Arrow Filming Locations

Billionaire Oliver Queen returns after being missing for five years to become the Green Arrow and save his city.

Part of the DC Universe
Arrow was filmed in Vancouver, Victoria, & Britannia Beach in Canada and Chicago in United States of America.

Hatley Castle

Queen Family Mansion

From pilot episode. From episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father". From episode 1x10 "Burned". From episode 3x14 "The Return".

Whytecliff Park

Lian Yu Beach

Oliver is rescued by a pair of fishermen from a remote island in pilot episode. Years ago Oliver lands on the beach after being shipwrecked in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father". Oliver returns to the island again to Thea to train her in episode 3x13 "Canaries". Thea spars on the beach with Oliver in episode 3x14 "The Return". Oliver goes diving for maps in the old wreck in episode 4x09 "Dark Waters". Oliver returns to the island with Anatoly and they set things up for his miraculous rescue in episode 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers". Oliver's unlikely allies are unloading supplies from the plane when it is blown up by a missile in episode 5x23 "Lian Yu".

Terminal City Iron Works

Queen Industrial Inc. & Verdant Nightclub

Oliver uses an abandoned factory belonging to his company as a hideout in pilot episode. From episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen". From episode 1x18 "Salvation". From episode 3x01 "The Calm". From episode 3x11 "Midnight City". Oliver and Maseo come here to stop China White in a flashback in episode 3x14 "The Return".

Kidnapper's Warehouse

Oliver and Tommy are kidnapped and interrogated by masked thugs in an abandoned warehouse in pilot episode.

Triad Meeting

Helena attacks a Triad meeting in a dark alley in episode 1x08 "Vendetta".

Abandoned Subway

Oliver enters an abandoned subway station and gets on the train The Savior is performing his broadcasts from in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Deathbolt Warehouse

Ray Palmer goes to investigate Jake Simmons at a warehouse in episode 3x19 "Broken Arrow".

Hong Kong Street

Oliver attempts to escape and is chased down by Maseo Yamashiro in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Count Vertigo's Warehouse

Oliver goes to Count Vertigo's warehouse and attempt to take him down in episode 3x01 "The Calm".


Oliver and Lance chase a criminal through some tunnels in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Chase through Warehouse

Oliver chases the truck driver through a warehouse and catches him in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Card Game in Warehouse

Helena attacks a group of mobsters playing cards in a warehouse in episode 1x08 "Vendetta".


Oliver, Roy, and Diggle go to warehouse only to find the criminals they were searching for were already taken out by another vigilante in episode 3x06 "Guilty".


In a flashback, Oliver saves Carrie Cutter's life, and later he confronts her in episode 3x07 "Draw Back Your Bow".

Vancouver Convention Centre

Oliver's Welcome Home Party

Tommy hosts a party for Oliver's homecoming and Oliver uses it as a alibi when he goes after Adam Hunt in pilot episode.

Queen Consolidated

Oliver exits from the headquarters of his family's company and is mobbed by reporters in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father".

Alexander Street & Gore Avenue

Glades Street Corner

Oliver drives through the Glades and sees just how bad things have become in pilot episode.

Columbia Street (between Powell & Cordova)

Starling City Street

Oliver dives from a moving car to escape Dig in pilot episode.


Alley (south of Cordova, west of Carrall)

Alley near CNRI

Tommy and Laurel talk about their relationship now that Oliver has returned in pilot episode.

West Cordova Street & Burrard Street

News Footage

Oliver appears in the arm of some woman in file footage on a news program in pilot episode.

130 Carrall Street

City Necessary Resources Initiative (CNRI)

Laurel works at a law firm in the Glades in pilot episode.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Starling City Royal Museum

The Dodger forces a guard to steal a priceless gem for him in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Starling City Superior Court

Oliver gives testimony about what occurred on the island and then has a run-in with Laurel at the courthouse in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father". Tommy intercepts Laurel as she is leaving work in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen". Oliver has a hearing here when he is accused of being the Vigilante in episode 1x05 "Damaged". From episode 1x12 "Vertigo". Laurel prosecutes a case here in episode 3x10 "Left Behind". Darhk is put on trial in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts". Felicity attends Oliver's arraignment with Dinah and Rene in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".

Starling Metro Police Department

Oliver is perp-walked up the steps into the police department while being swarmed by press in episode 1x05 "Damaged".

Starling City Park

Diggle and Carly talk about their relationship while strolling through a park in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Fence's Gallery

The Dodger attempts to sell his stolen gem to Cass Derenick but the fence tries to rip him off in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Source: YVRShoots

Malcolm Merlyn's Office

From episode 1x05 "Damaged".

Mayor's Office

A meeting between the mayor and other important city officials is attacked by Brick and his goons in episode 3x11 "Midnight City". The mayor is shot by Maseo posing as the arrow in episode 3x17 "Suicidal Tendencies". From episode 3x18 "Public Enemy".

1075 West Georgia Street

Rooftop Fight

Oliver fights some guards to get to Marcus Redmond, who he forces to give back stolen pension money in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father".

Rooftop Meeting

Oliver meets with Laurel on a downtown rooftop to discuss the Peter Declan case in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".

Cactus Club Cafe

Robert Queen Memorial Applied Sciences Center

The Queen family announces the groundbreaking on a building named in honor of Robert Queen in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father".


Potash Silo (Vancouver Wharves)

Silo on the Docks

Oliver fights with some guards and then interrogates Martin Somers inside a silo in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father".


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

Deadshot's Perch

Oliver tracks Deadshot to building under construction and fights him in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen".

Source: YVRShoots

Starling National Bank

Oliver and Roy break up a riot outside the bank in episode 3x05 "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak".

Alley (south of Granville, west of Pender)

Alley near James Holder's Apartment

Oliver searches for the sniper's bullet in an alley wall in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen".


The Keefer Suites

James Holder's Pool

Oliver begins to interrogate James Holder but he is shot by a sniper in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen".

Segal Graduate School of Business (SFU)

Unidac Auction

The sniper Deadshot targets bidders in the auction for Unidac Industries including Walter in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen".


708 Main Street

Sniper's Rooftop

The sniper, Deadshot, fires on James Holder and Oliver from a nearby rooftop in episode 1x03 "Lone Gunmen".

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Iron Heights Prison

Oliver saves Laurel and Peter Declan from a prison riot in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".

Psychiatric Hospital

Quentin visits The Count in a mental institution when Vertigo reemerges in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Glades Police Precinct

Laurel and Roy attack the police station from which Brick is controlling the Glades in episode 3x12 "Uprising".

Muller Psychiatric Center (interior)

Thea and Laurel search the inside of the abandoned hospital for Diggle's brother and Thea ends up coming face-to-face with Darhk in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".

Abandoned Hotel

The team follows Felicity's intel to an abandoned hospital where Prometheus is holding Susan Williams in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".

Chase House

Oliver and Diggle head into Adrian Chase's house in search of Susan Williams in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".

Arkham Asylum

The team sneaks into the asylum to locate Dr. Deegan and recover the book but when confronted he releases all of the patients from their cells in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".

6700 Southridge Drive

Peter Declan's Office

Peter Declan talks to his enforcers about Laurel and later Oliver interrogates him in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".

Meeting in Limo

Moira meets with Merlyn in his limo in a parking lot in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".


Tracks near Mac & Jac

Train Track Interrogation

Oliver straps Matt Istook in the path of an incoming train in episode 1x04 "An Innocent Man".

Buller Studio

Sara Shot

Sara is shot and killed shortly after talking with Laurel in episode 3x01 "The Calm". Merlyn shows Oliver footage of the murder revealing the shooter in episode 3x09 "The Climb".

Alley behind Police Station

Oliver meets with Lance behind the police station to exchange information in episode 3x02 "Sara". From episode 3x06 "Guilty". From episode 3x09 "The Climb". From episode 3x11 "Midnight City". From episode 3x12 "Uprising". From episode 3x16 "The Offer". From episode 5x01 "Legacy". The vigilante leaves two criminals strung up in a V-shape in episode 5x07 "Vigilante". Pike is talking to someone on the phone about the intel Oliver gave him about Adrian Chase when he is stabbed by a mysterious figure in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".


From episode 1x05 "Damaged".

Maseo on Rooftop

Oliver doesn't kill Maseo on a rooftop in episode 3x20 "The Fallen".

Fire Escape

Roy spies on Nyssa searching Sara's old apartment in episode 3x04 "The Magician".

Outside Wildcats Gym

Laurel leaves the gym and is watched by Carrie Cutter in episode 3x06 "Guilty".

Zanzibar (exterior)

Diggle waits outside the nightclub while Oliver and Ted Grant search inside in episode 3x06 "Guilty".

Coast City Rooftop

Oliver flails around trying to stop criminals in Coast City during a flashback in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Star City Hall

Thea tries and fails to prevent the assassination of one of the government leaders in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Mina Fayad in Alley

Diggle gets caught watching Mina Fayad and ends up in a gunfight in episode 4x03 "Restoration".


Thea and Diggle head to a nightclub to buy drugs from one of Thea's old dealers in episode 4x04 "Beyond Redemption".

Alley behind Big Belly Burger

A woman is attacked in an alley and rescued by Sara who then attacks the woman in episode 4x05 "Haunted".

Outside Nightclub

Laurel stops Sara from attacking another woman at a club when Oliver and Thea arrive in episode 4x05 "Haunted".

Beating up Ghosts

Oliver beats up a bunch of Ghosts while trying to find the location of Felicity, Thea, and Diggle in episode 4x09 "Dark Waters".

Alan Chang's Body

Laurel distracts the police while Diggle examine's Chang's body in episode 4x11 "A.W.O.L.".

Pacific Freeport

The team infiltrates the secure facility where the other two kidnapped agents were tracked to in episode 4x11 "A.W.O.L.".

