Stargate SG-1 Filming Locations

A secret USAF team explores planets around the galaxy using the ancient Stargate network.

Part of the Stargate series
Stargate SG-1 was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada and United States of America.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

Entrance to Stargate Command

Entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force base that contains the SGC throughout the series.


Sulfur Pits (Vancouver Wharves)


Yellow sandy planet where the team encounters a crystal creature in episode 1x06 "Cold Lazarus".

Shaughnessy Building (BC Children's Hospital)

Colorado Springs Hospital

Hospital the fake O'Neill is taken to after he collapses in episode 1x06 "Cold Lazarus".

Water Channels

Cimmeria Waterway

SG-1 searches for the back entrances to Thor's labyrinth in episode 1x09 "Thor's Hammer".


Reclaimed Gravel Pit (LSCR)

Destroyed Alpha Site

SG-1 arrives at Earth's secret off-world base which was recently destroyed by Anubis in episode 7x16 "Death Knell".

Chulak Gate

From episode 1x11 "Bloodlines".


From episode 5x20 "The Sentinel".


From episode 6x16 "Metamorphosis".


3144 Fairmont Road

Jack's House

The team holds a wake for Daniel when they believe him dead in episode 1x12 "Fire and Water". Jack is sitting at his home after getting thrown out of the Stargate program when is approached by Maybourne in episode 3x18 "Shades of Grey". The team searches Jack's house with a younger version of himself in episode 7x03 "Fragile Balance". From episode 7x21 "Lost City: Part 1". From episode 7x22 "Lost City: Part 2". From episode 8x14 "Full Alert". From episode 8x15 "Citizen Joe". From episode 8x18 "Threads". From episode 8x20 "Moebius: Part 2".

Jericho Beach

Nem's Planet

Planet where the team believes Daniel has died in episode 1x12 "Fire and Water".

1110 Hamilton Street

Daniel's Apartment

The team cleans out Daniel's apartment when they believe he's dead in episode 1x12 "Fire and Water".

Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)

Planet's Stargate

The team arrives on a planet through the Stargate. At the end of the episode Jack kills the Canon when they realize he is a Goa'uld in episode 3x08 "Demons".

Honduran Extremist's Camp

From episode 7x11 "Evolution: Part 1". Daniel and Dr. Lee are held by some extremists who captured them while searching some ruins in episode 7x12 "Evolution: Part 2".

Nox Stargate

SG-1 lands on the Nox homeworld and later they return to find the Stargate missing in episode 1x13 "Hathor".


Grandview Substation

Storage Facility №68

The team brings Cassandra to a nuclear storage facility to contain the potential explosion in episode 1x15 "Cor-ai".

Brunswick Point Farm

Hanka (PX8-987)

Planet of Hanka where to team goes to observe a solar eclipse only to find the inhabitants struck down by a disease in episode 1x15 "Cor-ai".


Port Mann Power Station

Training Facility

SG-1 runs some SGC recruits when they receive a call about a foothold situation in episode 5x13 "Proving Ground".


Russian Stargate Facility

The team travels to the secret Russian Stargate facility and attempts to defeat some water creatures in episode 4x07 "Watergate".


SG-1 is replaced with mechanical doppelgängers while exploring this factory in episode 1x18 "Tin Man".

Underneath P3R-118

SG-1 is forced to work in a factory underneath the domed city in episode 4x10 "Beneath the Surface".


Powertech Labs

Warrick's Hanger

SG-1 arrives on Hebridan and views Warrick's ship, The Seberus, in episode 7x08 "Space Race".


SG-1 arrives in a facility beneath a planet that was devastated by the Goa'uld and Daniel accidentally activates a alternate-universe mirror in episode 1x19 "There But for the Grace of God".

Buntzen Lake


The SG teams are evacuating the inhabitants of this planet during a Goa'uld assault in episode 2x02 "In the Line of Duty".

Mental Health Building (BC Children's Hospital)

Air Force Academy Hospital

The refugees from Nassya are treated at this hospital in episode 2x02 "In the Line of Duty".

Mental Hospital

The team visits Daniel's grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, to ask him about the skull in episode 3x21 "Crystal Skull".


6742 224 Street

East German House

Jack and Teal'c are forces to relive a botched operation of Jack's in episode 2x04 "The Gamekeeper".

