and Kara head to the park where all of the children visited and find a dangerous chemical in the swimming pool in episode 3x05 "Damage".

201 Street (between 102 & 100a)

Stopping Transport

Kara and Alex stop a prisoner transport taken over by the prisoners in episode 3x05 "Damage".


96 Avenue & 192 Street


The driver drives the hijacked bus through an intersection while being threatened by a prisoner in episode 3x05 "Damage".

Vancouver Technical Secondary

Midvale High

Kara has trouble fitting in at school while Alex hangs out with her own friends in episode 3x06 "Midvale".


Horseshoe Bay Drive

Road to Midvale

Kara and Alex drive down the road in J'onn's car in episode 3x06 "Midvale".


4767 Pilot House Road

Danvers House

Kara and Alex return to their childhood home for some vacation time in episode 3x06 "Midvale". Eliza calls Alex to tell her that Kara has arrived safely, not realizing that it is Red Daughter posing as Kara in episode 4x21 "Red Dawn". Alex and Kara watch the news report on Lex's "heroics" in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".


McLeod Stadium

Midvale High Stadium

Alex goes to the football game to talk with Sheriff Collins about the new evidence she found in episode 3x06 "Midvale".


112 Avenue (between Lockwood & 252)

Driving into Midvale

Kara drives Alex into town and later they sing while driving back home in episode 3x06 "Midvale".


245 Street (between McClure & 104)

Street near Midvale High

Kara runs off after hearing the police talking about a dead teenager found in the woods in episode 3x06 "Midvale".


112 Avenue Bridge

Welcome to Midvale Sign

Kara and Alex drive into town in the present, and in the past they run off the road by a strange car in episode 3x06 "Midvale".

The Ironworks

New Apartment

J'onn brings his father to a new apartment for the two of them in episode 3x07 "Wake Up".

Emery Barnes Park


J'onn goes for a walk in the park with his father and encourages him to get out in the world in episode 3x07 "Wake Up". After talking in the park with Russell Rogers, Andrea is approached by the woman from Leviathan who gives her her first a mission in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".


Helmcken Street (between Granville & Seymour)

Street near Waterfront

Winn leads Kara and J'onn down the street to a location above the buried spaceship in episode 3x07 "Wake Up".

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Kara waits for Alex outside the venue and learns about her sister's night with Sara in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

Alley (south of Bute, west of Pender)

National City Alley

Kara fights a dominator and chats with Alex in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

Alley near Construction Site

Barry and Oliver hide from a passing police car while discussing who they can go to for help in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".


Sugar Nail Bar

Nail Salon

The girls chat while getting ready for the wedding in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".


Debonair Formal Wear

Suit Store

Barry and Oliver get their tuxes on for the wedding in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

Guinness Tower

CatCo Worldwide Media

Kara leaves her symbol on the roof to draw out Reign and then confronts her when she arrives in episode 3x09 "Reign". Kara confronts William outside the office and then chats with James in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines".

Holliday Party

Kara and Reign smash into an office holiday party and smash up the place during their fight in episode 3x09 "Reign".

L Corp (lobby)

Ben Lockwood ambushes Lena in the lobby to ask about his father's foundry in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".

Rooftop of Alex's Apartment

Kelly gets Alex to the roof but finds herself in danger when Malefic takes her form and tries to trick Alex in episode 5x02 "Stranger Beside Me".

Parking Garage

Kara and Alex say goodbye to the Olsens and Kara gives James the watch in case he needs help in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines".


Killarney Secondary School

Albatross Bay Correctional Facility

The Legion of Superheroes draw out Reign and fight her in the prison yard in episode 3x10 "Legion of Superheroes".

402 West Pender Street

National City Savings & Loan

J'onn, Alex, and the DEO stage a bank robbery to draw out Reign in episode 3x10 "Legion of Superheroes".


201 Street (between 102b & 102)


The stolen van is driving away from the police when Reign flies through and takes away the driver in episode 3x10 "Legion of Superheroes".


Clarkson Street & Begbie Street

Street near National City University

Two friends are walking down the street when one of them is hit by a car in episode 3x11 "Fort Rozz".


833 Fourteenth Street

Erika Morrison's House

Alex uses her FBI badge to scare Ruby's bully Erika Morrison into leaving her alone in episode 3x11 "Fort Rozz".

