“The Aquarium” Filming Locations

Series: Rogue Season 1, Episode 1

Rogue episode "The Aquarium" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Rogers Sugar Mill as Abandoned Docks

Jimmy takes Grace to the docks to kill the man he suspects is the mole.

New Westminster Police Service as Oakland Police Department

Bentall 5 (Bentall Centre) as Trade Investments

Jimmy leaves his meeting with the bank with his accountant Tony.

Vancouver Impound Lot as Crime Scene

The police investigate the murder of the accountant Tony.


New Westminster Secondary as Jefferson High School

Grace heads to school to talk to Evie about her report card but catches her smoking pot.


Prospera Credit Union as Fellowes National Bank

Jimmy heads to the bank and learns that Tony never transferred the $25 million into his account.

342 Powell Street as Bamboo Pearl

The police are searching the headquarters of the Lee crime family when two kids throw molotov cocktails through the window at the request of Alec.


Rogers Sugar Mill as Jimmy Laszlo's Offices