Kane House

Daniel recovers under the ministrations of Leda Kane in episode 8x05 "Icon".

Bloedel Conservatory (Queen Elizabeth Park)

P7J-989 Dome

SG-1 is placed inside a virtual reality device in episode 2x04 "The Gamekeeper".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Air Force Administration Building 36

Jack, Sam, and General Hammond attend a meeting in Washington D.C in episode 2x09 "Secrets".

British Columbia Showcase

The Old Bailiff

Bar where Jack is approached by a reporter looking into the Stargate program in episode 2x09 "Secrets". From episode 3x14 "Foothold".

Plaza of Nations


While exploring this planet, SG-1 encounters strange alien insects, one of which infects Teal'c in episode 2x10 "Bane".

J.R. Reed Space Terminal

Stargate terminal in the future in episode 4x16 "2010".


Former Richmond Sand Dunes

Tok'ra Base

Using the memories of Jolinar, SG-1 travels to a planet containing a Tok'ra base in episode 2x11 "The Tok'ra: Part 1". The Goa'uld attack the base in episode 2x12 "The Tok'ra: Part 2".


SG-10 is trapped and killed when the planet they are exploring is caught in the event horizon of a black hole in episode 2x16 "A Matter of Time".

Desert near Cairo

The team follows Steven Rayner to some ruins in the desert where he founds some Goa'uld devices in episode 4x13 "The Curse".


The team is brought to Abydos by Kasuf to see Shifu, the Harcesis, in episode 4x17 "Absolute Power". SG-1 returns to defend the population of the planet in episode 6x22 "Full Circle".


The team is helping evacuate the Tok'ra when the planet is attacked by Apophis in episode 4x22 "Exodus".

Wormhole X-Treme! Set

While filming on location, the Wormhole X-Treme! crew witnesses Martin's spaceship arrive in episode 5x12 "Wormhole X-Treme!".

Apophis Crashes

SG-1 is exploring a planet when they witness Apophis's death glider crash in episode 2x18 "Serpent's Song".


SG-1 is guarding a team of scientists when they are captured by the Goa'uld in episode 6x08 "The Other Guys".

Prometheus Facility

Sam and Jonas meet with a reporter to show her around the new spaceship in episode 6x11 "Prometheus".


After being forced to land the Prometheus on a planet, SG-1 locates and digs up the local stargate in episode 6x20 "Memento".

Giza, 3000 B.C.

SG-1 travels back in time in an attempt to recover a Zero Point Module in the past in episode 8x19 "Moebius: Part 1". From episode 8x20 "Moebius: Part 2".


Dr. Lindsay is helping out the people on a planet when a Prior comes through the gate in episode 9x03 "Origin".


SG-1 travels through the gate to find a world where Vala once ruled as a god in episode 9x05 "The Powers That Be".


An Ori Prior arrives on the planet and creates a forcefield around the gate in episode 9x06 "Beachhead".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

N.I.D. Facility

SG-1 tracks the second Stargate and stolen Touchstone to a secret N.I.D. hanger in Southern Utah in episode 2x14 "Touchstone".

Kuybyshev Airbase

SG-1 arrives at a Russian airfield on their way to the secret Russian Stargate facility in episode 4x07 "Watergate".

The Bridge Studios

Area 51 Warehouse

SG-1 discovers that the Beta Stargate stored in this facility has been replaced with a fake in episode 2x14 "Touchstone".

Film Studio

Jack visits the film studio where Martin Lloyd is producing the television series based off the Stargate program in episode 5x12 "Wormhole X-Treme!". The Wormhole X-Treme! set is seen again in episode 10x06 "200".

Alpha Site Hanger

After Sam takes Alec Colson on a flight in a F-302, he tells her he will still reveal the truth about the gate in episode 8x08 "Covenant".

Cheyenne Mountain Gate

SGC guards are confused by the dog apparently driving Jack's car in episode 10x06 "200".

Yaletown Building

Daniel's Apartment

After Machello takes over Daniel's body, he is dropped off at his apartment and begins to explore the city in episode 2x17 "Holiday".

Hamburger Mary's Diner

Colorado Springs Diner

Machello—while inside Daniel's body—has a feast with his new friend Fred in episode 2x17 "Holiday".

