“Can You Hear Me?” Filming Locations

Terrible nightmares plague the the Doctor's companions and Graham has a vision of a woman trapped between two planets.

Series: Doctor Who Season 12, Episode 7
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Doctor Who episode "Can You Hear Me?" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom and South Africa.
Show Map

79 Pomeroy Street as Card Game

Graham is catching up with his friends over a game of cards when he has a strange vision.


Cardiff and Vale College as Sheffield City Hospital

Graham's nightmare finds him back in the hospital with terminal cancer and Grace as his doctor.


Spencer Street & Gower Street as Earth Street

Rakaya and Zellin join up on Earth where Zellin begins giving people nightmares for Rakaya to feed upon.

Source: Cultbox


Taal Monument (Paarl Mountain) as The Boundary

The Doctor sees more of her vision of the Timeless Child.


77 Pomeroy Street as Group Therapy

Tibo goes to a group therapy session at Ryan's urging and finally talks about the troubles he has been having.


79 Pomeroy Street as Anita Patel's Home

Yaz visits the police officer who had such an effect on her life and pays off their bet.

Source: Cultbox