Runaways Filming Locations

A group of kids discover that their parents aren't such upstanding citizens and that they themselves might be more then they appear.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Runaways was filmed in Los Angeles in the United States of America.

Los Angeles Produce Market

PRIDE Construction Site

Darius Davis brings some of his goons to the construction site and demands to chat with Geoffrey in episode 1x02 “Rewind”. Members of the Church of Gibborim as PRIDE prepares the start drilling into the ground in episode 1x09 “Doomsday”. The kids try to hold off their parents but things change when Jonas arrives in episode 1x10 “Hostile”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Old School

Stacey and Dale fly a drone down into the excavation to take a biopsy of whatever is at the bottom to test their serum.

Rock Bottom

Topher breaks into the construction site to find some more rocks and injures a guard in his escape.

Last Rites

The kids break into the construction site with Geoffrey's help and race to rescue the trapped aliens from the pit before Jonah and PRIDE arrive.

Bus Depot

Destiny gets off the bus in Los Angeles in episode 1x01 “Reunion”. Destiny is at the depot to catch a bus back home but Leslie convinces her to stay bit longer in episode 1x02 “Rewind”. The kids attempt to catch a bus out of town but are thwarted when they see a news broadcast blaming them for the murder of Destiny in episode 1x10 “Hostile”.

New York City Backlot (Paramount Studios)

Philadelphia Street

Victor wakes up inside a simulation created by Jonah to help him heal and Jonah asks for his help in return in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”. Victor gets angry with Jonah when he tries to speed up his work in episode 2x03 “Double Zeros”. Janet returns to find Victor complaining about the cheesesteak he summoned and asks his help destroying the gravitation wave drive in episode 2x05 “Rock Bottom”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Enter the Dreamland

Chase appears in his father's memory of being beaten by his father.

Devil's Torture Chamber

The Runaways, Tandy, and Tyrone walk through the Dark Dimension seeing bits of their individual nightmares before being chased by some version of AWOL.

Gordon Hotel (service entrance)

The Runaways watch from across the street was Molly is taken away by AWOL and his goons in episode 2x09 “Big Shot”.

Wiz Phone Corvus Distribution

Wizard employees distribute Corvus phones to people for free in episode 3x09 “The Broken Circle”.

Alley in Tohper's Story

Topher tells the story of finding the mysterious glowing rocks while dumpster diving in episode 2x05 “Rock Bottom”.

Paramount Theatre (Paramount Studios)

Church of Gibborim Worship Center

Leslie talks to Frank after his sermon and accuses him of stealing the church from her in episode 2x03 “Double Zeros”. Leslie finds Frank outside freaking out after Jonah asked him to find another sacrifice in episode 2x05 “Rock Bottom”. Frank gives a passionate sermon welcoming Leslie back into the public's eye and later Karolina uses her powers to create a miracle during a ceremony as a distraction in episode 2x06 “Bury Another”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
Last Rites

Members of the church's militia arm up to defend the dig site and Leslie tries to quash Frank's religious fervor about the Ascension.

Hostile Takeover

Frank goes outside to find Leslie throwing away old church books and they get into an argument about the future of the church.

Last Waltz

Xavin asks Vaughn questions about Karolina but disappears before he can call over security.

Enter the Dreamland

Molly watches her parents at a Church of Gibborim event and realizes they were more complicit in PRIDE's murders then she believed.

Merry Meet Again

Karolina and Molly discover that Leslie has restarted the church with a new mission worshipping Karolina's image.

25010 Thousand Peaks Road

Stein House

Chase has breakfast with his parents after working out in his room in the morning in episode 1x01 “Reunion”. PRIDE gathers in an attempt to save Victor and later Gert and Karolina sneak in to check on Chase in episode 1x08 “Tsunami”. Janet gives a press conference to cover her husband's disappearance in episode 1x09 “Doomsday”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
Earth Angel

PRIDE tests their new weapons on a pair of hapless interns and the next morning Chase adapts to life back home and learns about his father's mysterious illness.

