“How Queer Everything Is Today!” Filming Locations

Kate gets annoyed at how straight everyone believes Batwoman to be while hunting down a hacker holding the city hostage. Both Grace and Alice deal with the aftermath of the tea party.

Batwoman episode “How Queer Everything Is Today!” was filmed in Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, & North Vancouver in Canada.

Pacific Central Station as End of the Line

Kate uses her grappling hook to stop the runaway train before anyone is hurt and then gets photographed in a suggestive position after a police officer tackles her out of potential danger.

Burnaby City Hall as Gotham City Hall

Mayor Akins gives a press conference to reassure the city about the hacker but the TV broadcast itself is hacked.

Allied Shipbuilders as Hacker Hideout

Kate investigates the apparent source of the hack but finds Sophie already there and aggressively interrogating them.

Burnaby City Hall as Gotham University Quad

Mary tries to talk one of her old professors into helping on her father's case and then thinks she spots Alice walking past.

Vancouver Technical Secondary as Gotham Prep (interior)

Kate crashes a dance at her old school to track down the hacker but after learning why the young woman performed the hack Alice shows up looking to force Kate's hand.