“Fugitive of the Judoon” Filming Locations

The Judoon descend on Gloucester searching for a fugitive who isn't what they seem and an old friend of the Doctor delivers a cryptic warning.

Series: Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 5
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Doctor Who episode "Fugitive of the Judoon" was filmed in Cardiff, Bristol, & Newport in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Spillers & Bakers as Clayton Flat (exterior)

The Doctor intercepts the Judoon before they can put a temporal isolation field around the building so she find out about the supposed fugitive.


Bute Docks Feeder Canal as Gloucester Canal

Ruth happily greets people from her neighborhood as she walks downtown in the morning.


Gloucester Cathedral as Gloucester Cathedral

Ruth tries to entice people to her tour before the Judoon arrive and being scanning everyone.


The Little Man Coffee Company as Coffee Shop

Ruth is getting her daily coffee when Allan presents her with a dossier he has compiled on her husband to try and convince her to leave him.

Source: CultBox


Berkeley Street as Gloucester Street

People flee as the Judoon appear on the street.


Gloucester Docks North Warehouse as Gloucester Harbour

The Judoon appear on the waterfront.


Cathedral Church of Saints Peter & Paul as Spaceship

Graham is teleported onto a strange spacecraft and is greeted by a very cheesy Captain Jack Harkness who was trying to find the Doctor.

Source: CultBox


West Usk Lighthouse as The Lighthouse

Ruth takes the Doctor to the lighthouse where she was raised after seeing it in flashes of memory.