“Falling” Filming Locations

Series: Supergirl Season 1, Episode 16
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Supergirl episode "Falling" was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as School

Kara shows up to support a young girl who is being bullied for her homemade Supergirl costume.


Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as Burning Building

Supergirl saves a firefighter at a burning building and then gets infected with the Red Kryptonite.


Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as Rooftop

Indigo scares off a newly engaged couple and then meets Non on a roof.


Warner Bros. Burbank Studios as Armored Car Robbery

K'hund is robbing an armored car when the DEO arrives to stop him.


3400 West Riverside Drive as CatCo Worldwide Media (entrance)

Kara catches Cat right before she hits the ground after throwing her off the building.


West 5th Street & South Flower Street as Pedestrian Bridge

Kara destroys the CatCo screen and fights against the police before being stopped by Hank.