Davie Street & Bute Street

Colorado Springs Street Corner

Shortly after leaving the base in Daniel's body, Ma'chello meets up with a homeless man named Fred in episode 2x17 "Holiday".

Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory

Yonkers Observatory

Jack and Teal'c visit an observatory to confirm the first solar flare indicated on the note from General Hammond in episode 2x21 "1969".

Seaforth Armoury

Washington D.C. Armory

SG-1 tracks the Stargate to a military warehouse and use it to travel back to the future in episode 2x21 "1969".

Peterson Air Force Base

Jonas and Teal'c visit Jack where he is being held in episode 6x14 "Smoke & Mirrors".

Kitsilano Cottage By the Sea

Catherine's House

Daniel and Sam visit a young Catherine in order to learn where the Stargate is being stored in episode 2x21 "1969".


Minnekhada Lodge

Seth's Compound

SG-1 travels to capture the rogue Goa'uld Seth in his upstate Washington compound in episode 3x02 "Seth".


Inman Elementary

Elementary School

Jack takes Merrin to a school to teach her how learning works in episode 3x05 "Learning Curve".


Ashnola Apartments

Daniel's Apartment

The team packs up Daniel's apartment in his vision in episode 3x10 "Forever in a Day".

Robson Street & Hornby Street

Washington D.C. Street

Maybourne answers a call from Sam and agrees to meet her at a local cafe in episode 3x14 "Foothold".

Law Courts of BC

Washington D.C. Airport

Sam arrives in D.C. and calls Maybourne from outside the airport in episode 3x14 "Foothold".

Academic Quadrangle (SFU)


SG-1 is invited to the newly constructed Tollan world to participate in a trial of Klorel in episode 3x15 "Pretense". The team travels here to attend the funeral of Omac and talk to the new Tollan rulers in episode 5x09 "Between Two Fires".




Jack is trapped on a planet when the Stargate is buried by a meteor in episode 3x17 "A Hundred Days".

Burrock's Town

The Stargate team follows a man to a village where the Unas are used as slaves in episode 5x07 "Beast of Burden".


Gillies Quarry


Bra'tac and SG-1 assault the ship where Ba'al is holding Teal'c hostage in episode 9x14 "Stronghold".


From episode 3x19 "New Ground".


From episode 5x04 "The Fifth Man".

Gamma Site

From episode 9x17 "The Scourge".


Spur 7 Beach (LSCR)

River on P3X-984

Sam hides from the Kull warrior after it shoots down the UAV flying overhead in episode 7x16 "Death Knell".

Kheb River

From episode 3x20 "Maternal Instinct".

Kamui Mintara Totems


The 'upgraded' team travels to a planet to destroy Apophis's new battleship in episode 4x03 "Upgrades".

Horizons Restaurant

O'Malley's Bar & Grill

The team is drinking at a bar when they get into a brawl in episode 4x03 "Upgrades".

5724 176th Street

New Clover Leaf Restaurant

Jack has a meeting with Martin which is secretly monitored by SG-1 in episode 4x11 "Point of No Return".


16346 102 Avenue

Martin's House

While Martin is showing Jack something in the forest, the rest of SG-1 searches his house in episode 4x11 "Point of No Return".

Pitt Meadows Regional Airport

Air Force Airstrip

The team gathers to observe a demonstration of the new X-301 fighter in episode 4x12 "Tangent". The team boards Selmak's transport ship in episode 4x14 "The Serpent's Venom".

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park)

Jack's Fishing Cabin

Jack and Teal'c are relaxing on the dock when Teal'c receives a call from Daniel about the Goa'uld symbols in episode 4x13 "The Curse". Sam visits Jack to convince him to help them stop the Aschen in episode 4x16 "2010". From episode 6x15 "Paradise Lost". Mitchell and Landry spend time at the cabin in episode 10x05 "Uninvited".


Mountain View Cemetery

Dr. Jordan's Funeral

Daniel attends his old mentor's funeral and meets some old colleagues in episode 4x13 "The Curse".

Catherine's Funeral

Daniel gives the eulogy at Catherine Langford's funeral in episode 8x19 "Moebius: Part 1".


