Movies Filmed at 1974 Cedar Crescent

1974 Cedar Crescent, Vancouver, BC V6J 2R5, Canada
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West 20th Avenue & Cedar Crescent from Supernatural
54 m

3802 Angus Drive from Once Upon a Time and 1 other movie.
424 m

3851 Marguerite Street from Psych
465 m

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Pasternak House

The team goes to talks to Mary Pasternak about Elin in episode 7x08 "Right Turn or Left for Dead".


Theta Sorority

Lori Sorenson gets dressed for a date with help from her roommate, and later she wakes up to find her roommate murdered in episode 1x07 "Hook Man".


Going Away Party

The Fillmore Graves mercenaries throw Major a going away party in episode 3x12 "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1".