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

Parks Conservatory Gala

Lena attempts to coerce a confession from Edge in exchange for saving his life at a charity gala in episode 3x12 "For Good".

401 West Georgia

CatCo Worldwide Media

James chases the coffee stand assassin down the street only for him to be killed by an invisible shooter in episode 3x12 "For Good". Alex and others work to save civilians as debris falls from above in episode 3x23 "Battles Lost and Won".


Victorian Hotel


Lena and James are heading to a fancy restaurant for lunch when they run into Morgan Edge leaving the same place in episode 3x12 "For Good".

Parkwell Plaza Parkade

Parking Garage

James threatens Edge while in his Guardian suit and warns him off attacking Lena in episode 3x12 "For Good".


Harbourside Drive & Fell Avenue

Waterfront Road

Edge's car is hacked and speeds out-of-control down the street towards the edge of the water in episode 3x12 "For Good".


Pitt Meadows Arena Complex

Davis Middle School

Sam picks Ruby up from school to play hooky for the day in episode 3x13 "Both Sides Now".

National City Ice Rink

Sam is trying to spend a normal day skating with Ruby only to have Reign take over and leave Ruby alone in episode 3x13 "Both Sides Now".


12086 193a Street

Julia Freeman's House

Kara and the DEO team execute a raid to capture Julia Freeman, but they find her to be a regular human until Alex provokes her in episode 3x13 "Both Sides Now".


20121 100a Avenue

Wiggins Game Company (exterior)

Mary McGowan heads to the abandoned toy factory on her own in episode 3x14 "Schott Through the Heart".


Cattle Stop Farm


Winn's mother shows up at the funeral just before the coffin explodes in episode 3x14 "Schott Through the Heart".

The Westin Bayshore Hotel

National City City Hall

The team searches for Pestilence after several people in city hall get sick from a mysterious illness in episode 3x16 "Of Two Minds".

Heart Association Masquerade Ball

Menagerie's theft and murder is interrupted by the Children of Liberty and later Kara arrives and fights her outside with an assist from Dreamer in episode 4x12 "Menagerie".


Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

Silvermine Health Insurance

The team tracks Pestilence to a health insurance company and learn that she has no interest in stopping her rampage in episode 3x16 "Of Two Minds".


30709 North Burgess Avenue

Lex's Mansion (interior)

Alex is escorted through the massive mansion by Mrs. Queller to Ruby in episode 3x18 "Shelter from the Storm".

Playland (PNE)

Fun Centre

Alex and J'onn take Ruby and M'yrnn to the arcade for some fun and games in episode 3x19 "The Fanatical".


104th Avenue Centre

Abandoned Building

James confronts Olivia and the cultists as Guardian to rescue Tanya but is unmasked and chased away when the police arrive in episode 3x19 "The Fanatical".

CatCo Worldwide Media (parking garage)

Tanya tells James that she thinks his identity as the Guardian is cool in episode 3x19 "The Fanatical".


University Drive (between 102 & Old Yale)

Street near Catco

Olivia and the cultists try to escape after kidnapping Tanya but are chased down the street by James in episode 3x19 "The Fanatical".


Rickshaw Theatre


Olivia forces Tanya to complete the ritual to turn her into a Worldkiller and is stopped by Kara in episode 3x19 "The Fanatical".


West Pender Street & Carrall Street


Tanya makes herself obvious on the street and is picked up by the cultists in episode 3x19 "The Fanatical".


Andy Livingstone Park


J'onn poses as Alex to draw out the killer in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon".

VanDusen Botanical Garden


The pod lands outside the strange city and Kara heads into town and grabs a disguise with her companion in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon". Kara is talking to some locals in the market when a construction crane collapses and later she goes to dinner with her old childhood friend Thara in episode 3x21 "Not Kansas".


Langley Events Centre

Ice Cream Cart

Alex takes Ruby out for ice cream and a mysterious man tries to kill her in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon".

National City Men's Central Jail

Ben Lockwood is escorted to jail through a crowd of supporters which includes his wife in episode 4x08 "Bunker Hill". Ben Lockwood is released from jail and gives a speech to his supporters in episode 4x12 "Menagerie".


Crosstown Elementary School

Rooftop near Park

Alex watches from the rooftop while J'onn poses as her but somehow the killer nearby realizes it is a ruse and fires at the real Alex in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon".


