“Time Off for Good Behavior” Filming Locations

The opening of the new community center is interrupted by a strange attack and Julia continues her investigation into her missing days.

Batwoman episode “Time Off for Good Behavior” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

8355 Wiggins Street as Snakebite Distribution Warehouse

Dana Dewitt records Batwoman's takedown of another Snakebite distribution site and films her callout of Black Mask.

The Pipe Shop as Sheldon Park Community Center

Ryan and Mary are attending the opening of the new community center when a reporter questions Jordan during her speech about security shortly before the center is attacked.

EasyPark Lot 2 as Parking Garage

Alice talks to Julia about her missing time and discovers she had a meeting with Dr. Evelyn Rhyme.

8351 Fraser Reach Court as Edgewater Correctional Facility Construction Site

Ryan confronts Ellis O'Brien about the attacks but he manages to stall her until three guards with lightning guns arrive.