Sunset Beach Park

Hotdogs on Beach

Jack calls Daniel while Maybourne gets a hot dog in episode 4x15 "Chain Reaction".

Tropical Beach

Maybourne calls Jack to let him know he has escaped to a tropical paradise in episode 4x15 "Chain Reaction".

Park near Teal'c Apartment

Teal'c teaches his neighbor Krista his exercise routine in episode 8x07 "Affinity".


959 Groveland Road

Senator Kinsey's House

Jack and Maybourne visit Kinsey's house during a party and use his computer to access N.I.D. files in episode 4x15 "Chain Reaction".

Hammond's House

Jack visits General Hammond after the General resigns from the program to find out why he left in episode 4x15 "Chain Reaction".


Kensington Place

Maybourne's Apartment

Jack goes to Maybourne's apartment to break into the N.I.D. computer network in episode 4x15 "Chain Reaction".

Teal'c Apartment

Teal'c stops some thugs from attacking a man who was involved in a car crash with them in episode 8x07 "Affinity".


Alley (southeast of Nicola, southwest of Harwood)

Alley behind Maybourne's Apartment

While Maybourne provides a distraction, Jack takes out one of the N.I.D. agents in episode 4x15 "Chain Reaction".


Hycroft Mansion

Breakfast at Restaurant

Sam & her future husband Joe have breakfast and talk about their efforts to have kids in episode 4x16 "2010".

Daniel's Mansion

Daniel is visited by Sam after using his new Goa'uld memories to make himself rich in episode 4x17 "Absolute Power".

Boundary Bay Regional Park

P4X-347 Beach

Teal'c discovers the remains of Loran's parents buried on the beach in episode 4x18 "The Light".

550 Beatty Street

Daniel's Apartment

Jack visits Daniel at his apartment and finds Daniel standing on the balcony about to jump in episode 4x18 "The Light".

Boulevard Park

Park near Sam's House

Orlin tells Sam about the fate of Velona and his role in its downfall in episode 5x03 "Ascension". Sam and Pete talk while walking back to her house in episode 7x15 "Chimera".


1025 Grand Boulevard West

Sam's House

After getting her mail, Sam returns to her home and encounters an alien in episode 5x03 "Ascension". Sam and Pete spend time together at her home in episode 7x15 "Chimera".

Christ Redeemer Church

K'Tau Church

The team uses the Asgard device in the church to travel into an underground chamber to chat with the Asgard in episode 5x05 "Red Sky".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Antiquities Museum

The people on a tour at a museum on Tegalus are shocked when the Stargate activates and the MALP arrives in episode 8x05 "Icon".

Military Base

Appears as the military base in Caledonia Capital City in episode 9x15 "Ethon".

Abandoned Hospital

Sam is taken to an abandoned hospital and her body's reaction to Jolinar is studied in episode 5x11 "Desperate Measures".

Pangar Lab

The people of Pangar are holding a Goa'uld queen and forcing it to spawn symbiotes for them in episode 6x10 "Cure".


Rosemary Mansion

N.I.D. Safe House

Jack and Maybourne break into the safe house and find out what the captured Goa'uld knows in episode 5x14 "48 Hours". Kinsey is taken to a N.I.D. safe house in episode 8x14 "Full Alert".

Russian Interrogation Room

Russian soldiers capture Daniel an interrogate him about his interest in General Miroslav Kiselev in episode 8x14 "Full Alert".


Propane Depot

Gas Station

Jack is filling up his car when he is approached by Maybourne in episode 5x14 "48 Hours".

Accent Inn (Burnaby)

Maybourne's Motel

Jack visits Maybourne in his motel room and they track down Colonel Simmons in episode 5x14 "48 Hours".

Senator Kinsey's Hotel

Senator Kinsey is leaving his hotel when he is shot by someone who looks suspiciously like Jack in episode 6x14 "Smoke & Mirrors".

Motel Hideout

Teal'c and Krista stay overnight in a hotel after he helps her flee her abusive boyfriend in episode 8x07 "Affinity".

Jameson's Hotel

Daniel and Agent Barrett spy on the hotel where their believe Baal is staying in episode 9x07 "Ex Deus Machina".

Vala's Hotel

An amnesiac Vala cares for Mitchell in a motel room in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Gravel Pit near Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)


The SGC mining crew is attacked by a tribe of Unas in episode 7x07 "Enemy Mine".

