“The Pandorica Opens” Filming Locations

Series: Doctor Who Season 5, Episode 12
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Doctor Who episode "The Pandorica Opens" was filmed in Croatia and Cardiff in United Kingdom.
Show Map

Brackla Bunkers as War Rooms (hallway & storage room)

Churchill and Bracewell are looking at the painting of the TARDIS by Van Gogh.


Margam Country Park as Roman Camp

Amy and the Doctor land outside a Roman Camp on the invitation of River to find her posing as Cleopatra.


Stonehenge as Stonehenge

Amy, River, and the Doctor track the Pandorica down to a chamber beneath Stonehenge.


Margam Castle (Margam Country Park) as The Royal Collection 5145

River encounters Liz10 in a run down museum when she is stealing Van Gogh.

Source: Anonymous on Tumblr


Margam Country Park as Near Stonehenge

Amy and Rory talk outside of Stonehenge.


Crystal as Dorium Maldovar's Joint

River gets a vortex manipulator from Dorium Maldovar.


Gelligaer Common as Fields near Stonehenge

Amy, River, and the Doctor race towards Stonehenge on horses.


Millennium Stadium as Stormcage Facility

River escapes from the prison she is being held in.