Runaways Filming Locations

A group of kids discover that their parents aren't such upstanding citizens and that they themselves might be more then they appear.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Runaways was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
Show Map

The Beckett Mansion

Frat Party

Karolina is having a good time on the dance floor but passes out from some sketchy drugs leading to Chase rescuing her from two of his rapist teammates in episode 1x01 "Reunion".


Angeles Abbey Memorial Park

PRIDE Temple

The kids walk down into a secret chamber beneath Alex's house and discover their parents performing some sort of strange ritual with Destiny in episode 1x01 "Reunion". The kids manage to escape the temple before their parents see them and earlier their parents prepare for the sacrifice in episode 1x02 "Rewind". The kids enter the temple look to rescue Andre but discover it empty. They then search for clues and discover a hidden camera in episode 1x05 "Kingdom". Years before, Jonah shows Geoffrey and Catherine the temple and the PRIDE members perform their first sacrifice in episode 1x06 "Metamorphosis". Alex recovers footage showing the very first sacrifice in episode 1x08 "Tsunami".


Los Angeles Produce Market

PRIDE Construction Site

Darius Davis brings some of his goons to the construction site and demands to chat with Geoffrey in episode 1x02 "Rewind". Members of the Church of Gibborim as PRIDE prepares the start drilling into the ground in episode 1x09 "Doomsday". The kids try to hold off their parents but things change when Jonas arrives in episode 1x10 "Hostile".

Bus Depot

Destiny gets off the bus in Los Angeles in episode 1x01 "Reunion". Destiny is at the depot to catch a bus back home but Leslie convinces her to stay bit longer in episode 1x02 "Rewind". The kids attempt to catch a bus out of town but are thwarted when they see a news broadcast blaming them for the murder of Destiny in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


McBridge High School

Atlas Academy

Alex tries to get his old childhood friends to meet up during the annual PRIDE event but they are all busy in their own lives in episode 1x01 "Reunion".


Skirball Cultural Center

Church of Gibborim

Leslie puts on a sermon for her congregation and afterwards Karolina gives an interview before speaking with Destiny in episode 1x01 "Reunion". Frank meets with his agent who fires him and later he searches for answers in the church offices in episode 1x02 "Rewind".


McNally Estate

Yorkes House

Molly arrives home from school alone and later she gets worried and calls Gert in episode 1x01 "Reunion". Several years ago, the Yorkes family hosts a wake for Molly's parents after their untimely deaths in episode 1x03 "Destiny". Stacey and Dale prepare to head out to search for their missing dinosaur and later Molly hears a noise outside her room and is attacked by said dinosaur when she investigates in episode 1x04 "Fifteen". Gert settles her new dino friend into her room and then takes a call from Karolina who is worried about Chase in episode 1x08 "Tsunami".


Viento Y Agua Coffee House

Coffee Shop

Gert arranges to meet Chase for a study session but he never shows in episode 1x01 "Reunion".


North Saint Andrews Place (between Virginia & Santa Monica)


Destiny is harassed by two guys after trying to make a phone call in episode 1x01 "Reunion".


Will Rogers Beach


Nico attempts a ritual around a bonfire on the beach for her sister in episode 1x01 "Reunion".


Launderland Coin Laundry


Destiny asks around in a laundromat looking for somewhere to stay in episode 1x01 "Reunion".


2210 Bowmont Drive

Minoru House

Tina catches Nico taking clothes from Amy's room which she has said is off limits in episode 1x01 "Reunion". Tina gets into a disagreement with Robert over Amy's old room and she ends up sealing it with her magic in episode 1x02 "Rewind". Nico sees her parents all dressed up for dinner and decides to let them go on their own so she can sneak around and examine Tina's magical staff in episode 1x03 "Destiny".


Moorpark Street & La Maida Street

Cross Walk

Stacey and Dale talk while stopped by a crossing guard in episode 1x02 "Rewind".


1366 East Palm Street

Dean House

Frank arrives home and tells Leslie that he wants to go all-in with the church. Later, Karolina sits by the pool and texts Destiny in episode 1x02 "Rewind". Karolina and Gert search for clues on their parents and then Chase shows up to talk about the incident at the party in episode 1x04 "Fifteen".