Drug Dealer Lair

The group of corrupt cops attacks some drug dealers and ends up killing another police officer in episode 4x04 "Beyond Redemption".

Convenience Mart

Diggle gets a text about his brother after picking up some diapers in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Chase Jump

Wild Dog jumps from one rooftop to another while chasing a criminal in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

AmerTek (alley)

Thea witnesses the AmerTek executive Janet Carroll arranging an arms sale to Church in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Club XLR8

Church is attacked by the mysterious archer who warns him off of attacking the Green Arrow in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Alley behind Drug Lab

Rene and Evelyn head to where Rene believes the drugs are being made for some 'reconnaissance' in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

SCPD Evidence Facility

Lance and Chase are escorting the evidence from the Kord Industries break-in to lockup when Church assaults the facility in episode 5x04 "Penance".

Stalking the Streets

Team Arrow hunts down members of Church's crew trying to find the location where Rene is being held in episode 5x05 "Human Target". Diggle questions some thug about the killer in episode 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun".

Trap Alley

Rory ties up one of Eric Dunn's former cohorts after Evelyn lures him into an alley to get information in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


Evelyn meets with Prometheus on a rooftop in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


Laurel tries to jump Michael Ancona in an alley but is beaten up in episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese". Curtis hacks into the street cameras to track down their quarry in episode 5x11 "Second Chances". Dinah meets with Vincent and he makes it clear that he wants to get back together in episode 6x09 "Irreconcilable Differences". Oliver and Diggle track down Vincent only to find him meeting with the other team in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing". Black Siren wakes up in Lance's car after he spirited her away from the theater in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick". Dinah's team searches for clues in the alley and discovers tire tracks and later Oliver team comes by and discovers Dinah's footprint in episode 6x14 "Collision Course". Dinah is investigating a murder when the Captain takes her off the case in a suspicious manner in episode 6x16 "The Thanatos Guild". Curtis warns Diggle about the lightning dangers while overseeing an A.R.G.U.S. operation in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".

Hub City Warehouse

Oliver, Rene, & Curtis track down the prospective new Black Canary to a rooftop but she rebuffs their invitation in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".

Rory's Shop

Felicity finds Rory at a metal working shop and tries to convince him to return to the team in episode 5x04 "Penance". The recruits hang out Rory's shop and discuss the revelations about Oliver in episode 5x06 "So It Begins". Felicity visits Rory in his shop only to find him packing up to leave in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

Meeting Contact

Susan Williams meets with her investigator who has more information on Oliver's activities in Russian when he was supposed to be trapped on the island in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

Lambertini's Italian Cuisine

The three escaped criminals attack a mob hangout and find someone who has information on the money stash in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater".


Felicity meets Kojo Sledgehammer to agree to join her hacking collective in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".

Russian Market

Oliver locates Galina Venediktov, Taiana's mother, and asks her for information on Konstantin Kovar in episode 5x17 "Kapiushon".

Gun Deal

Curtis and Dinah watch Derek Sampson pick up a whole bunch of guns in episode 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers".

Alley beyind Haselby Grand

Diggle follows Onyx behind the hotel and stops her attack in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Red Light District

Diggle buys a questionable serum in a sketchy alley to treat his tremors in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Alley behind Bar

Black Siren lures a man outside and kills him with her sonic scream in episode 6x04 "Reversal".

Alley behind Oliver's Apartment

Slade waits outside for Oliver to show up for their trip in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".

Star City Metro Police (parking)

Dinah is packing up her car when Agent Watson approaches and suggest Dinah is the Black Canary in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".

A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters (rooftop)

Felicity, Curtis, & Caitlin set up a device to stabilize the breach forming over the city under Diggle's supervision and receive a message from the Earth-90 Flash in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".


1388 The Crescent

Queen Family Mansion

Oliver throws a party in the back yard of his mansion in episode 1x05 "Damaged".

The Permanent

Starling Trust Bank

They escape through a hole in the alley behind the building. A group of bank robbers attack a bank and kill a police officer in episode 1x06 "Legacies".

Source: YVRShoots

Star City Allied Bank

Eric Dunn shoots a bank guard while fleeing a robbery in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".

Star City National Bank

The team arrives at a bank robbery to find one of the thieves dying on the ground in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".

Wedding Reception

Felicity and Oliver invite all of their friends and family to a postponed wedding reception in episode 6x09 "Irreconcilable Differences".

Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Regrouping in a Field

The Reston family regroups after escaping their previous heist without the money in episode 1x06 "Legacies".

Tunnels below First Bank of Starling

The Reston family tries to escape through the tunnels underneath the bank but are intercepted by Oliver in episode 1x06 "Legacies".

402 West Pender Street

First Bank of Starling

From episode 1x06 "Legacies".


17146 20th Avenue

Skywoods Complex

The team attacks the complex where Darhk is holding William and rescue him after destroying Darhk's totem in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Bertinelli Mansion

From episode 1x07 "Muse of Fire". From episode 1x08 "Vendetta".

401 West Georgia

Queen Consolidated

Oliver goes to meet Moira in front of their company headquarters when she is shot at by a mysterious individual in episode 1x07 "Muse of Fire". Museo and Oliver see Thea outside the building in episode 3x14 "The Return".

Starling City Courthouse

Count Vertigo is being transported from the courthouse when his guard is injected with vertigo and begins shooting at press in episode 3x13 "Canaries".

Laurel on Phone

Laurel talks with the others on the phone from Starling City in episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese".

Oliver Enterprises

Oliver and Diggle investigate an old Queen Consolidated subsidiary linked to the body in episode 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers".

Robert Queen Memorial Applied Sciences Center (front)

Oliver, Diggle, and Curtis gather outside another Queen facility where Sampson and Chase plan on release the bioweapon in episode 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers".

Holy Rosary Cathedral

Michael Staton's Grave

Oliver finds Helena at the grave of her fiancé in episode 1x07 "Muse of Fire".

Alley (south of Richards, west of Pender)

Motorcycle Chase

Oliver chases a shooter on a motorcycle but loses her in an alley in episode 1x07 "Muse of Fire".

Alley behind Police Station

Oliver says goodbye to Mari behind the police station in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Vixen Takes Off

Vixen runs down an alley and flies into the air in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Detroit Alley

A group of criminals run down an alley while firing into the air behind them in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Hunter & Norton Tailors

Oliver and his father are attacked after their final fitting and are saved by a mysterious hooded figure in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".

Hub City Alley

Oliver chases Tina Boland down the alley behind her apartment but is thwarted when she leaves the range of the power dampener in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".

La Terrazza

Table Salt

Oliver & Helena join Laurel & Tommy for an accidental double date that ends badly in episode 1x08 "Vendetta". Oliver is out on a date with Felicity when it is interrupted by a call from the team in episode 6x04 "Reversal".


Franklin Street (between Salsbury & Victoria)

The Huntress Departs

Helena rides her motorcycle out of town in episode 1x08 "Vendetta".

Second Armored Car Robbery

Oliver disrupts a second robbery in episode 1x11 "Trust But Verify".

Meeting in Street

Moira arranges a meeting with Frank Chen so that Malcolm Merlyn can kill him in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Diggle Driving

Diggle drives his van to help Oliver stop the truck in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Driving down Street

Oliver and Diggle drive down the street in pursuit of a criminal in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Riding Cycle

Oliver rides his motorcycle to A.R.G.U.S in episode 3x08 "The Brave and the Bold".

Heading Out

Barry passes Oliver on their way to the underground club in episode 3x08 "The Brave and the Bold".

Harbour Light Alley (south of Powell, west of Columbia)

Outside Restaurant

Oliver and Helena exit the restaurant after their disastrous dinner with Tommy and Laurel in episode 1x08 "Vendetta".

Cornett Road & Skeena Street

Oliver & Maseo Talk

Oliver tells Maseo that he won't be accepting Ra's al Ghul's offer in episode 3x16 "The Offer".

Moira & Merlyn Talk

From episode 1x09 "Year's End".

Oliver on Phone

Oliver talks on the phone while walking in the rain in episode 1x16 "Dead to Rights".

Shootout at Truck

Thea, Laurel, and Diggle take cover as the goons with a machine gun shoot at them while emptying the truck in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Meeting Darhk

Lance meets with Damien Darhk so Diggle can follow him when he leaves in episode 4x06 "Lost Souls".

Catalyst Paper Corporation

First Fire

Danny De La Vega is killed by the mysterious fire starter in episode 1x10 "Burned".

Second Fire

Oliver attempts and fails to stop the murder of the second firefighter in episode 1x10 "Burned".

Drug Smuggler's Warehouse

Oliver attempts to stop Maseo from killing criminals disguised as him in episode 3x17 "Suicidal Tendencies".

Meltzer Power Plant

Oliver goes to where he thinks Maseo will strike only to find Ray Palmer waiting for him instead in episode 3x17 "Suicidal Tendencies".

Felicity Drop Off

Felicity lands with Oliver by an industrial building after rescuing him from the dam in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".


Burnaby Fire Hall 3

Fire Station

Oliver and Laurel visit the station to question the fire chief in episode 1x10 "Burned".

West Waterfront Road (between Howe & Main)

Armored Car by Tracks

An armored car is attacked by a man with a grenade launcher in episode 1x11 "Trust But Verify".

Road to Heliport

Police race down the road to the heliport in an attempt to intercept the assassin who is coming into town in episode 1x16 "Dead to Rights".

Welcome to Starling City Sign

Oliver and Maseo are driving into Starling City in Amanda Waller's limo in episode 3x13 "Canaries".

Riding to Warehouse

Oliver rides to a warehouse to try and stop Maseo in episode 3x17 "Suicidal Tendencies".

Chasing Van

The police chase after a van of criminals in episode 3x10 "Left Behind".