Split Up

Chase comes clean to his mother about Victor's illness and she realizes what it means.

Smoke and Mirrors

Janet searches for the door out of the Algorithm but finds it locked and in the real world Nico and Alex scout the house.

The Great Escape

Xavin and Gert watch the house from across the street but lose patience and decide to break inside themselves.

McNally Estate

Yorkes House

Molly arrives home from school alone and later she gets worried and calls Gert in episode 1x01 “Reunion”. Several years ago, the Yorkes family hosts a wake for Molly's parents after their untimely deaths in episode 1x03 “Destiny”. Stacey and Dale prepare to head out to search for their missing dinosaur and later Molly hears a noise outside her room and is attacked by said dinosaur when she investigates in episode 1x04 “Fifteen”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.

Gert settles her new dino friend into her room and then takes a call from Karolina who is worried about Chase.

Last Waltz

The Yorkes try to get information about the kids using sodium thiopental but are really only able to learn about his and Gert's sex life.

Smoke and Mirrors

Xavin convinces Molly to discuss her feelings after they fail to find Gert in their house.

2352 West 30th Street

Nana B.'s Home

Video footage shows Darius at a BBQ when Destiny was murdered and the Runaways visit Livvie to help her with her PRIDE problem in episode 2x08 “Past Life”. Catherine and Geoffrey visit Tamar offering their support not realizing she has already made a deal with AWOL in episode 2x09 “Big Shot”. Geoffrey asks for Tamar's help in contacting Alex to deliver Catherine's message in episode 3x03 “Lord of Lies”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Rite of Thunder

The Son takes Leslie to Tamar for help delivering the baby but Leslie manages to warn Tamar about him.

Merry Meet Again

Morgan visits Geoffrey and Tamar to discuss the plan for the new Wiz Phone Corvus production facility.

House in Advertisement

A man wakes up to the ringing of his Wiz Phone Corvus in an advertisement in episode 3x06 “Merry Meet Again”.

Angeles Abbey Memorial Park

PRIDE Temple

The kids walk down into a secret chamber beneath Alex's house and discover their parents performing some sort of strange ritual with Destiny in episode 1x01 “Reunion”. The kids manage to escape the temple before their parents see them and earlier their parents prepare for the sacrifice in episode 1x02 “Rewind”. The kids enter the temple look to rescue Andre but discover it empty. They then search for clues and discover a hidden camera in episode 1x05 “Kingdom”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

Years before, Jonah shows Geoffrey and Catherine the temple and the PRIDE members perform their first sacrifice.


Alex recovers footage showing the very first sacrifice.

Mayfield Senior School

Atlas Academy

The kids get closer at school and Chase gets into a fight with a couple of his old lacrosse buddies over what happened at the party in episode 1x04 “Fifteen”. The teens try to have a normal day at school as everyone prepares for the Atlas Open House that evening in episode 1x07 “Refraction”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

Molly sneaks back to school to meet the rest of the group and they watch the VHS tape that her parents left her.

Old School

The Runaways have Topher break into their old school to steal a computer for their hacking but an earthquake hits while he is inside throwing their plan into chaos.

Mt. Hollywood Drive Vista (Griffith Park)

The Hostel (gate)

While chasing Mike on a Bike over a hilltop to recover the Fistigons, Karolina falls through a skylight into a strange buried mansion in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”. Jonah instructs Karolina in how to control her powers without the bracelet. Later, Gert watches as Chase tries to hook the mansion up to the power grid in episode 2x02 “Radio On”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Last Rites

After waiting awhile for Karolina, Leslie tells Jonah that their daughter tricked them to lure them away.

Devil's Torture Chamber

The Runaways step outside the hostel onto the hilltop in the Dark Dimension and later Tandy has a vision of Alex.

Los Angeles Center Studios

Hall of Justice

Livvie brings a video alibi for Darius to the District Attorney's office in episode 2x08 “Past Life”.

District 27 West Side Station

Catherine and Geoffrey talk to their lawyer about the evidence against them and Catherine comes to a decision in episode 3x01 “Smoke and Mirrors”.