124 East Pender Street

Near Rooftop

Alex chases the killer across the rooftops in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon".


The Dub Dispensary

Far Rooftop

The killer slides across a wire and then cuts it to stop pursuit but Alex just jumps the gap in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon".


Walnut Grove Pub & Bistro

Dive Bar

Alex tracks Ron Collins down to a bar and confronts him about the attempt on her life in episode 3x20 "Dark Side of the Moon". J'onn talks to the cop that Fiona had marked on her computer and learns that he has anti-alien sentiments in episode 4x02 "Fallout". Manchester Black approaches Officer Petrocelli and gets him drunk to gather information on the anti-alien group in episode 4x04 "Ahimsa".


Malick Media

Arms Manufacturer's Office

J'onn and James meet with the CEO of the company that produces the custom rifles for the DEO to track down the weapon that was used against the cop in episode 3x21 "Not Kansas".

Vang & Morales (offices)

Alex talks to one of the partners about Arthur Willis and how he might attack the office in episode 3x21 "Not Kansas".


Langley Sportsplex

Vang & Morales (garage)

James saves the life of a police officer who is shot at by a man with a powerful rifle in episode 3x21 "Not Kansas".

Parking Garage

James meets with Tom who then has him kidnapped by a group of Children of Liberty thugs in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Downtown National City

Kara and Alura rush to save civilians as the earthquake shakes the city apart in episode 3x23 "Battles Lost and Won". Kara saves a crowd from a falling meteor and later attends a press conference by the president about the alien summit in episode 4x01 "American Alien".

Madrid Art Gallery

Kara returns a stolen piece of artwork to a museum in episode 4x01 "American Alien".

National City Courthouse

Lena meets with the D.A. Diaz to hand over information on one her brother's former conspirators in exchange for dropping the charges against James in episode 4x01 "American Alien".


9790 198b Street

National City Container Port

A tip from Manchester leads him and Kara to a recently emptied shipping container and Kara has to stop him from beating answers out of a port employee in episode 4x07 "Rather the Fallen Angel".

Kasnian Military Base

A strange duplicate of Supergirl walks out of the snow and encounters a group of Kasnian soldiers in episode 3x23 "Battles Lost and Won". After another training drill, the alternate Supergirl collapses and releases a burst of purple energy while being revived in episode 4x11 "Blood Memory". The Kasnian Minister of Defense calls Lex and asks for his help with their new acquisition in episode 4x16 "The House of L". Lena runs back to the base after the explosion to find Kara safe and sound in episode 4x20 "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?".

J'onn's Garage

J'onn sends Kara and that guy off on their space adventure in episode 3x09 "Reign". Winn geeks out over J'onn's spaceship while J'onn is removing the battery needed to recharge the future ship in episode 3x13 "Both Sides Now". J'onn gives Malefic his car so he can travel to Mars and help the resistance and then gets an unexpected visitor in episode 5x08 "The Wrath of Rama Khan".

Robson Street & Hornby Street


People watch as Kara flies overhead on her way to save the city in episode 4x01 "American Alien".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

L Corp Lobby

Mercy Graves storms L Corp with her soldiers forcing Lena, Kara, and Eve to run to safety in episode 4x02 "Fallout".


Agricultural Road & Main Mall (UBC)

White House Fence

Pro- and anti-alien protestors are lined up outside the White House while President Marsden meets with Supergirl in episode 4x02 "Fallout". People protesting the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act gather in front of the White House in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".



Shahid's Famous Pizza

Brainy is out getting pizza for himself and the DEO when his imager shuts down sparking a negative reaction from the owner of the shop which Nia witnesses in episode 4x02 "Fallout".


Trinity Western University

National City University

Ben Lockwood teaches a class on progress to his students and later goes on a racist screed which causes several students to walk out and causes him to be fired by the Dean in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".


2782 Eton Street

Lockwood House (exterior)

The Lockwood family is packing up to leave town during the Daxamite occupation when J'onn flies overhead fighting a Daxamite and ends up destroying their home in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".

208 Street (between 102b & Yeomans)


Ben and Peter Lockwood drive into work at the foundry in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".


West Cordova Street (between Bute & Thurlow)

Street near Plaza

Ben Lockwood calls his wife during Reign's attack on the planet and months later he is approached by Mercy Graves who gives him his fancy new armor in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".


