Movies Filmed at Randy's Donuts

805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301, USA
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Former Buggy Whip Restaurant from Superbad
1.2 km

Former Stewart's Liquor from Alias
1.3 km

Department of Motor Vehicles from Taken 2
1.5 km

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Iron Man 2

Randy's Donuts (exterior)

Tony Stark lounges in the donut sign eating donuts when Fury comes to talk to him.


Randy's Donuts

The Son, having taken over Alex's body, calls the Magistrate to make a deal for Leslie and her unborn child in episode 3x03 “Lord of Lies”. The Son murders the shop employee after picking up a dozen donuts for the road but before he departs Leslie tells him she is having her baby in episode 3x04 “Rite of Thunder”.