“Killer Frost” Filming Locations

Caitlin’s worst fears come to past after she uses her powers to save Barry while Wally is stuck in a cocoon.

Series: The Flash Season 3, Episode 7
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The Flash episode "Killer Frost" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Vancouver Harbour Heliport as Waterfront Helipad

Savitar takes The Flash to the waterfront where Caitlin shows up with Cisco's help and uses her powers to save Barry.


Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee as Ledded Goh Frozen Foods (exterior)

Caitlin kidnaps Julian and takes him to a food packaging facility.


Golden Boy Foods as Ledded Goh Frozen Foods (interior)

Caitlin takes Julian to a frozen foods warehouse so he can hunt down the acolytes for her.


3825 Lozells Avenue as Second Acolyte's House

Caitlin interrogates one of the acolytes about Alchemy before being confronted by Cisco outside.


Global BC as Central City Hospital (loading dock)

Julian stumbles out of the hospital where Savitar is waiting.