Strathcona Church


Ben Lockwood is giving the eulogy for his father when he sees Lena enter the church in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel". Ben Lockwood leaves the service for his wife in the middle of his son's eulogy in episode 4x20 "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?".


Surrey Biofuel Facility

Universal NTH

Ben Lockwood is injured while trying to stop the foundry employees from attacking an alien driver and later he goes to burn the place to the ground with a few other assholes in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".


Thompson Foundry

Lockwood Family Steel

Ben Lockwood arrives at the foundry with his father to find all of the workers heading across the way to riot outside the new Nth Metal foundry in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".


Pantages Lane (between Broughton & Jervis)

Alley behind Community Center

J'onn runs out of the Community Center and flies off to save Kara in episode 4x03 "Man of Steel".

5255 Heather Street

4th Street Precinct (exterior)

Manchester Black tells Alex about Fiona's powers and they determine the Graves siblings plans to spread terror in episode 4x04 "Ahimsa".

657 37th Avenue West

4th Street Precinct (interior)

Alex, J'onn, and Manchester Black stop a pair of mind-controlled aliens from attacking a police station but when Kara joins in the fight her suit starts to fail exposing her to more Kryptonite in episode 4x04 "Ahimsa".


Kara confronts Manchester and Hat outside the jail and finds them backed up by Menagerie and one of the Morae in episode 4x13 "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?".

WestPark Lot 098

National City Fair Grounds

Kara and James fight off the mind-controlled aliens while J'onn and Manchester Black search for Fiona to put a stop to Mercy & Otis Graves' plan in episode 4x04 "Ahimsa".

Holly Lodge

Amadei's Home

Kara goes to interview Amadei with Nia and later Alex sets up a trap for Jensen during the vigil in episode 4x05 "Parasite Lost".


New Continental Apartments


All of Kara's friends and family join her for brunch on her newly renovated roof deck and she introduces them all to Nia in episode 4x05 "Parasite Lost".


21670 Maxwell Crescent

21690 Cornelian Road

Kara and J'onn investigate the home of the woman from Amadei's thoughts but soon learn that she is the healer's estranged daughter in episode 4x05 "Parasite Lost".


Jack Poole Plaza

National City Promenade

Kara tries to stop Jensen from attacking a shapeshifting busker but is overpowered by Parasite which Jensen uses to drain some of her power in episode 4x05 "Parasite Lost".

Alley (south of Granville, west of Nelson)

Alley near Amadei's Home

An alien heading to the vigil notices a body in the alley and is attacked by Jensen when he tries to help in episode 4x05 "Parasite Lost".


Meadow Gardens Golf Club

National City Media Summit

Lena and James attend a media event where James is scheduled to speak and run into Ben Lockwood who apologizes for their past encounters in episode 4x05 "Parasite Lost".

Del Mar Inn

Del Mar Inn

Brainy effortlessly defeats a band of Children of Liberty thugs who find him erasing the anti-alien symbol from the door of a building in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".

Alley (south of Homer, west of Pender)


A Children of Liberty gang collects their weapons and strides out to murder aliens in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".


Holland Park


An alien couple is out walking for the evening when they are attacked by the Children of Liberty who found them with an alien-detecting dog in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".

Hamilton Street (between Dunsmuir & Pender)

Main Street

Alex is attacked by the alien dragon and Kara defends her and flys off to fight the dragon in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".


8921 Glover Road

Lockwood Home

Ben Lockwood arrives home and his son shows him a news report about the manifesto. Later, he sits with his family for Thanksgiving dinner in episode 4x06 "Call to Action". Ben Lockwood returns home to find Manchester waiting for him posing as an old college friend for his wife in episode 4x08 "Bunker Hill". George Lockwood asks his mother whether she ever questions what his father is doing and later Ben returns home to find Lydia dead in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".


204 Street (between 98 & 98a)

Meeting Tom

James meets with his contact from the Children of Liberty and finds a scary dog when he trying to get into the guy's van in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".


8967 Glover Road

Manchester's Ambush

Manchester waits for a group of Children of Liberty thugs inside a targeted home and shoots them all in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".


98a Avenue (between 203a & 204)

Neighborhood Patrol

James talks to Tom about the Children of Liberty while they walk his dog down the street in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".


