“Hook Man” Filming Locations

Series: Supernatural Season 1, Episode 7
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Supernatural episode "Hook Man" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

New Westminster Court House as Coffee Shop

Dean and Sam decide on their next case.


122 1st Street as Fraternity House

Dean and Sam infiltrate the fraternity house where the victim lived.


Library (BCIT) as Eastern Iowa University Library

Sam and Dean research the ghost that has been killing people on campus.


West 20th Avenue & Cedar Crescent as Near Sorority

Sam and Dean compare evidence they got from Lori's room with their research from the library.


Learning and Teaching Centre (BCIT) as Hospital

Sam talks to the sheriff about the attack on Reverend Sorenson.


1974 Cedar Crescent as Theta Sorority

Lori Sorenson gets dressed for a date with help from her roommate, and later she wakes up to find her roommate murdered.


Trestle Bridge (Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park) as 9 Mile Road

Lori Sorenson is out with on a date when her date is murdered and strung up above her car.


Dollarton Highway (between Forester & Ellis) as Driving into Town

Dean and Sam drive into town.

St. Helen's Anglican Church as Church

The Winchesters attend a sermon at Lori Sorenson's father's church.

Church House as Sorenson Home

Sam sees Lori arguing with her father through the window and then talks to her outside.

Lorne Mews as Calumet County Sheriff's Department

Dean is telling Sam of how he got him out of jail when they see the police rushing out to the new crime scene.

108th Avenue (between 129th & 130th) as Leaving Town

The brothers drive out of town.