South Los Angeles Medical Center

Alex visit Livvie after Tamar's baby is born to make things up with her but AWOL shoots at them in a drive-by in episode 2x08 “Past Life”.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Essex Tower Hotel

Nico meets her father for lunch but finds Morgan there having apparently entered a relationship with him in episode 3x06 “Merry Meet Again”. Nico talks to her father the morning after the ritual and then helps her mother sneak inside to steal Morgan's spell book in episode 3x07 “Left-Hand Path”.

Church of Gibborim Worship Center (gazebo)

Molly decides to show her new friend Bodhi her powers in episode 3x07 “Left-Hand Path”.

1816 North Wilton Place

Darius & Tamar's Home

Darius brings Alex inside hinting at needing him to do something unsavory only to reveal he needs his future child's nursery painted in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”. Alex returns to Darius' home under the pretense of doing some work but he really just wants to flirt with Livvie in episode 2x02 “Radio On”. Alex plays dominoes with Darius and later talks to Livvie about her dreams in episode 2x03 “Double Zeros”.

2210 Bowmont Drive

Minoru House

Tina catches Nico taking clothes from Amy's room which she has said is off limits in episode 1x01 “Reunion”. Tina gets into a disagreement with Robert over Amy's old room and she ends up sealing it with her magic in episode 1x02 “Rewind”. Nico sees her parents all dressed up for dinner and decides to let them go on their own so she can sneak around and examine Tina's magical staff in episode 1x03 “Destiny”.

5435 Wilbur Avenue

Graciela Aguirre's House

Dale and Stacey drop Molly off at the home of one of her relatives and later Graciela gives her a message left by her parents in episode 1x08 “Tsunami”. Graciela finds Molly missing and calls the Yorkes in episode 1x09 “Doomsday”. Graciela Aguirre tells a news reporter that she has evidence pointing to the parents, not the kids, which puts her life in danger from PRIDE in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”.

Van Ness Parking (Paramount Studios)

Church of Gibborim Parking Garage

Frank is confronted by the gun-weilding brother of Destiny who has discovered the string of missing runaways connected to the church in episode 2x07 “Last Rites”. Frank photographs Leslie paying Detective Flores to dispose of Oscar's body and later Karolina runs into Vaughn while trying to sneak inside the church and convinces him to help her in episode 2x08 “Past Life”.

Wizard (parking garage)

The Daughter parks in the garage and heads inside giving Xavin and Molly who have stowed away a chance to search for the devices in episode 3x02 “The Great Escape”.

Randy's Donuts

Randy's Donuts

The Son, having taken over Alex's body, calls the Magistrate to make a deal for Leslie and her unborn child in episode 3x03 “Lord of Lies”. The Son murders the shop employee after picking up a dozen donuts for the road but before he departs Leslie tells him she is having her baby in episode 3x04 “Rite of Thunder”.

Skirball Cultural Center

Church of Gibborim

Leslie puts on a sermon for her congregation and afterwards Karolina gives an interview before speaking with Destiny in episode 1x01 “Reunion”. Frank meets with his agent who fires him and later he searches for answers in the church offices in episode 1x02 “Rewind”.

Cedar Grove (Griffith Park)

Griffith Park Woods

The kids take shelter in the woods near Griffith Observatory and plan their next move in episode 1x10 “Hostile”. Chase meets with the rest of the Runaways but they soundly dismiss his offer leading to an assault by Tina's drones in episode 2x13 “Split Up”.

El Adobe Market

Street Corner

Alex calls his dad's old enemy Darius Davis to arrange an alliance in episode 1x10 “Hostile”. Vaughn hops in the car with Karolina, Nico, and Molly for their rescue mission in episode 2x12 “Earth Angel”.

1366 East Palm Street

Dean House

Frank arrives home and tells Leslie that he wants to go all-in with the church. Later, Karolina sits by the pool and texts Destiny in episode 1x02 “Rewind”. Karolina and Gert search for clues on their parents and then Chase shows up to talk about the incident at the party in episode 1x04 “Fifteen”.

