“An Un-Birthday Present” Filming Locations

The appearance of Beth from another world forces Kate to consider whether she could have saved her sister in this world. Meanwhile, the police commissioner refuses to activate the Bat-Signal despite his own son being kidnapped by Mouse.

Batwoman episode “An Un-Birthday Present” was filmed in Vancouver, North Vancouver, & Burnaby in Canada.

Vancouver City Hall as Gotham City Police Headquarters

A reporter questions the police commissioner as to why he hasn't turned on the Bat-Signal and later a group of protestors gather in solidarity with Batwoman.

Century House as The Hold Up

Kate talks to Luke about the kidnappings while walking to her motorcycle parked behind her bar.

Wasney Automotive as Junkyard

Kate wakes up to find herself tied in a car with Bryan Akins and Steven Forbes with Mouse holding them to force Alice's release.