Osborne Road East & Princess Avenue

Thea's Crash

Thea crashes her car into a tree after getting mad at her mother and taking some Vertigo in episode 1x11 "Trust But Verify".


Victoria Drive (between Franklin & Hastings)

Final Armored Car Robbery

Diggle refuses to participate in an armored car robbery despite Carly being held as a hostage in episode 1x11 "Trust But Verify".


Alley (south of Pandora, west of Victoria)

End of Chase

Diggle chases Ted Gaynor down an alley after refusing to rob an armored car in episode 1x11 "Trust But Verify".

Twin Falls (Lynn Canyon Park)

Lian Yu Waterfall

Yao Fei drops Oliver's not-actually-dead body down into the water in episode 1x12 "Vertigo".


Youth Custody Services Centre

Iron Heights Prison

From episode 1x12 "Vertigo".

Prison Camp

The captured heroes wake up in a cage on Earth-X in episode 6x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Warehouse on the Docks

Oliver chases a Vertigo dealer in order to identify his supplier in episode 1x12 "Vertigo".

Alley Ambush

Laurel and Roy attempt to ambush Brick but end up getting one of the aldermen killed in episode 3x11 "Midnight City".

Woman in Alley

A woman under attack in an alley is saved my Laurel as Black Canary who is in turn saved by Roy as Arsenal in episode 3x11 "Midnight City".

Hong Kong Port

Oliver and Tatsu go to the port to save Maseo and Akio in episode 3x07 "Draw Back Your Bow".

Drug Ambush

The team sets up an ambush for the corrupt cops in episode 4x04 "Beyond Redemption".

Police Hideout

The team heads into the building from the GPS and locate the hideout of the corrupt police officers in episode 4x04 "Beyond Redemption".

Near Power Plant

Oliver rides his parachute down after falling from Church's helicopter in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Downtown Parkade

Meeting The Count

Oliver arranges a meeting with The Count through the Bratva which is raided by the police in episode 1x12 "Vertigo".

Meeting on Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Laurel and Ted Grant to talk about the murders in episode 3x06 "Guilty".

30 Foot Pool (Lynn Canyon Park)

Lian Yu Pool

Oliver washes up downstream of the waterfall in episode 1x12 "Vertigo".

East Hastings Street & Gore Avenue

McKenna Calls Oliver

Detective McKenna calls Oliver on the phone in episode 1x12 "Vertigo".

Oceanic Plaza

Faquet-Lemaitre Consulting

Diggle follows Moira to a covert meeting with Malcolm and overhears part of it in episode 1x13 "Betrayal".

Motorcycle Chase

Oliver chases The Dodger though the streets in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Laurel Rants

Laurel rants about her father spying on her to Tommy who gets mad about her talking to The Vigilante in episode 1x13 "Betrayal".

Source: YVRShoots

Nelson Plaza

Diggle finds one of the virus carriers at a downtown plaza who is then taken out by Thea in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".


Oliver meets Merlyn in a downtown square in episode 3x04 "The Magician".

Central City Plaza

Kendra and Carter part ways with the group and Oliver and his crew get ready to head back to Star City in episode 4x08 "Legends of Yesterday".

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Tommy calls Laurel

Tommy talks to Laurel on the phone while walking down the street in episode 1x13 "Betrayal".

50th Party

Diggle drops Moira off at a building and then follows her inside in episode 1x13 "Betrayal".

Roy Turns Himself In

Roy stops the police convoy carrying Oliver and turns himself in as the Arrow in episode 3x18 "Public Enemy".

Street near Nelson Plaza

Diggle chases the virus carrier through the street in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

Street near City Hall

Oliver gives a passionate speech of hope to a group of rioters and later fights with Darhk in episode 4x23 "Schism".

Eveleigh Street

Starling City Police Department

Oliver talks to Laurel after she leaves the police station in episode 1x13 "Betrayal".

East Parking Garage (Bentall Centre)

Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Laurel but they are interrupted when the anti-vigilante task force storms the parking garage. Later in the same episode Oliver meets there with Quentin when Laurel is in trouble in episode 1x13 "Betrayal". Diggle chases Alex Faust through the garage and manages to capture him with the team in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Parking Garage

Oliver, Laurel, and Roy go to where the assassin's are hiding but it turns out to be a trap and they are set upon by the police in episode 3x18 "Public Enemy".


Widgeon Slough North Dock

Fyers's Camp

Oliver attempts to rescue Yao Fei from the camp in episode 1x14 "The Odyssey".


Clearing off Quarry Road

Lian Yu Airstrip

Oliver and Slade assault the airfield on the island in an attempt to hijack a plane in episode 1x14 "The Odyssey".


Vernon Drive Grocery

Hot Dog Stand

Laurel and Thea are getting hot dogs from a street stand when Roy steals Thea's purse in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Portal Park

Outside Fundraiser

Oliver steals a motorcycle outside the fundraiser so he can chase after The Dodger in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Laurel & Nyssa Takedown

Laurel and Nyssa take down their virus carrier in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

West Waterfront Road (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Underground Road

Oliver ends the chase and captures the Dodger on a covered roadway in episode 1x15 "Dodger". Oliver's limo is attacked by the Vigilante and Dinah finds a key piece of evidence later at the crime scene in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".

Beresford Street (between Daisy & Buller)

Meeting under Tracks

Moira meets with China White in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

Murdered Police

The police escorting Madison Danforth are killed by Lonnie Machin in episode 4x02 "The Candidate".

Attacked Ambulance

The police find the ambulance crew murdered by Lonnie Machin in episode 4x02 "The Candidate".


Alley (south of Georgia, west of Clark)

Glades Alley

Laurel and Thea chase Roy down an alley after he steals Thea's purse in episode 1x15 "Dodger".

The Westin Bayshore Hotel

Merlyn Global

Later in the episode Malcolm Merlyn is receiving an award when Deadshot and China White attempt to assassinate him. Moira and Frank Chen attend a meeting about The Undertaking in episode 1x16 "Dead to Rights".

Source: YVRShoots


Reclaimed Gravel Pit (LSCR)

Lian Yu Missile Site

Oliver and Slade find a missile launcher operated by Edward Fyers's team on the island in episode 1x16 "Dead to Rights". From episode 1x17 "The Huntress Returns". From episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Vancouver Film Studios

Merlyn Global

Tommy follows his injured father while Quentin questions him on the attack in episode 1x16 "Dead to Rights".

Oliver Speaks to Helena

After breaking her out of the police station Oliver gives Helena a ticket out of town in episode 1x17 "The Huntress Returns".

Starling Metro Police

Roy is unloaded from the police van and taken past reporters and into the police station in episode 3x19 "Broken Arrow". Diggle and Laurel sit in front of the police station guarding Jessica Danforth in episode 4x02 "The Candidate". Oliver surveys the damage of the police station with Lance and Rene in episode 6x01 "Fallout".

Bomb #4

Cisco defuses one of the bombs in a parking lot in episode 3x08 "The Brave and the Bold".


Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle share drinks in episode 4x03 "Restoration".

Laurel's Apartment Stairs

Sara chases Thea down the stairs at Laurel's building, but Thea manages to hide from her in episode 4x05 "Haunted".


Lance is drinking at a bar when Felicity's mother strikes up a conversation with him in episode 4x06 "Lost Souls".

Kord Industries Shipping Facility

Laurel, Thea, and Oliver stake out the railgun shipment in episode 4x11 "A.W.O.L.".

A.R.G.U.S. Door

Shadowspire soldiers use Alan Chang's eye to break into the A.R.G.U.S. headquarters in episode 4x11 "A.W.O.L.".

AmerTek (offices)

Laurel and Diggle attempt to stop the thief but he escapes through the vents in episode 4x12 "Unchained".

Palmer Tech (service entrance)

Team Arrow arrives at the Palmer Tech loading dock but find their way in blocked by bees in episode 4x17 "Beacon of Hope".

Pandora Homes Construction Site

Church is once again confronted by Prometheus about his attacks on the Green Arrow in episode 5x05 "Human Target".

Lloyd's Gun Mart (exterior)

Curtis and Rene chew Diggle out for losing control in the van after interrogating the gun shop owner in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


Thea joins Oliver in the search for Billy and discusses Oliver's past actions in episode 5x09 "What We Leave Behind". Oliver meets Anatoly on the roof to apologize after the team interrupts the Bratva's first operation in the city in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

News Broadcast

A news broadcast on the particular accelerator activation plays in the warehouse in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".

Balalaika Banquet Hall (rooftop)

Team Arrow gathers on the rooftop of the building Felicity identified as the Bratva hideout in episode 6x02 "Tribute".

Channel 52

Dinah prepares the defense of Councilwoman Pollard during her interview but has to call the rest of the team off when Agent Watson shows up in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".


Dinah searches one of the locations for Vincent but comes up empty in episode 6x11 "We Fall".

Catching Ricardo Diaz

Rene and Curtis capture Ricardo Diaz while he is trying to flee the city in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".

Starling General Hospital

A police officer takes Laurel away from the hospital but she realizes the officer works for Diaz in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".

Vancouver Harbour Heliport

Starling City Helipad

Oliver kills an assassin who arrives in Starling City via helicopter in episode 1x16 "Dead to Rights". Oliver fights Nyssa to try and recover Merlyn in episode 3x15 "Nanda Parbat".

Cassiar Tunnel

Oliver's Tunnel

Oliver chases the decoy van down this tunnel while trying to locate Frank Bertinelli in episode 1x17 "The Huntress Returns".


Oliver rides his bike through a tunnel in episode 3x04 "The Magician".


Former Store under Granville Bridge

Grocery Store

Thea is walking with a friend when she spots Roy coming out of a grocery store in episode 1x17 "The Huntress Returns".