Torrance County Beach


The kids gather on the beach to discuss what they witnessed the night before in episode 1x03 "Destiny".


Emerson College Los Angeles Center

Synnergy Bioengineering

Stacey and Dale are surprised by a party thrown for them by Tina and Robert in episode 1x03 "Destiny".


La Maida Street & Peach Avenue

Dead End

Catherine confronts Molly about her presence in the office the night of the PRIDE meeting in episode 1x03 "Destiny".


Mayfield Senior School

Atlas Academy

The kids get closer at school and Chase gets into a fight with a couple of his old lacrosse buddies over what happened at the party in episode 1x04 "Fifteen". The teens try to have a normal day at school as everyone prepares for the Atlas Open House that evening in episode 1x07 "Refraction". Molly sneaks back to school to meet the rest of the group and they watch the VHS tape that her parents left her in episode 1x09 "Doomsday".


635 South Mateo Street

Police Station

Nico and Alex head to the station to report their parents but see Victor and Robert getting very chummy with the captain in episode 1x04 "Fifteen".


Archdale Road & Valley Meadow Road


Victor Stein drives down the road with another kidnapped kid in episode 1x04 "Fifteen".


Conway Place

Homeless Encampment

Victor and Robert go out searching for another sacrifice but the police arrive before they can bludgeon a homeless man in episode 1x04 "Fifteen".


Exposition Rose Garden (Exposition Park)

The Park

Darius Davis arranges to meet Geoffrey at the edge of the park to exchange Alex for a million dollars in episode 1x05 "Kingdom".


State Drive (Exposition Park)

Stockton Intersection

Molly lifts Darius Davis's car off the ground while it is stopped at a light and the kids confront him with their powers to rescue Alex in episode 1x05 "Kingdom".


West Exposition Boulevard (between Watt & Figueroa)


Nico, Karolina, Molly, and Gert follow Alex's ghost car down the road in episode 1x05 "Kingdom".


West Exposition Boulevard & South Figueroa Street

Street Corner

Karolina follows Alex's trail around a corner and continues driving in episode 1x05 "Kingdom".


1100 Glendon

Wizard (rooftop)

Chase finds Karolina up on the roof drinking from a bottle of vodka in episode 1x06 "Metamorphosis".


12555 West Jefferson Boulevard


The kids use the Wizard gala announcing PRIDE's funding of the school project as cover to steal the footage of the temple from Wizard's servers in episode 1x06 "Metamorphosis".


Reseda Station

Bus Station

Molly sneaks out to the bus station and finds a VHS tape left by her parents in a locker in episode 1x08 "Tsunami".


Ebell Club of Los Angeles

The Ebell of Los Angeles

The gang meets up at the big "Non Holiday Specific Seasonal Dance" their school is hosing to avoid suspicion and two different couples have first moments together in episode 1x09 "Doomsday".


Momo Korean Restaurant

Momo Korean Restaurant

Darius Davis meets his girlfriend at a restaurant next to the dig site in episode 1x09 "Doomsday".


Sherman Way & Lindley Avenue


Robert talks to Tina about how happy he is that everything is finally over in episode 1x09 "Doomsday".


Cedar Grove (Griffith Park)

Griffith Park Woods

The kids take shelter in the woods near Griffith Observatory and plan their next move in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


El Adobe Market


Alex calls his dad's old enemy Darius Davis to arrange an alliance in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


Patra Burgers on Sunset

Burger Joint

Chase and Molly blend in with a group of runaways being picked up by the church in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


Valley Performing Arts Center (CSU Northridge)

Church of Gibborim

Chase and Molly go undercover in the church to rescue Karolina while the others wait outside in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


Hollywood Boulevard & North Harvard Boulevard

Harvard Boulevard

The kids cross the street with their dino hidden in a shopping cart and Alex sees Griffith Observatory in the distance in episode 1x10 "Hostile".


Alley (south of Wall, east of 9th)


The kids run away from the bus depot after seeing the news broadcast in episode 1x10 "Hostile".