“The Watergate Tape” Filming Locations

Series: Timeless Season 1, Episode 6
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Timeless episode "The Watergate Tape" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
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Thornton Park as White House Lawn [1972]

The trio is kidnapped by Flynn during an altercation in front of the White House.

Source: YVRShoots


Super 8 as Pickup Location [1972]

The trio drops the Doc off with the BLA team.


7028 Wiltshire Street as Benjamin Cahill's House

Lucy sits outside her biological father's house.


208 East Georgia Street as BLA Bar (exterior) [1972]

Lucy waits outside while Rufus heads inside to get information on the 'Doc'.

Alley (south of Keefer, west of Gore) as Alley [1972]

Rufus and Lucy walk the Doc to safety after leading Flynn and the Rittenhouse team into a trap.


Mountain View Cemetery as Flynn Family Graves

Flynn visits the graves of his wife and daughter.


Golden Boy Foods as Mason Industries (loading dock)

Rufus and Lucy discuss how they can trust one another while Wyatt walks off.


Brickhouse Late Nite Bistro & Bar as BLA Bar (interior) [1972]

Rufus tries to convince Gregory Hayes, who is charged of the local Black Liberation Army chapter, to let him take the 'doc'.

Source: YVRShoots