Skeena Street Tunnel

Helena's Tunnel

Helena follows the second van supposedly containing her father but finds out it is a police ambush in episode 1x17 "The Huntress Returns".

Vancouver Impound Lot

Near Roy's House

Thea is walking home from Roy's house when she is attacked by some muggers in episode 1x17 "The Huntress Returns".

Hotel Gastown

23rd & Myra

Oliver searches an abandoned building for The Savior only to find he is transmitting from somewhere else in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Abbott)

Van in Alley

Oliver jumps off a fire escape and onto a moving van while chasing the signal from The Savior in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Source: YVRShoots


1831 Franklin Street

Ocean & Grand

Oliver chase The Savior's signal only to find it coming from a construction site in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Woodward's W32

John Nicol's Penthouse

Oliver goes to eliminate another name on his list only to find someone else has gotten there first in episode 1x18 "Salvation".


United Maritime Suppliers

Rooftop Meeting

Moira meets with Frank Chen talk discuss the failure of their plan in episode 1x18 "Salvation".

Sara & Laurel on Rooftop

Laurel says goodbye to Sara on a rooftop in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Vancouver Aquarium (Stanley Park)

Starling City Aquarium

A man on Vertigo goes mad at the aquarium and takes hostages in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Burrard Bridge

Bridge near Verdant

A woman high on Vertigo is hit by a car while walking down a bridge in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Main Street Dock

Drug Sale on Docks

Oliver interrupts a Vertigo sale going down on the docks in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Meeting Lyla

Diggle meets with Lyla to give her information on Deadshot in episode 1x19 "Unfinished Business".

Starling City Container Port

Laurel goes to confront Count Vertigo on the docks in episode 3x13 "Canaries".

Burrard Dry Dock Pier

Starling City Port

Roy follows the police scanner to the port looking for the Vigilante only to find Quentin Lance waiting instead in episode 1x20 "Home Invasion".

Black Canary Memorial

Oliver is giving a speech at the unveiling of the memorial for Laurel Lance when it is attacked by Church's goons in episode 5x01 "Legacy". Black Siren arranges to meet Oliver near the memorial and is quickly captured in episode 5x10 "Who Are You?".

Lorne Mews

Glades Alley

Thea and Roy talk about the Vigilante after seeing the dead body in the morgue in episode 1x20 "Home Invasion".

Source: YVRShoots

Clarkson Street (between Begbie & McKenzie)

Edward Rasmus Driving

Oliver captures Edward Rasmus to try and get him to call off the hit on Taylor Moore in episode 1x20 "Home Invasion".

Life Sciences Centre (UBC)


Diggle talks to Lyla about setting a trap for Deadshot and why Diggle cares in episode 1x20 "Home Invasion".

Attempted Ambush

A.R.G.U.S. agents attempt to ambush Deadshot but are instead ambushed by him in episode 1x20 "Home Invasion".

BC Place Stadium

Starling City Courthouse

Oliver and Laurel watch Lance's press conference about the new low level of crime in Starling City in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Outside Queen Consolidated

Oliver and Felicity talk after leaving the board meeting at Queen Consolidated in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Rockets Arena

Team Arrow head to the music festival at the arena in episode 5x06 "So It Begins".

750 Pacific Boulevard

Rooftop by Boxing Gym

Oliver and Sara fight Count Vertigo on a rooftop across the the boxing arena in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Robert Queen Memorial Applied Sciences Center (roof)

Team Arrow battles Derek Sampson and his goons to stop the release of a deadly virus in episode 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers".


Thea zip-lines over to the hotel where Roy is being held and sneaks inside while the police officers are distracted by fireworks in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".

Agrodome (PNE)

Boxing Arena

Oliver and Roy work to stop a bomb planted by Count Vertigo at a boxing match in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Russian Fight Club (tunnel)

Oliver is knocked out by the Bratva after defeating their champion in episode 5x01 "Legacy". Oliver talks with Anatoly Knyazev after passing the first test before he passes out in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Russian Ice Rink

Anatoly and Oliver attack the ice rink where Gregor is meeting with his lieutenants in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".

City Hall (parking garage)

Oliver confronts Adrian Chase as the Arrow beneath City Hall and Chase says he has Susan Williams locked away in episode 5x16 "Checkmate".


Alley (south of Cordova, west of Raymur)

Driving past Warehouses

Oliver runs parallel to where the truck he is chasing is driving down an alley in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Riding Cab down Alley

Oliver rides the truck's cab down an alley in episode 3x01 "The Calm".


Raymur Avenue (between Cordova & Pender)

Chase by Tracks

Oliver runs down some train tracks while chasing a truck in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Jumping off Overpass

Oliver jumps off an overpass and drops onto the back of a truck in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Beresford Street & Merritt Avenue

Truck Driving

From episode 3x01 "The Calm".


The team rushes to the hotel in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Alley (south of Dorset, west of Shirley)

Chase down Alley

Diggle is cornered in an alley but is saved by Felicity, and later he corners his brother behind a fence in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Alley near Gramercy

Diggle trades fire with Andy while talking to Lyla on the phone in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

End of Chase

Roy stops the truck with an explosive arrow in episode 3x01 "The Calm".

Casa Mia

Corto Maltese Mansion

Thea practices her fighting at Merlyn's mansion in Corto Maltese in episode 3x02 "Sara". From episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese".


Central Street (between Western & Station)

Chase down Street

Tom Weston is chased down the street by a motorcyclist in episode 3x02 "Sara".

Dropped Bug

Oliver throws the tracking device out of the van and the other team finds it on the ground in episode 6x14 "Collision Course".


Central Street & Western Street

Car Crash

Tom Weston's car crashes into another car in episode 3x02 "Sara".


Southern Street (between Western & Station)

Face Off in Alley

Oliver faces off with a mysterious motorcyclist in an alley in episode 3x02 "Sara".

1133 Melville Street

Assassins Land on Roof

Oliver and the other assassins arrive in Starling City and land on a rooftop in episode 3x21 "Al Sah-Him".

Sara's Shot

Oliver tries to figure out what happened to Sara on the rooftop where she was shot in episode 3x02 "Sara". Nyssa and Oliver battle on the same rooftop in episode 3x21 "Al Sah-Him".

Hong Kong Rooftop

Maseo tries to get Oliver to snipe Tommy from a rooftop in Hong Kong in episode 3x02 "Sara".

Rooftop by Hospital

The mysterious archer kills Tom Weston in the hospital in episode 3x02 "Sara".

Hong Kong Construction Site

Amanda Waller briefs Maseo and Oliver on their mission to recover the Alpha in episode 3x10 "Left Behind".

Rooftop by Army Lab

Maseo sets up his sniper rifle while Oliver slides down his zip line to the army chemical lab in episode 3x10 "Left Behind".

Building near City Hall

The Vigilante is on a rooftop across the street from City Hall scouting the building when Prometheus attacks. Later the Vigilante is setting up to kill Oliver during his press conference when the rest of the team shows up to shop the assassination in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".

Construction Site

From episode 3x02 "Sara".

Fairmont Pacific Rim

Tommy's Hong Kong Hotel

Oliver kidnaps Tommy from his hotel room in a flashback in episode 3x02 "Sara".

Aja Tan Studios

Limo under Bridge

Thea gets into Merlyn's limo in a flashback to right after the attack on the city in episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese".

Cathedral Square

Corto Maltese Square

Diggle meets with his local contact while Oliver keeps watch in episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese".

Homer Street (between Georgia & Dunsmuir)

Chase down Street

Oliver chases a criminal down the street in episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese".


7927 Huston Road

Corto Maltese Industrial Site

Diggle gets betrayed by his contact and gets into a gunfight in episode 3x03 "Corto Maltese".


Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden

Botanical Gardens

Oliver takes Akio to the gardens where he discussed meeting his parents in episode 3x16 "The Offer".

Master Jansen's Garden

Nyssa, Oliver, and Roy search for Merlyn at an asian garden in episode 3x04 "The Magician".

Pacific Backlot Services

Ferris Air

The group gets ready to once again catch a plane to Nanda Parbat in episode 3x22 "This Is Your Sword".

Dead Body

Oliver talks to Lance about a body killed with an arrow in episode 3x07 "Draw Back Your Bow".

Ruvé Adams's Campaign Office

The Arrow waits for Ruvé Adams outside her office to propose a meeting with Darhk in episode 4x12 "Unchained".

Merlyn's Secret Meeting

Merlyn meets with Darhk's 'Ace in the Hole' in episode 4x17 "Beacon of Hope".

Outside League Warehouse

Oliver waits for Lance who is searching the old League of Assassin's warehouse and tries to talk him out of his search in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry".

Outside Queen Industrial

From episode 3x04 "The Magician".

Vancouver Central Library

Cooper Seldon Arrested

Felicity is walking with Cooper Seldon when he is arrested by the FBI in episode 3x05 "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak".

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Glades Diner

Roy and Laurel interrupt a shakedown in a diner by Brick's goons in episode 3x12 "Uprising".

Glades Precinct

The team arranges a popular uprising against Brick and his thugs in the streets in front of the Glades police station in episode 3x12 "Uprising".

Glades Alleyway

A younger Merlyn kills the man who he thinks killed his wife in an alley, and then an older Merlyn fights Brick in the same alley in episode 3x12 "Uprising".

Outside Tech Village

Diggle is walking down the street when the power goes out and Oliver comes by and saves someone from being hit by a car in episode 3x05 "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak".

Galaxy Air

Oliver and Roy interrogate the pilot who flew Thea and Merlyn back to the city when Sara was killed in episode 3x09 "The Climb".

Star City Streets

Oliver and Lance look at the carnage left over from the League civil war and later the battle from a nearby warehouse spills into the streets in episode 4x13 "Sins of the Father".


