“Forest of the Dead” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 4, Episode 9
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Doctor Who episode "Forest of the Dead" was filmed in Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Brangwyn Hall as The Library (hall & viewpoint)

The Doctor figures out what River did with her sonic screwdriver.


Victoria Park as Donna in Park

Donna is playing with her children in the park when she is approached by the veiled woman.


Hensol Lake as Riverside

Donna and Cal talk by the water.


Crwys Medical Centre as Donna with Twins

Donna has twins with Lee in the computer.


Dyffryn House as Children's Room

Donna says goodnight to her computer children when they disappear in their beds.


Albertawe Swansea as Library Core

River and the Doctor travel to the core of the Library in an attempt to restore the people trapped in the computer.


38 Palace Road as Donna & Lee's House

Donna and Lee share a home in the computer simulation.


Dyffryn Gardens as The Hospital (grounds)

In front of the Hospital where Donna is staying in the computer simulation.


Dyffryn House as Hospital (rooms)

Both Donna and Lee have rooms at the hospital.


St. Catherine's Church as Donna's Wedding Photo

Donna gets married to Lee.