Movies Filmed at West Waterfront Road (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Canada Place, Canada Place, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada
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Fairmont Pacific Rim from Arrow
38 m

West Cordova Street (between Thurlow & B… from The 100 and 6 other movies.
75 m

Vancouver Convention Centre from The Flash and 13 other movies.
82 m

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Underground Road

Oliver ends the chase and captures the Dodger on a covered roadway in episode 1x15 "Dodger". Oliver's limo is attacked by the Vigilante and Dinah finds a key piece of evidence later at the crime scene in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".


22nd Street Tunnel

Kate manages to disable the Crows Security armored truck, subdue the guards, and save Julia Pennyworth in episode 1x07 "Tell Me the Truth".