Parking Lot (off 1st Street West)

Crash & Explosion

Oliver helps Laurel get away from the crashed car which then explodes in episode 3x06 "Guilty".


1st Street West (between Philip & Pemberton)

Car Chase Begins

Diggle tries to cut off the car containing Laurel, Ted Grant, and Isaac Stanzler in episode 3x06 "Guilty".

Parking Lot (off Front Street)

Oliver & Laurel Talk

Oliver talks to Laurel after the murder at her gym in episode 3x06 "Guilty".


1st Street West (between Garden & Philip)

Car Chase Continues

Olive and Roy continue to chase Isaac Stanzler and the others on their motorcycles in episode 3x06 "Guilty".


Georgia Viaduct

Road into Town

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle drive into town during the fight over the city in episode 3x07 "Draw Back Your Bow".


Dinah stops Black Siren and her team while they are driving across the city in episode 6x01 "Fallout".

Pacific Central Station

Train Station

Barry Allen evacuates the train station and Oliver stops and interrogates Digger Harkness in episode 3x08 "The Brave and the Bold".


Grouse Mountain

Nanda Parbat Mountain

Oliver climbs up a mountain to fight a duel with Ra's al Ghul in episode 3x09 "The Climb". From episode 3x10 "Left Behind".


Beneath Main Street Overpass

Under Overpass

Laurel dressed in her sister's outfit attacks a pair of criminals by the train tracks in episode 3x10 "Left Behind".

West Waterfront Road & Main Street

Stopping Van

Roy and Diggle stop the van of criminals with Diggle in the guise of the Arrow in episode 3x10 "Left Behind".

Aura Nightclub

Hong Kong Club

Oliver and Maseo go to recover Tatsu from a club run by China White in episode 3x11 "Midnight City".

Kovar's Casino

Kovar hosts an event for many important members of the Russian government who he plans on killing in episode 5x17 "Kapiushon".

Brockton Point (Stanley Park)

Brockton Point

The Mayor and others go to negotiate with Brick in episode 3x11 "Midnight City".

North 40 Dog Park

Oliver Leaves Tatsu

Oliver bids his farewells to Tatsu and catches a ride on the back of a pickup truck in episode 3x12 "Uprising".

Milford Sound Forest

Slade goes out camping with his son and performs a covert meeting during the trip in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns". Joseph tells Slade how he saw his murder on their trip in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Victoria Block

Rooftop Chase

Oliver and Roy chase a criminal over a rooftop and down a fire escape where the criminal is stopped by Laurel in episode 3x13 "Canaries".

Del Mar Inn

Del Mar Inn (exterior)

Laurel finds her father drinking at a bar in a flashback in episode 3x14 "The Return". Lance asks Laurel to wait outside while he investigates a request for backup in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".

London School

CNRI (flashback)

Laurel comes out of CNRI after accepting a job there in a flashback and talks to Tommy in episode 3x14 "The Return".

Dunsmuir Street & Homer Street

Planting Tracking Device

Maseo plants a tracking device on Peter Kang's car in episode 3x14 "The Return".

Allied Shipbuilders

Hong Kong Dock

Oliver and the Yamashiro family are heading to their boat to Japan when they are attacked by ARGUS agents in episode 3x15 "Nanda Parbat". Oliver says goodbye to Tatsu before catching a boat in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

Laurel Ambushes Merlyn

Laurel attacks Malcolm Merlyn in revenge for Sara and they are both attacked by Guild of Assassin members in episode 3x15 "Nanda Parbat".


Oliver, Anatoly, and the other Bratva search the docks for signs of Kovar's activity and find a shipment of nerve gas in episode 5x17 "Kapiushon".

Old Ferry

Oliver fights Alex Faust who is trying to launch a missile at the city in episode 6x01 "Fallout".

Black Siren's Warehouse

Dinah and Diggle search a warehouse for clues on Black Siren's plan in episode 6x01 "Fallout".

Old Dockyard

Oliver and the team head to an old dockyard to rescue the kidnapped CEO from Anatoly in episode 6x02 "Tribute".


J.J. Warehouse

A.R.G.U.S. Black Site

Felicity, Alena, and the mercenaries attack a secret A.R.G.U.S. facility to rescue the founder of Helix in episode 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Helix Staging

Felicity and Alena get ready for the mission with the mercenaries in episode 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Hijacking in Warehouse

From episode 3x16 "The Offer".

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Kasnia Hospital

Diggle, Lyla, Deadshot, and Cupid run a hostage rescue mission at a hospital in episode 3x17 "Suicidal Tendencies".

Muller Psychiatric Center (roof)

Oliver attacks a group of Ghosts on the roof of the psychiatric hospital and is assisted by Ray in his A.T.O.M. suit in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".

Heritage Hall

Diggle & Lyla's Wedding

The gang attends Lyla Michaels & John Diggle's wedding in episode 3x17 "Suicidal Tendencies".


Laundry Warehouse

Laurel and Roy flee through a laundry facility to escape the police in episode 3x18 "Public Enemy".

Colao Wedding Dress Services

Carrie Cutter kills two newlyweds, and later the team arrives at her hideout and searches for her next target in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts".


West 4th Avenue (between Manitoba & Ontario)

Police Chase

Oliver and Diggle manage to elude a police chase led by Lance in episode 3x18 "Public Enemy".


9200 Glenlyon Parkway

Palmer Technologies Lab

Felicity heads outside to talk to Oliver after he leaves in episode 3x19 "Broken Arrow".


2nd Avenue (between Ingleton & MacDonald)

Edge of Town

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle say goodbye to Roy in episode 3x19 "Broken Arrow". Oliver's new team attempts to stop him from heading out after Diggle in episode 5x04 "Penance". Thea and Roy are attacked by the Thanatos Guild on their way out of town but are saved by Nyssa in episode 6x16 "The Thanatos Guild".

Chasing Gang Member

Diggle chases a gang member down the street in episode 3x22 "This Is Your Sword".

Above Dome

The camera pulls out of the ground after leaving the dome beneath the city in episode 4x20 "Genesis". Diggle and Oliver find a hatch leading down into the dome in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

Ray's Hanger

Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, and Merlyn get on Ray's plane to head to Nanda Parbat in episode 3x20 "The Fallen".

Russian Airport

Oliver heads with his team to Russia where he arranges to meet Anatoly at the airport only to receive a less than warm welcome. The team returns to the airport to thwart General Walker's weapon sale and recover the nuclear bomb in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

A.R.G.U.S. Helipad

Oliver and Merlyn attack the A.R.G.U.S. agents to release Chase in episode 5x22 "Missing".

S.T.A.R. Labs Aviation Division

J'onn has a vision of Kara and Oliver arguing during the Invasion! while lost in the Speed Force in episode 8x08 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four".


Bridgeway Street (northern)

Chasing the Virus

Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu chase down the military truck carrying the virus in episode 3x20 "The Fallen".


Aardvark Armadillo Tents Inc.

Fighting Gang

Diggle and Laurel fight a group of gang members in episode 3x22 "This Is Your Sword".

Cleveland Dam

Starling City Dam

Ra's al Ghul and Oliver battle on the top of the dam in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

Hotel Vancouver

Oliver's Rooftop

Oliver scouts Damian Darhk's hotel room from an adjacent rooftop in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

Oliver's Virus Carrier

Oliver is approached by a messenger from Ra's while searching for his virus carrier in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

Damian Darhk's Hotel

Oliver arrives in Damian Darhk's room only to find that the man has already fled in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".

Dyke Road (between Gilbert & No. 3)

Sunset Highway

Oliver and Felicity drive off into the sunset in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".


1010 Derwent Way

Admiral Transport Interchange

The team heads to the factory where the bombs were last pinged and find Damien Darhk and his soldiers in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Water Plant

The team stops a group of Ghosts who are trying to bomb the city's water supply in episode 4x02 "The Candidate".

Abandoned Building

Oliver and Thea question a group of squatters about Lonnie Machin and Thea breaks one of their arms in episode 4x02 "The Candidate".

Gang Meeting

Church meets with the various gang leaders from town and takes over as the leader in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Power Plant

Oliver and the other politicians are held in a disused power plant by Church in episode 5x01 "Legacy".


National Avenue (between Station & Thornton)

Star City Sign

Oliver and Felicity pass the new city sign on their way into town in a limo in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".


Evans Avenue (between Thornton & Begg)

Chasing Truck

Thea and Laurel chase after a truck that some criminals are hijacking in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Rocky Mountaineer Station

Train Station

The team searches the new train station for the cluster bombs in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Racing after Train

Diggle pulls the van alongside the train so Oliver can jump aboard in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Jumping off Train

Oliver and Diggle jump off the train and blow it up in episode 4x01 "Green Arrow".

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Campaign Announcement

Oliver and Thea attend Jessica Danforth's campaign announcement which is attacked by Lonnie Machin in episode 4x02 "The Candidate".

Haselby Grand

Felicity tracks Onyx's target to a busy hotel and the team head there to stop the attack in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".


National Avenue & Thornton Street

Stopping Jeremy Tell

Oliver and Diggle stop Jeremy Tell on the road out of town in episode 4x03 "Restoration".

Limo Attacked

Oliver and Felicity are driving in their limo when it is attacked by Ghosts in episode 4x09 "Dark Waters".

Stella Jones Pole Yard

Lumber Yard

Oliver and Diggle chase several Ghosts through a lumber yard in episode 4x03 "Restoration".

Bentall Street (between Cornett & end)

End of the Road

Lance meets with Damien Darhk in episode 4x04 "Beyond Redemption". Felicity meets with Oliver and tells him and Diggle about the bug in the base in episode 6x10 "Divided".

Bodies Found

Lance calls Oliver to a crime scene where two of Cupid's victims were left in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts".

