Movies Filmed at Glenlyon Parkway (past Fraser)

9269-9295 Glenlyon Pkwy, Burnaby, BC V5J, Canada
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9100 Glenlyon Parkway from Lucifer and 2 other movies.
96 m

9200 Glenlyon Parkway from The Flash and 3 other movies.
103 m

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers from Psych and 1 other movie.
230 m

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The Flash


Raya Van Zandt uses her meta-tech to stop the armored truck transporting Joss Mardon to jail and breaks her out in episode 5x10 "The Flash & The Furious".


Outskirts of Star City

Felicity and Diggle are leaving town when they are stopped by Talia and captured in episode 5x22 "Missing".

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency


Dirk drives his 'new' car wildly down the street while talking with Todd in episode 1x01 "Horizons". The Rowdy Three drive their van down the street with Amanda in episode 1x05 "Very Erectus". The detectives drive in their stolen zoo truck in episode 1x07 "Weaponized Soul".