20433 98a Avenue

Tom's House

James tries to talk Tom out of taking part in the attack but ends up having to fight him in episode 4x06 "Call to Action".

Jericho Pier

Shelley Island (dock)

James tries to escape with Tom's help but has to surrender to save Tom's life. Later, Kara lands on the dock with Manchester and passes through the power-dampening barrier in episode 4x07 "Rather the Fallen Angel".


Jericho Sailing Centre

Shelley Island (exterior)

James emerges from the warehouse and realizes he was being held at the defunct Shelley Island alien welcome center in episode 4x07 "Rather the Fallen Angel".


102b Avenue (east of 201 Street)

Street outside Lockwood Family Steel

J'onn lands in front of Manchester to confront him about his actions against Supergirl and Manchester uses a device to show J'onn the pain he is feeling over Fiona's death in episode 4x07 "Rather the Fallen Angel".


Leigh Square Place

Collingwood Street

Kara notices a group of Children of Liberty following them and sends Brainy off to distract Nia while she tries to get herself kidnapped in episode 4x08 "Bunker Hill".


McAllister Avenue & Mary Hill Road

Street by Collingwood High School

Kara, Nia, and Brainy arrive in Collingwood and an alien-sniffing dog notices then in episode 4x08 "Bunker Hill".


846 248 Street

Kent Farm

Clark and Lois tell Kara that they will be returning to Argo because Lois is pregnant in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".

BC Place Stadium

S.T.A.R. Labs

The two Supermen battle outside the labs and then Clark attempts to use the book to restore the universe in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".


LondonHouse Chicago


Kate Kane calls Oliver to tell him about potential trouble with Deegan at Arkham in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".


Surrey Civic Plaza

Central City Plaza

The heroes from two worlds fight together to stop Deegan from using the book to once again rewrite reality in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".


601 Bute Street

Cisco's Apartment Building

When Oliver and Barry attempt to enter Cisco's apartment they find themselves in the Monitor's strange reality in episode 4x09 "Elseworlds, Part 3".


17146 20th Avenue

General Tan's Home

Kara, Alex, and J'onn visit the general in charge of Project Morae and they learn from him that the project involved torturing alien children to turn them into killers in episode 4x10 "Suspicious Minds".


Martin Road Farm

Parthas Harvest Festival

The town converges for a memorial in place of their usual celebrations which is attacked by the Children of Liberty in episode 4x11 "Blood Memory".

Parking Lot (at Bridge & 48)

Parking Lot

Jerry and Kevin are beat up by a group of Children of Liberty who steal their rage drug to attack the Parthas Harvest Festival and Bobbi watches before chasing them in the RV in episode 4x11 "Blood Memory".

Il Posto

Parthas Cafe

Kara is interviewing Maeve for her article about the town when she sees some Children of Liberty walking down the street with their alien-sniffing dog in episode 4x11 "Blood Memory".


17861 94th Avenue

ΠΣΜ House

Alex and the DEO respond to a disturbance at a Frat party caused by the two bros on the rage drug in episode 4x11 "Blood Memory".

West Hastings Street (between Hornby & Howe)


James gets in the car with Lena to head out on their trip and after their breakup he is dropped off on the side of the road in episode 4x12 "Menagerie".

Street outside L Corp

Ben Lockwood demands that Lena reveal Supergirl's identity and then kidnaps her when she refuses in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".


Field (off 240 Street)

Crash Site

Pamela Ferrer and Chuck Grossman crash after a meteor flies overhead and later Alex arrives with the DEO investigate and find Chuck dead in episode 4x12 "Menagerie".


Grandview Substation

Devil's Tower Base

Kara and her Super Friends defend the Project Claymore launch site from the Elite and Alex shows up to lend an unexpected hand against orders in episode 4x13 "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?".

Shelley Island (warehouse)

Kara and Lex battle supersuit to supersuit in an abandoned building but even with the suit Kara finds herself in trouble in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

Maple Ridge Town Centre Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Nia tracks down Menagerie after she has parted with the rest of the Elite and captures her with Kara & J'onn in episode 4x14 "Stand and Deliver".


Jim's Pizza & the Look-Out Restaurant


After the Elite share dinner, Hat expresses his hope that they go after bigger enemies after eliminating their current target in episode 4x14 "Stand and Deliver".

