Timeless Filming Locations

Timeless was filmed in 11 cities across 2 countries.
Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, Delta, Surrey, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, & Richmond in Canada and Los Angeles in the United States of America.

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Chicago Streets [1893/1931]

Flynn tells Lucy about his plans and then later he uses Houdini to break into Edison's building in episode 1x11 “The World's Columbian Exposition”. Flynn steals a car to get the gang away from the site of Eliot Ness's murder in episode 1x15 “Public Enemy No. 1”.

Washington D.C. Street [1865]

Appears in “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”.

McIlroy Bank & Trust [1934]

The team heads to the bank mentioned in the note only for it to be robbed by Bonnie & Clyde who then get into a shootout with Flynn and the Feds outside in episode 1x09 “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”.

657 37th Avenue West

Lockman Aerospace [1969]

Flynn heads to an aerospace company to steal the tape needed to hack into the NASA computer systems in episode 1x08 “Space Race”.

Flynn's Warehouse

Flynn wakes up when Emma Whitmore walks into tell him that two more of their people left the cause in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

Port Mann Power Station

Mason Industries Lab

Flynn leads a team that steals the time machine from the lab in pilot episode.

Oakland Warehouse

The team takes up refuge in a warehouse where Noah helps patch up Rufus. The team uses the time machine to escape just as Rittenhouse agents arrive in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

Hycroft Mansion

Capitol Building (interior) [1954]

Flynn meets with McCarthy and tells him that he has important information on Communist spies in the city in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

Retirement Home

In the present day Lucy and Wyatt meet with Ethan Cahill who is now much older. He tells them that he kept up his end of their bargain in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

The Royal Towers

Parking Garage

Lucy tells Denise what Anthony said and they agree upon a plan for when he destroys the mothership. Denise then shows the pictures she took of Connor Mason meeting with the Rittenhouse agent and Lucy identifies the man as her father in episode 1x13 “Karma Chameleon”.

Toledo Express Inn [1983]

Rufus and Wyatt head to the inn where Claire Gilliam met Joel Bender to stop the two of them from hooking up in episode 1x13 “Karma Chameleon”.


St. Joseph

Flynn tells Jesse James his plan at the saloon after saving his life before James kills two Marshals. The team arrives in town after the murders and decide to recruit help in tracking down Flynn and James in episode 1x12 “The Murder of Jesse James”.

Marine Building

Lexington Hotel [1931]

Flynn meets with Al Capone and brings him the evidence needed to prevent his arrest. Later the trio arrives with Capone's older brother to bring him to justice in episode 1x15 “Public Enemy No. 1”.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Capitol Building (exterior) [1954]

Lucy and Wyatt are arrested as Communist spies while walking up the capitol steps to investigate the McCarthy hearings in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

North 40 Dog Park

Field outside Paris [1927]

Flynn and his cohorts shoot down Charles Lindbergh's airplane as he is finishing his transatlantic flight in episode 1x14 “The Lost Generation”.

Pitt River Quarries

Edge of Native Territory [1882]

Flynn and Jesse James rest their horses near the edge of native land and spot the posse following them. When Bass Reeves and the team arrives they find all of the native guards murdered in episode 1x12 “The Murder of Jesse James”.

Robson Square


Lucy gives Flynn the information he needs to save his wife but Flynn is arrested by Denise Christopher and her agents before he can head back in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

Livestock Barns (PNE)

Washington D.C. Warehouse [1954]

The team with the addition of Jiya arrives back in the 50s and Lucy gives the a briefing on McCarthy in episode 1x16 “The Red Scare”.

620 Keefer Street

Hart Residence

The team heads to the home of Richard Hart, Al Capone's older brother, to recruit him to bring down his brother and Flynn in episode 1x15 “Public Enemy No. 1”.

Grand & Toy

Mason Aviation

Connor Mason gets a call from the Rittenhouse agent while on his way to catch plane and is partially overheard by Agent Christopher in episode 1x07 “Stranded”.

8649 12th Avenue

Buried Capsule

An archeological team unearths the capsule buried by the team in the past only to find it had been cracked over the years in episode 1x07 “Stranded”.