Movies Filmed at Accent Inn (Burnaby)

3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby, BC V5C 6M2, Canada
Nearby Locations
Ricky's Country Restaurant from Once Upon a Time
42 m

Elements Café from Stargate SG-1
93 m

3823 Henning Drive from Stargate SG-1
129 m

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Stargate SG-1

Maybourne's Motel

Jack visits Maybourne in his motel room and they track down Colonel Simmons in episode 5x14 “48 Hours”.

Senator Kinsey's Hotel

Senator Kinsey is leaving his hotel when he is shot by someone who looks suspiciously like Jack in episode 6x14 “Smoke & Mirrors”.

Motel Hideout

Teal'c and Krista stay overnight in a hotel after he helps her flee her abusive boyfriend in episode 8x07 “Affinity”.

Jameson's Hotel

Daniel and Agent Barrett spy on the hotel where their believe Baal is staying in episode 9x07 “Ex Deus Machina”.

Vala's Hotel

An amnesiac Vala cares for Mitchell in a motel room in episode 10x08 “Memento Mori”.