Cal Mah

K'tano leads and trains a group of free Jaffa in episode 5x18 "The Warrior".

Landmark Aviation (west building) (YVR)

Piedmont Hawthorne

Vernon is trying to fly Las Vegas when he is stopped by SG-1 in episode 6x13 "Sight Unseen".

Area 51 Hanger

Jack and Sam take the newly completed X-302 to try and get help in episode 6x01 "Redemption: Part 1". Jack prepares to leave with the X-302 in episode 6x02 "Redemption: Part 2".

Air Force Base

Hammond is giving a speech when a hazmat crew from the SGC arrives to take Lieutenant Fischer back to the base in episode 9x10 "The Fourth Horseman: Part 1".

2400 Court Motel

Steveston Motel

The team stays in a motel while investigating the strange occurrences in the town in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".

Britannia Heritage Shipyards

Abandoned Shipyard

Jonas finds some mysterious tire tracks outside the abandoned building and SG-1 investigates to find a spaceship under construction in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".

Dave's Fish & Chips

Steveston Diner

SG-1 has breakfast at a diner and discusses their investigation in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".

Crusty Bill's Bar

The team goes for drinks at a local bar and almost get into a bar brawl in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".

Alley (south of Chatham, west of Second)

Followed down Alley

The team is followed by one of the townspeople down an alley where they stop and question him in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".

Moncton Street (between Second & Third)

Steveston, Oregon

The team arrives in town to investigate the strange death in episode 6x05 "Nightwalkers".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Langara Warehouse District

Jonas finds Dr. Kieran walking around the warehouse district and the two of them are chased by the Kelownan police in episode 6x07 "Shadow Play".


3823 Henning Drive

Office Building

Sam is leaving an office building when she is confronted by a reporter who asking about the Prometheus project in episode 6x11 "Prometheus".


Glenwood Groceries

Vernon's Gas Station

Jack stops for gas on his way to a fishing trip when he sees one of the invisible creatures in episode 6x13 "Sight Unseen".


1605 Kamloops Street

Agent Devlin's House

Sam and Barrett track down a rouge N.I.D. agent only to find he has rigged the house to explode in episode 6x14 "Smoke & Mirrors".


1525 Kamloops Street

Langham's House

Jonas and Teal'c are investigating a N.I.D. researcher when he tries to flee in episode 6x14 "Smoke & Mirrors".


George Pearson Hospital

Stanton Park

Sam meets with Agent Barrett in a D.C. park and learns about N.I.D. operations in episode 6x14 "Smoke & Mirrors".


Kinsey is being treated for his gunshot wound when Agent Devlin attempts to assassinate him using the guise of Major Davis in episode 6x14 "Smoke & Mirrors".

Imaginary Hospital

Teal'c is treated for his injuries during his firefighter vision in episode 6x19 "The Changeling".


Widgeon Slough South Dock

Paradise Moon

Jack and Maybourne try to survive in the ruins of a small village in episode 6x15 "Paradise Lost".


Coquitlam Fire & Rescue

Fire Station

SG-1 works in a fire station in Teal'c's vision in episode 6x19 "The Changeling".


Old Highway Bridge

Car Crash

SG-1 as the firefighters respond to a car crash in episode 6x19 "The Changeling".


Adanac Park Lodge

Mountain Springs High School

Jack drops his younger self off at school in episode 7x03 "Fragile Balance".

Former Rider's Sushi & Cafe

Neelan Liquor

Young Jack attempts to purchase some alcohol but isn't allowed due to his apparent age in episode 7x03 "Fragile Balance".


Daniel meets with Sheila, wife of the missing Alex Jameson in episode 9x07 "Ex Deus Machina".

Former Fantasy Gardens


SG-1 arrives on a planet to find the people disappearing and getting their memories altered in episode 7x05 "Revisions".

The Palisades (West Tower)

Tech Con Headquarters

Teal'c and Eamon sneak into the Tech Con building disguised by employees and break into the computers in episode 7x08 "Space Race".

Farrow-Marshall Headquarters

Exterior of the building where Charlotte Mayfield's office is located in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".


From episode 9x12 "Collateral Damage".