W Hollywood

Gordon Hotel

Darius goes to the hotel suite that Geoffrey reserved for him but finds Catherine waiting for him in episode 2x03 “Double Zeros”. Livvie and the Runaways infiltrate the hotel where Darius was murdered to find security footage to prove that Alex's parents were responsible in episode 2x08 “Past Life”.

16720 Bajio Road

Minoru House

Karolina and Molly accompany Nico to her old home to steal the Staff of the One and they run into her parents in episode 2x02 “Radio On”. Two years ago, everyone attends Amy's memorial in the back yard and in the present the Runaways search for the inhibitor pods they need to strip the Gib of their powers in episode 3x03 “Lord of Lies”.

Gold Creek Center

The Crater

Leslie is deposited into the care of a woman at the remote Church of Gibborim retreat for reconditioning in episode 2x11 “Last Waltz”. Karolina, Nico, Molly, and Vaughn head up to the Crater to rescue Leslie from brainwashing in episode 2x12 “Earth Angel”.

Simply Wholesome

Jet Inn

Geoffrey threatens Flores with his own gun and tells him to never put Alex in danger again in episode 2x09 “Big Shot”.

Simply Wholesome

Alex tricks his friends into a confrontation with AWOL under the guise of a tasty breakfast in episode 2x09 “Big Shot”.

Tank 116 (Griffith Park)

The Hostel (door)

Molly rips the gate sealing up the mansion and the Runaways head inside their new home in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”. AWOL and his squad of corrupt police officers force Livvie to lead them to the Hostel but Nico manages to camouflage the entrance before they spot it in episode 2x10 “Hostile Takeover”.

Set, Lighting, & Grip (Paramount Studios)

AWOL's Hideout

AWOL ties Molly to a chair to be interrogated by Flores but she easily escapes her cuffs and overpowers Flores just as her friends arrive in episode 2x09 “Big Shot”. AWOL shows Livvie a video of Tamar and the baby in danger to force her to reveal where the kids are hiding in episode 2x10 “Hostile Takeover”.

The Viaduct

Homeless Encampment

Nico organizes a Wiccan memorial for Graciela Aguirre before the kids settle in for the night in their new tents in episode 2x01 “Gimmie Shelter”. Karolina appears in the homeless encampment under the bridge and is confronted by Destiny and the other children her parents murdered demanding justice in episode 3x05 “Enter the Dreamland”.

Ebell Club of Los Angeles

The Ebell of Los Angeles

The gang meets up at the big "Non Holiday Specific Seasonal Dance" their school is hosing to avoid suspicion and two different couples have first moments together in episode 1x09 “Doomsday”.

The Beckett Mansion

Frat Party

Karolina is having a good time on the dance floor but passes out from some sketchy drugs leading to Chase rescuing her from two of his rapist teammates in episode 1x01 “Reunion”.

Willow Studios


After taking shelter from one of the drones, Karolina is confronted by Victor who she learns is now under the control of Jonah in episode 2x13 “Split Up”.

Anheuser-Busch Co

Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant

The Son brings the baby and helps activate the portal to send his family home but before they can depart the Runaways arrive with their new inhibitor weapons in episode 3x04 “Rite of Thunder”.

Fred 62

Fred 62

Gert meets a cute, like-minded boy giving out Wizard phones when out having brunch with the gang but things get weird when someone attacks him in episode 3x06 “Merry Meet Again”.

Conway Place

Homeless Encampment

Victor and Robert go out searching for another sacrifice but the police arrive before they can bludgeon a homeless man in episode 1x04 “Fifteen”.

Union Swapmeet

Union Swapmeet

Molly throws a scooter knocking out two drones before running inside with Gert where Dale and Stacey pursue them through the packed stores in episode 2x13 “Split Up”.

2828 Sichel Street

Topher's Family's Home

The Runaways track Topher to his childhood home which doesn't match his description and find him in a heated argument with his family in episode 2x05 “Rock Bottom”.