Movies Filmed at Rogers Sugar Mill

B.C. Sugar Museum, 123 Rogers St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3N2, Canada

Rogers Sugar Mill was built on the Vancouver waterfront back in 1890 to take advantage of cheap sugar cane arriving in the Port of Vancouver. The mill is still in operation and produces about 10% of Canada’s sugar output.

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Franklin Street (between Glen & Vernon) from Deadpool
244 m

987 East Cordova Street from Fringe
256 m

Franklin Street & Vernon Drive from Deadpool
277 m

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The Flash

Alley Meeting

Danton Black meets with Java in an alley in episode #102 "Fastest Man Alive".


Warehouse on the Docks

Oliver chases a Vertigo dealer in order to identify his supplier in episode #112 "Vertigo".

Alley Ambush

Laurel and Roy attempt to ambush Brick but end up getting one of the aldermen killed in episode #311 "Midnight City".

Woman in Alley

A woman under attack in an alley is saved my Laurel as Black Canary who is in turn saved by Roy as Arsenal in episode #311 "Midnight City".

Hong Kong Port

Oliver and Tatsu go to the port to save Maseo and Akio in episode #307 "Draw Back Your Bow".

Drug Ambush

The team sets up an ambush for the corrupt cops in episode #404 "Beyond Redemption".

Police Hideout

The team heads into the building from the GPS and locate the hideout of the corrupt police officers in episode #404 "Beyond Redemption".

Near Power Plant

Oliver rides his parachute down after falling from Church's helicopter in episode #501 "Legacy".


Fake Hideout

Nick Lane leads the Fringe team to what he claims is David Robert Jones's secret hideout in episode #420 "Worlds Apart".

Stargate SG-1

Langara Warehouse District

Jonas finds Dr. Kieran walking around the warehouse district and the two of them are chased by the Kelownan police in episode #607 "Shadow Play".

Battlestar Galactica

Tylium Refinery Ship

The Tylium Refinery where Tyrol begins the work strike in episode #316 "Dirty Hands".


Behind Scene 83

John Doe

Alley Kidnapping


Abandoned Factory

Raimy and the police search the old factory for signs of where Eva was held in episode #104 "Bleed Over".


Abandoned Docks

Jimmy takes Grace to the docks to kill the man he suspects is the mole in episode #101 "The Aquarium".

Jimmy Laszlo's Offices

From episode #101 "The Aquarium".