Cornett Road (between Bentall & Natal)

Regrouping after Ambush

The group of corrupt cops regroups after the ambush by Team Arrow and Liza Warner exerts her authority in episode 4x04 "Beyond Redemption".

Freeing Lonnie Machin

The Green Arrow frees Lonnie Machin from the police transport and sends him off to hunt Darhk in episode 4x10 "Blood Debts".

Vancouver Sun & Province Printing Facility

Hive Base (labs)

The team must fight past Hive agents to rescue Ray from a secret lab in episode 4x06 "Lost Souls".

Kord Industries

The team infiltrates Kord Industries to steal the part needed to make their enlargement gun for Ray in episode 4x06 "Lost Souls".

Secret Hive Lab

Oliver is brought to the lab where his friends are being held and where Darhk experimenting with his poison gas in episode 4x09 "Dark Waters".

900 Howe Street

Rooftop near Hive Base

Oliver is knocked out by Diggle posing as a Hive operative, and then Felicity and Curtis base jump off the roof in episode 4x06 "Lost Souls".

Hive Base (offices)

Diggle enters the offices above the Hive base and disables the alarms so Felicity and Curtis can enter through the window in episode 4x06 "Lost Souls".


Vernon Drive (between Grant & 2nd)

Armored Car Attack

The team attempts to stop a group of Ghosts from destroying an armored car filled with cash in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".

Prisoner Transport

Thea, Oliver, and Diggle ambush the transport that is supposed to be carrying Roy but find it empty in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".


Western Transloading Corp.

Star City Docks

Olive and Diggle watch Darhk induct new members into Hive and end up having to fight their way out in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".


Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier

Police Union Gala

Oliver gives a speech at the Policemen's Benefit Association gala and is approached by Darhk in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".


The Shipyard Commons

Bay Cleanup Announcement

Oliver announces his plan to clean up the Star City Bay while Darhk watches in episode 4x07 "Brotherhood".


Parmiter Residence


The teams hold out in a farmhouse outside Central City while preparing to fight Vandal Savage in episode 4x08 "Legends of Yesterday".


2605 West 37th Avenue

Clayton House

Oliver visits Samantha Clayton's home and learns the truth about his son in episode 4x08 "Legends of Yesterday".

Crab Park

Star City Bay

Olive is leading a cleanup of the bay when it is attacked and later he proposes to Felicity during a press conference in episode 4x09 "Dark Waters". Oliver, Lance, and the new police captain head down to the waterfront to meet an incoming A.R.G.U.S. team coming in underwater in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".


Station Street (between National & National)

Stopping Limo

Oliver pulls over the shot over limo and pulls an injured Felicity from the back in episode 4x09 "Dark Waters".

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Darhk's House

Lonnie Machin takes Darhk's wife and daughter hostage and Team Arrow rescues them in episode 4x10 "Blood Debts".

Beresford Street (between Kenneth & Daisy)

Walking Home

Lyla and Diggle are walking home when an old A.R.G.U.S. colleague Alan Chang approaches and asks for help before being kidnapped in episode 4x11 "A.W.O.L.".

Canada Post Main Office

AmerTek (rooftop)

Thea and Oliver chase the thief across the rooftop but he escapes when Thea passes out in episode 4x12 "Unchained".

Del Mar Inn (interior)

Lance searches through the abandoned building which begins to explode around him in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".

Demolition Team Hideout

Team Arrow tracks down the group that almost killed Lance and attack their base only to have it explode too in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".

Acid Factory

Oliver and Diggle head to the facility only to find the Demolition Team has gotten there first in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".

Rehab Facility

Felicity tries to walk using the new implant with Paul's help in episode 4x15 "Taken".


Oliver and Diggle stand on a rooftop while Vixen flies overhead searching for William in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Darhk's Hotel Terrace

Oliver flies down to the hotel where Darhk is holding William in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Detroit Warehouse

Vixen is fighting several criminals when Oliver arrives to recruit her in episode 4x15 "Taken".

Claybourne Pharmaceuticals

The team follows the clue left in Curtis to one of Oliver's old targets back during his days as the Hood and Evelyn reveals her true loyalties in episode 5x09 "What We Leave Behind".

A.K. Desmond Group

Oliver heads to the offices of the company he assaulted four years ago and finds the building staged like the aftermath of his attack by Prometheus in episode 5x09 "What We Leave Behind".

Rooftop Helipad

Tina and the crew work together to take out the drug dealer who killed her partner in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".

Star City Metro Police

Oliver is hosting a food drive for Thanksgiving when Agent Watson arrives with some agents to arrest him in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".

Starling Stadium (machine room)

Oliver heads to the machine room only to discover that the bomb is a fake planted by Cayden James to draw him out in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".

MacGuire Shipping

The evil soldiers from Earth-X assemble in an abandoned shipping facility where the team tracks them down in episode 6x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".

Dayton Optical Systems (interior)

The team watches footage of the troops from Earth-X raiding a lab in episode 6x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".

Doctored Footage

Felicity shows Oliver the doctored footage of the death of Cayden James's son in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing". The team recovers the original footage revealing the true murderer in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".

Cayden James's New Lair

Cayden James lets his allies that they will airlifted out of the city before his countdown comes at midnight in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".


Anatoly is attempting to escape the city in a helicopter when Oliver shows up to stop him in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".

Stash Site

Dinah tracks Black Siren while she is recovering the supplies needed to flee town in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".


United Rentals

Revealing Thief

Oliver catches up with the thief and reveals him to be Roy in episode 4x12 "Unchained".


Alley (south of Franklin, west of Vernon)

Chasing Thief

Oliver walks down the alley near the thief's latest target and sees him running across a nearby rooftop in episode 4x12 "Unchained".

Darhk's Limo

Damien Darhk waits to meet with the Green Arrow in episode 4x12 "Unchained".

1090 West Pender

Meeting on Parking Garage

Oliver meets with Merlyn on the roof of a parking lot and proposes his plan to save Thea in episode 4x13 "Sins of the Father".

Battle on Rooftop

Oliver battles Malcolm on Nyssa's behalf for control of the League of Assassins in episode 4x13 "Sins of the Father".


Felicity and Curtis use a line-of-sight attack to hack the missiles in episode 4x23 "Schism". Curtis throws one of his T-Spheres at the missile flying overhead in episode 6x01 "Fallout".


Diggle and Dinah see Alex Faust running across an adjacent parking garage and pull a manuever to shoot Diggle over at him in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Vogue Theatre

Mayoral Debate

Oliver prepares for the upcoming mayor debate with his team in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".

Abandoned Theater on Jefferson Avenue

Cayden James arranges for his old allies to be brought to where he is holding the bomb in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".

Cornett Road & Bentall Street

Deploying Motorcycle

Thea drops her motorcycle out of a van and follows after Ruvé Adams in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".


Quebec Street (between Keefer & Union)

Riding after Ruvé

Oliver rides down the street on his motorcycle in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".


Union Street & Quebec Street

Jumping Motorcycle

Ruvé's limo turns the corner and Oliver jumps his motorcycle onto the road behind her in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".


Parking Lot (under Georgia Viaduct)

Ambushed by Ruvé

Oliver arrives in the parking lot only to find Ruvé waiting for him with a bunch of Ghosts in episode 4x14 "Code of Silence".

Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Hotel Ballroom

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity attend the Starling City Cancer Society's annual auction to draw out the Dodger and Felicity ends up getting one of his collars around her neck in episode 1x15 "Dodger". Felicity and Oliver put on a fake wedding to draw out Carrie Cutter in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts".


Livestock Barns (PNE)


Oliver chases Carrie Cutter into a warehouse and frees her hostages despite her escape in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts".

1400 Brand Boulevard

The team follows the trackers in Black Siren to a warehouse where she is meeting Prometheus in episode 5x10 "Who Are You?".

Cornett Road & Natal Street

Chasing Limo

The team chases after the limo where Carrie Cutter is driving another couple she's kidnapped in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts".

Prison Bus Breakout

China White, Carrie Cutter, and Liza Warner kill some prison guards and break out of custody in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater".


The Parade & Green (PNE)

Limo Chase Continues

The team continues chasing after Carrie Cutter in episode 4x16 "Broken Hearts".


Vancouver Community College

Ruvé Adams's Acceptance Speech

Oliver and his campaign team attends his opponent's acceptance speech and she offers Laurel the job of District Attorney in episode 4x18 "Eleven-Fifty-Nine".

Welcome Noodles

Laurel tells her father about the job offer from Ruvé in episode 4x18 "Eleven-Fifty-Nine".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Iron Heights Prison (exterior)

Lance creates a distraction with the police so the team can sneak inside the prison in episode 4x18 "Eleven-Fifty-Nine".

Abandoned Building

Diggle follows a tip on his brother and finds him in an abandoned building in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Empty Kitchen

Diggle wakes up tied to the ceiling and is tortured by his brother in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Kord Industries Warehouse

Olive leads the new team in an exercise to capture one of Church's people who is stealing something from Kord Industries in episode 5x04 "Penance".


Alexander Street (between Heatley & Hawks)

Missile Hijacking

Oliver and Diggle work to thwart an attempted hijacking of a missile transport by Hive with the assistance of Diggle's brother in episode 4x18 "Eleven-Fifty-Nine".

Burnaby Central Park


In a flashback, Laurel gives the eulogy at Tommy's funeral and later Oliver gives the eulogy at Laurel's funeral and reveals her identity as the Black Canary in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry". Oliver stands over Laurel's grave with Felicity in episode 4x23 "Schism".

Lian Yu Evacuation

Oliver finishes burying Taiana while the last of the prisoners are airlifted out by Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S in episode 4x23 "Schism".

Grave in Woods

Church forces Rene to dig his own grave in the woods in episode 5x05 "Human Target".


Carrall Street (between Keefer & Expo)

Attacking Ruvé's Limo

Diggle attacks the mayor's limo and demands information on his brother in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry".