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Lex's Mansion (interior)

Lena and Lex talk while she works on perfecting the serum that will cure him and James in episode 4x15 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

National City Hospital

All of James's friends gather at the hospital while he is in surgery including his sister Kelly in episode 4x15 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". Kara visits Alex and James as Supergirl to warn them about Lex's escape in episode 4x16 "The House of L". Kelly catches James as he is leaving the hospital and says he might want to see someone about his trauma in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

National City University

Kara, Lena, and Alex search Eve's secret lab, discover some clues, and are attacked by a failed experiment in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

Stave Falls Dam


J'onn fights with Manchester who bears the staff while Kara tries to prevent the dam from collapsing in episode 4x15 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".


Fort Langley Airport (CBQ2)

Lex's Mansion (exterior)

Lena meets the medical helicopter that arrives with Lex from the prison under heavy guard in episode 4x15 "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

White House

People run out of the White House in a panic as it is attacked by Snowbird posing as Supergirl in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (UBC)

Washington D.C. Lot

Kara locates a shielded car that she believes Eve is hiding inside but finds out it is a trap in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".


20424 98a Avenue

Mary Teschmacher's Home

Lena, Kara, and Alex investigate Eve's aunt's house and realize she used the syrum to cure her terminally ill cousin in episode 4x17 "All About Eve".

West Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Luthor Estate

A young Lena runs from the mansion to the treehouse out back after stealing something from her father at Lex's behest in episode 4x18 "Crime and Punishment".


University Drive (between 104 & Central)

Crashed Car

Kara rushes to save a man in a wreck but is accosted by three people attempting a citizen's arrest in episode 4x18 "Crime and Punishment".

1745 West 8th Avenue

The Daily Planet

Brainy takes James into his memories of the first time he was attacked by Lex Luthor but finds James drawn to an earlier trauma in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".

Funeral Parlor (basement)

Young James is chased into the basement by the two bullies and locked inside a coffin in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".


Alley (south of Cambie, west of Robson)


Nia saves an alien man from an assault and gives a sleepy pun after knocking out the attackers in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".

Alley near Funeral Home

James and Brainy watch a memory of young James being chased by two bullies outside his father's funeral in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".


79 - 7686 209 Street

Alien Family's Home

George Lockwood accompanies his father on a raid ripping an innocent alien man from his family with the Children of Liberty and questions what they are doing in episode 4x19 "American Dreamer".


The Eastside Flea

Alien Shelter

After arresting the woman who murdered his wife, Ben Lockwood orders the arrest & torture of all of the other aliens who were staying in the shelter with her. James & Nia arrive outside to stop the arrest and Brainy makes in impassioned plea to the other DEO agents in episode 4x20 "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?".


Sky Helicopters (Pitt Meadows Regional Airport)


Kara tries to convince Lena that she should head to Kasnia alone but Lena insists they go together on her custom jet in episode 4x20 "Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?". Andrea is preparing to send Russell Rogers out of town when he is killed by Leviathan agents in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".

Military Base

American soldiers scramble to stop the Kasnian invasion in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".


Eagle Point (Lighthouse Park)

Midvale Park

Alex has a childhood memory of Kara accidentally using her powers during a walk through the park in episode 4x21 "Red Dawn".


Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main)

National City Transit Authority

Eve is in disguise trying to leave the city when she is approached by a mysterious woman from the organization that hired her to infiltrate Lex's operation in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

Street near J'onn's Office

Kelly stops Alex on their way to game night to confess feelings and they kiss in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

Spanish Banks Dog Beach

Shelley Island (beach)

Kara, Alex, and James are stopped by a superpowered Ben Lockwood and a few of his remaining goons before they can head inside to rescue the kidnapped aliens in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

Jogging Path

Civilians watch as Lex flies above in his suit to stop the incoming Kasnian missiles in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".


University Drive (between 105a & 107a)

Runaway School Bus

Kara stops an out of control schoolbus and is then sees Lena who punches her all in Lena's simulation in episode 5x01 "Event Horizon".


Prado Cafe


Kelly tells Kara, Alex, and J'onn about her new job over coffee and after she leaves Alex tries to convince Kara to come clean to Lena in episode 5x01 "Event Horizon".

Jervis Street & Melville Street

Street outside J'onn's Office

Kara tells James about her morning and he tells her about a few future job prospects in episode 5x02 "Stranger Beside Me".