4075 Edinburgh Street

Daniel's House

Daniel is held by Osiris and interrogated in his dreams in episode 7x15 "Chimera".

Terminal City Iron Works

N.I.D. Laboratory

SG-1 investigates a mass murder at a secret N.I.D. facility in Los Angeles in episode 7x19 "Resurrection".


Westminster Boiler & Tank Company, Ltd.

N.I.D. Warehouse

The rogue N.I.D. agents take Daniel to their base of operations in episode 8x07 "Affinity". Vala is taken here by trust agents and has her memory erased in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Abandoned Warehouse

Vala ducks into a warehouse to avoid the police and eventually regains her memory after SG-1 has a firefight with Trust agents in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".


1375 Nicola Street

Stakeout Apartment

Sam and Pete discover an apartment where N.I.D. agents have been monitoring Teal'c activities in episode 8x07 "Affinity".


Tynehead Park

Arkhan Planet

SG-1 arrives on a planet and finds Maybourne as the king of the people in episode 8x13 "It's Good to Be King".

North 40 Dog Park

Kinsey's Meeting

Kinsey meets with a trust member and is taken away in their car in episode 8x14 "Full Alert".

Daniel Taken into Custody

Daniel is being driven to meet with General Kiselev by Captain Voronkova when they are stopped and the Russian military takes him into custody in episode 8x14 "Full Alert".

Car Crash

The chase ends with Mitchell being shot and Vala steels someone's car in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Billie's Barbershop

Stylin' Joe

Joe Spencer begins to have visions of the Stargate program while working in his barbershop in episode 8x15 "Citizen Joe".

False Creek Fishermen's Wharf

Jack's Boat

Major Samuels attempts to convince Jack to come in and assist with restoring the timeline in episode 8x19 "Moebius: Part 1".

Burnaby City Hall

Appropriations Committee Room

Vala, Daniel, General Landry, and Teal'c attempt to convince the congressional appropriations committee to not cut funding to the Stargate program in episode 9x04 "The Ties That Bind".

Burnaby Art Gallery

Monastery of Grannus

The team attempts to recover a power coil from one of Vala's associates in episode 9x04 "The Ties That Bind".


Vancouver International Airport

Parked Van

Daniel enters the surveillance van parked at an airport in episode 9x07 "Ex Deus Machina".

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Surveillance Van

The SGC surveillance team sits in their van outside the Farrow-Marshall skyscraper in episode 9x07 "Ex Deus Machina".

Elements Café


The hazmat team from the SGC decontaminate a cafe where Lieutenant Fischer stopped earlier in episode 9x10 "The Fourth Horseman: Part 1".

Burnaby Central Park


From episode 10x06 "200".

Robson Street (between Jervis & Bute)

City Street

Teal'c the private investigator walks down the street in his story idea in episode 10x06 "200".


Corner Cafe

Sol's Diner

Vala is working at a diner when the place is robbed by thugs and she beats them up in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Police Station

Vala is taken by some fake SG-1 officers after talking with the police in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Annacis Highway

Highway Chase

Cameron chases the Trust agents who kidnapped Vala down the highway in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Pacific Palisades Hotel

Il Fiore Bianco Restaurant

Daniel and Vala are out at a restaurant when Vala is kidnapped by a member of the Trust in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Charlotte Mayfield's Office

Charlotte Mayfield learns where the amnesiac Vala is in episode 10x08 "Memento Mori".

Vancouver Central Library

McKay's Office

Sam visits McKay and attempts to get his help getting back to her dimension in episode 10x13 "The Road Not Taken".

Heritage Hall

Fancy Party

Carter attends a celebration after saving the planet from the Ori in an alternate universe in episode 10x13 "The Road Not Taken".

Mitchell's Apartment

Sam visits Mitchell at his apartment and finds him confined to a wheelchair in episode 10x13 "The Road Not Taken".

Museum of Antiquities

Daniel is researching when he is attacked by a bounty hunter in episode 10x15 "Bounty".


East 15th Avenue & Watson Street

Alley behind Museum

Daniel runs the assassin only to have her hit by a bus in episode 10x15 "Bounty".

Lynn Canyon Café (Lynn Canyon Park)

Bistro 5

General Landry has dinner with Dr. Lam in episode 10x18 "Family Ties".