Parker Street Studios

Gun Deal

Evelyn Sharp interrupts a gun deal while dressed as the Black Canary and steals some guns in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry".

Alley near Bistro

Oliver corners Evelyn Sharp after she attacks Alex on his date and learns her identity in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry".


Empty Lot under Viaduct

Under Viaduct

Nyssa talks to Oliver about Lance's destructive tendencies in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry". Diggle and an A.R.G.U.S. team are hunting for Kane Wolfman while the red lightning strikes around them in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".

Auberge Vancouver

Star City Plaza Hotel

Oliver heads to Ruvé Adams's fundraiser to stop Evelyn Sharp from killing her while dressed as the Black Canary in episode 4x19 "Canary Cry".

37 Avenue & 159a Street

Out for a Walk

Thea and Alex take a walk through the neighborhood they are visiting on vacation and Thea begins to notice strangeness, later, Thea searches the maze of streets for a way out in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Humberside Avenue & 160 Street

Edge of Dome

Thea runs from the guards and straight into the wall of the dome in episode 4x20 "Genesis". Oliver and Diggle enter the dome through the side entrance in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood".

Prenter Street

Outside the Truck

Diggle gets out of the A.R.G.U.S. bunker truck and it drives away in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Under the Tracks

Curtis is searching for signs of Wild Dog when he is attacked by two dudes in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

3725 159a Street

Vacation House

Thea wakes up in a strange house after leaving town on vacation with Alex in episode 4x20 "Genesis". Thea argues with Merlyn and later fights Lonnie Machin in the back yard in episode 4x21 "Monument Point". Oliver and Diggle come to rescue Thea but find her under the control of the Hive drugs in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood".

Beresford Street & Russell Avenue

Truck Driving

The bunker truck drives down the street in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

37a Avenue & 159a Street

Running into Guards

Thea runs into a pair of guards while desperately searching the streets in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Beresford Street (between Shirley & Merritt)

Truck Attacked

Andy and the Ghosts attack the truck carrying Lyla and her family in episode 4x20 "Genesis".

Merritt Avenue (between Dorset & Beresford)

Motorcycle Chase

Diggle is chased down the street by his brother and another one of the Ghosts in episode 4x20 "Genesis".


6525 Boundary Road

Chemical Plant

Oliver and Diggle search for clues outside an abandoned chemical plant in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

Star City Data Center (interior)

Felicity and her father work to stop the nuclear missiles launched by Darhk in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

Pacific Coliseum (PNE)

Star City Data Center

Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S. must defend the data center from Hive attack while Felicity and her father shut down the missiles in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

Palmer Technologies (loading dock)

Felicity and her father escape Palmer Tech with Lance's help in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

Air Filtration (interior)

Thea tries to convince Lonnie Machin not to blow up the air filtration system in the dome in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

Russian Fight Club

Oliver defeats the Bratva champion during a fight before being kidnapped in episode 5x01 "Legacy". Oliver and a few other initiates are tested in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Gun Exchange

Oliver tracks Ragman to the gun exchange between Church and Janet Carroll in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Starling Stadium

Felicity and Curtis track Black Siren's target to the stadium and Oliver is unsuccessful at getting the concert shut down in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".

3716 37 Avenue

Air Filtration (exterior)

Lonnie Machin attacks a guard outside the air filtration building and later Thea is sent in by Merlyn to deal with him in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

37 Avenue (west of 159a)


Merlyn brings Thea to chat with the brainwashed Alex in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

159a Street (between 36a & 37)

Dome Street

Newcomers to the dome are directed to their homes in episode 4x21 "Monument Point". Ruvé instructs Merlyn to deal with Oliver & Diggle and Merlyn later helps with the evacuation in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood".


Prior Street (between Quebec & Milross)

Motorcycle Driving

Oliver races his motorcycle towards city hall in episode 4x21 "Monument Point".

Bryne Creek Ravine Park

Lian Yu Forest

Taiana starts to lose control as she gains more power from the totem in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood". Reiter catches up with Oliver and Taiana in the forest in episode 4x23 "Schism". The bags are taken off of the captured team members showing them that chase brought them to Lian Yu in episode 5x22 "Missing". Oliver finds several members of Team Arrow locked in cages in the woods and they are ambushed by Talia and Black Siren in episode 5x23 "Lian Yu".

3677 159a Street

Hideout House

Oliver and Diggle take shelter in one of the houses and they talk with the occupants in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood".

3753 159a Street

Searching Neighborhood

Diggle and Oliver sneak through the trees looking for Thea in episode 4x22 "Lost in the Flood".


Trinity Street (between Kootenay & Boundary)

Leaving Town

Quentin drives out of town with Donna in episode 4x23 "Schism".


North Kootenay Street (between Trinity & McGill)

Outskirts of Town

Quentin and Donna are driving out of town when they hear Oliver's broadcast in episode 4x23 "Schism".


104th Avenue Centre

AmerTek (lobby)

Thea leaves AmerTek after being turned away at the front desk in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Free Clinic

The new recruits work to protect the free clinic which is assaulted by Ragman in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Muay Thai Training Center Rooftop

The Green Arrow meets with Ragman on the roof and recruits him to the team in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".


Oliver fights Lonnie Machin in front of some windows before they both fall to the lower floor in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Power Plant (rooftop)

Oliver prepares the assault the power plant where the hostages are being held in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Public Market

Team Arrow heads to a busy market where rumors of the Throwing Star Killer sparks a panic in episode 5x06 "So It Begins".


1010 George Street

Bratva Hideout

Oliver talks to Anatoly Knyazev about why he is in Russia in episode 5x01 "Legacy". Oliver talks to Anatoly after the first stage of his initiation in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Chasing Criminal

Wild Dog chases a criminal from a rooftop but accidentally falls off in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Latvian Building

Diggle leads an assault to recover a nuclear detonator but is betrayed by his own commander in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

Drug Den

A group of corrupt cops kill a pair of drug dealers and are attacked in turn by Church in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Chasing Dealer

Oliver chases a low-level dealer across a rooftop to gain information on his supplier while the team watches from the base in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Shipping Center

Oliver heads to a reported break-in only to find the call was a fake so Billy Malone could pass him information in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Russian Shakedown

Dinah and Oliver head to threaten a business owner as a favor fro the Bratva in episode 5x12 "Bratva".


Talia has Oliver take out a few low-level drug dealers as part of his training in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

Russian Orthodox Church (basement)

Diggle and Oliver search the basement of the church for General Walker but find that the General already knew they were coming in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

Loading Dock

Curtis and Rene find a surviving Triad member and ask him what the three criminals are searching for in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater".

Russian Hospital

Oliver finds Anatoly resting in a hospital bed after being beaten up in episode 5x12 "Bratva". Oliver tries to get Anatoly out of the hospital when his life is threatened in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater". Anatoly calls for a trial to avoid being killed by Viktor in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".

Dragon's Lair

Diggle visits his drug dealer's lab to get more supply in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Jackals Hideout

Slade tries to convince his son and the other Jackals that he wants to be one of them in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

New Westminster City Hall

Starling Metro Police

City Hall

Thea stalls for Oliver during the police union benefit which Oliver is late for in episode 5x01 "Legacy". Christopher Chance, posing as Oliver, fakes his death on the steps of City Hall in episode 5x05 "Human Target". Curtis is attacked by Prometheus while arguing with his husband outside the Christmas party in episode 5x09 "What We Leave Behind". Oliver holds a memorial for those killed in the attack on City Hall in episode 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun". Oliver deals with the city council after the coverup of Detective Malone's murder becomes public in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire". Oliver is talking with Lance about all of the criminals released on bail when a cop shows up to warn them about a suspicious package delivered to the office in episode 5x21 "Honor Thy Fathers". Oliver arrives at work to a gaggle of reporters asking about the him allegedly being the Green Arrow in episode 6x02 "Tribute". Oliver and Lance go to the council meeting in a last ditch effort to stop the anti-vigilante bill in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin". Oliver hosts a press conference to announce to the public the threat from Cayden James in episode 6x11 "We Fall".


Vernon Drive (between Napier & William)

Van Driving

Church tells his crew about his plan while driving down the street in episode 5x01 "Legacy".

Ragman Attack

One of the AmerTek executives is attacked by Ragman while walking down the street in episode 5x02 "The Recruits".

The Ironworks

Gang Bar

Sampson arranges a meeting with the members of his gang to demonstrate his new abilities in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".

Mrs. Volodarsky's House

Anatoly takes Oliver to the home of a woman whose son's murder he helped avenge in episode 5x03 "A Matter of Trust".


Industrial Therapy Building (Riverview Hospital)

Russian Street

In a flashback Anatoly instructs Oliver to get himself arrested so he can get into jail with a money launderer to get information in episode 5x04 "Penance".

Anti-Crime Unit

Adrian Chase is interrogating Church's goon when Church arrives to assault the building in episode 5x04 "Penance".


Byrne Creek Secondary School


Lyla helps Oliver sneak into the military prison to break Diggle out in episode 5x04 "Penance".

Natal Street (between Cornett & Grandview)

Convoy Ambush

Prometheus ambushes the police convoy transporting Church to prison and kills everyone in episode 5x05 "Human Target".

Pitt Meadows Regional Airport

Halpin-Brace Airfield

Team Arrow attacks a meeting between Church and the various gang leaders held after Oliver's supposed death in episode 5x05 "Human Target".


Century Pacific Foundry

Old Factory

Oliver and Diggle search an old factory where Church's cell phone is located and find a message from Prometheus in episode 5x06 "So It Begins".


Path by Beresford Street & Buller Avenue


Oliver, Evelyn, and the subway operator land beneath the tracks and see the train explode in episode 5x06 "So It Begins".