Canada Place & Thurlow Street


Kara prevents a crash caused by a woman not paying attention as she crosses the street and then gets angry at an Obsidian ad covering up an important news broadcast in episode 5x02 "Stranger Beside Me".


Broughton Street (north of Hastings)

Street outside Alex's Apartment

Kara's fight with Malefic in the form of Alex spills to the street and she is soon joined by J'onn and James in episode 5x02 "Stranger Beside Me".

Heritage Woods Secondary

National City Hospital

Kara and Alex arrive just in time to save Caroline O'Conner's next target in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines".

Aura Nightclub


Dr. Jarrod refuses to talk to William and then heads off to the bathroom with a tattooed woman who attacks him in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines". Yvette drags Nia out for a night on the town but is attacked by the man posing as her boyfriend in episode 5x15 "Reality Bytes".


Vancouver Police Museum & Archives


Kara and Alex examine the body of Dr. Jarrod in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines".


East Cordova Street & Gore Avenue


William has a covert meeting with strange man who hands him a envelope of cash in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines".


Mink Chocolates

Cafe Rue Serret

Kara buys coffee eclairs for Lena in Paris before their date in episode 5x03 "Blurred Lines".

Provincial Industrial School for Girls

Andres Bello

Kara visits the address in Mexico City that William was given and finds a suspicious accident that apparently killed a woman in episode 5x04 "In Plain Sight".


25014 80 Avenue

Aunt Vi's House

Kelly and James arrive at the house where they are staying only to find some kids squatting inside in episode 5x04 "In Plain Sight".


119 Avenue (between 223 & 224)

Calvintown Street

As they are walking through town Kelly and James notice the local paper which is now run by James's old mentor in episode 5x04 "In Plain Sight".


Empty Lot (at North & Fraser)

Empty Lot

Kelly and James pass a homeless encampment on their way into town and then notice the massive prison on the horizon in episode 5x04 "In Plain Sight".


North St. Food Store

Convenience Store

One of the kids that Kelly and James found squatting in their aunt's house is caught shoplifting but Kelly helps him out in episode 5x04 "In Plain Sight".

Burrard Dry Dock Pier


Nia walks out onto the pier and uses her powers to stop the tidal wave from hitting the city in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".


Queens Cross Pub

English Pub

Russell Rogers tells William about his love for Andrea Rojas, but also his suspicions about her family in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".


Klein Valley Farms

Collective Dream Premiere

Andrea Rojas announces the upcoming release of Obsidian North's new VR environment in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".


The Shipyard Commons

Waterfront Street

On her way to her date-aversary dinner Alex saves several people from a falling crane when the shockwave hits in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".

National City Tar Pits & Museum

Rama Khan takes Andrea to weak spot over the supervolcano so he can join the power of the staff with her power an unleash devastation on the world in episode 5x08 "The Wrath of Rama Khan".


Pier 7 Restaurant + Bar

Waterfront Restaurant

Kelly sits down and enters Collective Dream for the debut just as the tidal wave approaches in episode 5x05 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Casa Mia

Rojas Estate

Andrea finds her father in a bad state after their company ends up in dire straights and invites Lena over for drinks to commiserate in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".

Andrea's London Home

Russell Rogers discovers the medalian covered in blood at Andrea's place and is immediately set upon by Leviathan agents in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".

Governor's Mansion

Andrea assassinates a governor on her first mission using her new shadow powers in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".


St. George's School

Mount Helena Boarding School

Young Andrea finds Lena sitting alone during parents' day and decides to be her friend in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".

Brix & Mortar


Young Andrea takes Lena out drinking when they should be at school and teachers her that with confidence they can get anything in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".

London Bar

Andrea is drowning her sorrows after her fight with Lena when she is approached by Russell Rogers who she skipped a meeting with earlier in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".


Homer Street (between Davie & Helmcken)


J'onn senses his brother's psychic powers at the DEO in episode 5x06 "Confidence Women".

Whytecliff Park


Lena is giving a press conference about a nature preserve project when Rama Khan attacks in episode 5x07 "Tremors".


Leviathan Headquarters

The Leviathan agent reports her failure to acquire the amulet to Rama Khan, the head of the organization. Later, Alex and Brainy find the exterior of the building but are thwarted by security in episode 5x07 "Tremors". Rama Khan learns he is on thin ice with the Elder and Gamemnae convinces him to try something big while the planets are aligned in episode 5x08 "The Wrath of Rama Khan".


Grover Road Dock


Alex and Brainy track the signature from Russell Rogers' suit only to find a explosive trap waiting for them in episode 5x07 "Tremors".

Minaty Bay

Earth-1 Lian Yu

Oliver is talking to Mia about his past with Lian Yu when Lyla, now the Harbinger, arrives to enlist their help in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".

Plaza of Nations

The Spire

The heroes gather at the new risen Spire to defend it from the shadow attackers while it protects the planet from the anti-mater wave in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".

750 Pacific Boulevard

Rooftop near the Spire

The battle to protect the Spire continues but eventually the Monitor decides this world is lost and begins taking the heros away to Earth-1 in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".


Canadian Motion Picture Park

Street near the DEO

Barry tells Oliver about his upcoming death and Oliver calls out for the Monitor to demand answers in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".

David Lam Park

Evacuation Park

Kelly and Nia help coordinate the evacuation of people onto the refugee spaceships in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".

Homer Street (between Beach & Pacific)

Earth-1 Central City

Barry is zipping around the city investigating the red sky when the Harbinger arrives in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".


Impark Lot #817


Kara saves a man announcing the end of the world from the dragon Spike who is upset about something in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".


The Butcher & Bullock

Earth-1 Quiz Night

Sara and Ray are having trouble at trivia night during their hiatus when the Harbinger arrives in episode 5x09 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One".


Town Centre Park

Smoothie Stand

Nia and Brainy are out on a date when they run into a second Brainiac-5 asking for the same order in episode 5x10 "The Bottle Episode".


Civic Hotel

Luthor Foundation

Lena talks to her mother about Lex and Supergirl's offers to collaborate in episode 5x10 "The Bottle Episode".


Livestock Barns (PNE)

Toyman's Lair

Toyman prepares his weapons in his father's old lair but by the time the team arrives he is already gone in episode 5x11 "Back from the Future: Part One".




Lex finds Gemma Cooper out at dinner and convinces her to lean on Andrea into accepting Luthor Corp's offer in episode 5x12 "Back from the Future - Part Two".


Mountain View Cemetery


Alex visits Kara's grave with Thanksgiving leftovers after her death from the Kryptonite-laced atmosphere in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".


Panther Paintball

Paintball Course

Mxyzptlk transports Alex and J'onn to a paintball game to keep them occupied while he helps Kara in episode 5x13 "It's a Super Life".


Clearing off Quarry Road

Dragon Simulation

A woman on a horse fights a dragon in an Obsidian Platinum world in episode 5x14 "The Bodyguard".


The Polygon Gallery

Obsidian North Platinum Showroom

Alex, Kara, and Nia watch people using Obsidian Platinum demo units and then run into both Kelly and William in episode 5x14 "The Bodyguard".


Grouse Mountain

North Pole Simulation

A man playing around in the Obsidian Platinum beta tries to leave but finds himself unable to end the simulation in episode 5x15 "Reality Bytes".


Pacific Gateway

Virtual Las Vegas

Alex enters the virtual world in search of the Escape Palace and receives guidance from Kelly in episode 5x15 "Reality Bytes".


Prior Street (between Quebec & Milross)


Nia defeats a Dominator and has an awkward conversation with Brainy in episode 5x15 "Reality Bytes".


20436 98a Avenue

Bates House

J'onn follows Trevor's psychic energy to a suburban home and talks to Jennifer Bates who was having a virtual affair with him in episode 5x15 "Reality Bytes".

Guildford Town Centre

Mall Simulation

Alex lands in a mall where another person is playing music and chats with someone about VR before stopping a Dracokardosian attack in episode 5x16 "Alex in Wonderland".


Milner Chapel

Midvale Church

Alex and Kelly enter the funeral during Eliza's eulogy and Alex sits next to Kara in episode 5x16 "Alex in Wonderland".


East Pender Street (between Vernon & Clark)

Street Simulation

Alex lands in the virtual world as Supergirl and sees a billboard celebrating her in episode 5x16 "Alex in Wonderland".


NationWide Self Storage

West National City Bank Depository

Alex is arresting two bank robbers when one removes her mask to reveal herself to be Alex as a teen in episode 5x16 "Alex in Wonderland".