Overlynn Mansion

Kovar's Mansion

The in the flashback Oliver is taken to meet with Konstantin Kovar where he learns he has been sold out by the Bratva in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".

Alley (south of Homer, west of Pender)

Alley behind Star City National Bank

Eric Dunn and his crew blow a hole in the back wall of a bank while posing as construction crew in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".

Alley behind Star City Allied Bank

Eric Dunn's crew is attacked by the Vigilante after robbing anther bank before being defended by Team Arrow in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


Fraser Street (between 16th & 17th)

Trap Street

Evelyn lures one of Erin Dunn's former associates off the street in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


Alley (south of Pender, west of Main)

Alley behind Star City Trust

The Vigilante ambushes Evelyn and Curtis where they are waiting in the van in the alley behind the bank in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


168 East Pender Street

Star City Trust

The team stages a bank robbery to lure out the Vigilante in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".


Reliable Gun

Lloyd's Gun Mart (interior)

Diggle gets a bit out of hand while interrogating a gun shop owner who sold ammo to the Vigilante in episode 5x07 "Vigilante".

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Queen Family Estate

Oliver walks through the grounds with Diggle discussing the strangeness of reality when they are attacked by Deathstroke in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".

E-One Moli Energy

Laura Washington's Lab

The team tracks down Laura Washington who stole the device they need to use the alien tech and Rene confronts her with Barry & Kara in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".

Batoon Medical Research

Diggle and the team attempt to foil a robbery of some medicine only to find the thieves are Bratva led by Anatoly and sent by Oliver in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Zarn Corporation

Oliver leads the team in stopping Anatoly's second medicine heist in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Kord Industries

Felicity and Curtis break into a tech company to steal the tool they need to decrypt Chase's image scrambler in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Russian Medical Supply Company

Oliver, Anatoly, and the Bratva break into a medical company to steal some medicine for the sick children in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Sunderland Corp

Black Siren breaks into a lab under the guidance of Cayden James and steals some Nano-Termite in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".


The team tracks Black Siren to a second robbery but Diggle has a medical incident during their attempt to stop her in episode 6x07 "Thanksgiving".

Sandiacre Estate

Queen Family Mansion

Oliver prepares for his upcoming marriage to Laurel in an alternate version of reality created by the Dominators in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".


LaSalle College Vancouver

Smoak Technologies

The group arrives at the mysterious Smoak Technologies building in the simulation to find a portal back to the real world in episode 5x08 "Invasion!".

A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters

Oliver runs outside to stop the prisoner transfer and steals a truck to chase after them in episode 5x22 "Missing".

Opus Administration Office

Hunter-Locke Loading Dock

Black Siren meets with Prometheus after her cover is blown and he demands results from her in episode 5x10 "Who Are You?". Black Siren approaches a delivery driver at night claiming to be the Laurel from this world in episode 6x14 "Collision Course".

Smile Diner

Big Belly Burger

Oliver, Rene, and Curtis eat lunch at Big Belly Burger while researching they new Black Canary candidate in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".


Affordable Auto Parts

Chop Shop

Back during the particle accelerator explosion in Central City Tina Boland and her partner are being interrogated by the man they were investigating when the accident grants her superpowers in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".


End of Willard Street

Park Meeting

Felicity meets with Kojo Sledgehammer who gives her the information needed to exonerate Diggle in episode 5x11 "Second Chances".


6742 224 Street

Former A.R.G.U.S. Safe House

Team Arrow sets up in a former safe house while in Russia in episode 5x12 "Bratva".


Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Sobor

Russian Orthodox Church

Rory keeps in eye out in the church while Dinah hangs outside and Laurel and Curtis monitor from the van in episode 5x12 "Bratva".

5255 Heather Street

City Hall (offices)

A gunman shoots up City Hall in episode 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun".

Support Group

Curtis and Rene visit a support group to learn about James Edlund in episode 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun".

Starling General Hospital

Oliver heads to the hospital to stop James Edlund from killing people in episode 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun".

A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters

Team Arrow sets up outside A.R.G.U.S. to stop Helix when they show up in episode 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Star City Metro Police

Dinah is delivering some documents to Councilwoman Pollard when she saves her from a sniper in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".


Lot under 1st Avenue Bridge

Interrogating Mobster

Oliver is interrogating a mobster about the guns used in the mass shooting when the criminal is killed by the Vigilante in episode 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun".


Il Giardino Italiano (PNE)

Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery

The team follows the trio to a cemetery where the money stash is hidden and end up fighting against an army of goons in episode 5x14 "The Sin-Eater".


Napier Street & George Street

Tracking the Vigilante

The team uses one of Curtis's balls to track the Vigilante in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".


Napier Street & Vernon Drive

Street Parking

Adrian Chase approaches Susan Williams outside her office in episode 5x15 "Fighting Fire with Fire".


Slade accompanies the Jackals as they ambush a Kasnian military convoy to steal some explosives in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Roberts Street

Driving past Police

Adrian Chase drives down the road covered in blood while the police drive past him the other direction in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

102 Avenue & 201 Street

Transport Attacked

The Bratva attack Adrian Chase's car as he is being protected by the police and Diggle leads the team to stop them from murdering him in episode 5x18 "Disbanded".

Playland (PNE)


Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S. assault an arcade where they believe Chase is hiding out in episode 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons".


Evans Avenue (between Thornton & Begg)

Port Talbert Road

The mercenaries hired by Helix attack an A.R.G.U.S. agent and Team Arrow arrives to stop them in episode 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons".

Portland Street & Hedley Avenue

Bus Stop

Adrian Chase approaches Oliver's son William after he is dropped off by the school bus in episode 5x20 "Underneath".


Glenlyon Parkway (past Fraser)

Outskirts of Star City

Felicity and Diggle are leaving town when they are stopped by Talia and captured in episode 5x22 "Missing".


Pitt Lake

Water near Lian Yu

Oliver fights Chase on the back of his boat and then chase reveals William in episode 5x23 "Lian Yu".


Princess Park

Lian Yu Forest

Felicity, Thea, and their group head across the island looking for the plan Adrian Chase flew in on while Oliver, Nyssa, and Slade Wilson head the other way looking for the rest of the missing people. In a flashback, Oliver shoots down Konstantin Kovar's helicopter and fights him to the death in episode 5x23 "Lian Yu". The team at the airplane run to escape the explosions in episode 6x01 "Fallout".


Pitt Lake Dock

Lian Yu Dock

Oliver runs out of the woods and sees Chase fleeing on a speedboat in episode 5x23 "Lian Yu".


South Hall Banquet & Wedding Palace

Balalaika Banquet Hall

The team goes to Bratva owned restaurant to rescue the Markovian executives in episode 6x02 "Tribute".


Bekaert Plant

Port of Star City

Oliver is taking a group of reporters on a tour with some executives when the group is attacked by Anatoly and the Bratva in episode 6x02 "Tribute". Oliver stops Jerry Bertanelli as he is heading out of town and demands his help bring down Cayden James and later they use Bertanelli to set a trap in episode 6x10 "Divided".

Adams Heights Warehouse

Oliver tracks down Cayden James and his compatriots only to learn that he has new allies in episode 6x10 "Divided".


Industrial Avenue (between Station & end)

Transport Route

The Kord Industries transport drives down its route before being stopped by the team who join the drivers inside and then Onyx and her squad attack in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Beresford Street & Shirley Avenue

Transport Crashed

Onyx crashes the empty transport truck into a row of homes in episode 6x03 "Next of Kin".

Heli-One (YDT)


Cayden James gives Black Siren a device to stop her from being tracked before flying off on his jet in episode 6x04 "Reversal".

International Domain Name Directory

Cayden James and Black Siren break into the internet vault and work to destroy it in episode 6x04 "Reversal".

Empty Field

Black Siren meets with her contact to hand over the fingerprints and get the next name on her list in episode 6x04 "Reversal".


Kodak Graphic Communications

Parking Garage at Marleau & Hainesly

Curtis tracks down Black Siren to a parking garage where she is attacking her next victim in episode 6x04 "Reversal".


Connaught Apartments

Pollard's Apartment

Dinah tails Councilwoman Pollard and spots the Vigilante waiting on the fire escape outside her apartment in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".

Sniper's Nest (exterior)

Dinah catches a glint from the sniper's scope in the window and later Felicity & Curtis review footage of him leaving in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".

657 37th Avenue West

Kasnian Industrial Area

Oliver and Slade arrive in Kasnia and meet with Nylander, one of Slade's old contacts, to get some information about his son in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".

Kasnian Prison

Oliver heads to the prison in an attempt to negotiate for the release of Slade's son in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns".

Jackals Hideout

Slade cuts a path through the Jackals base of operations before he finds Nylander with a bunch of goons in episode 6x05 "Deathstroke Returns". Slade offers to join the Jackals after finding his son in charge in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

1745 West 8th Avenue

Palmer Tech Bio Divison

The team interrupts another robbery by the Dragon's gang and Diggle sees who their leader is for the first time in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Jackals Hideout (basement)

Oliver sneaks into the Jackals lair to disable the detonator and figure out their plans in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

A.S.I.S. Training Facility

Slade spends time training with Joseph after being rescued from Lian Yu in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Schatten & Soehne Bank

From episode 7x03 "Crossing Lines".

Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Kasnian Water Treatment Plant

Oliver and Slade head to stop the Jackals' attack on the water plant in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".

Cornett Road (between Natal & Skeena)


Oliver and Slade find a car after escaping the lair and discuss stopping the Jackals' plan in episode 6x06 "Promises Kept".


4260 Sill Creek Drive

Dayton Optical Systems (exterior)

Kara, Barry, and Oliver gather to stop their evil doppelgängers from stealing a prism in episode 6x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2".

Victory Square


Dinah and Curtis talk to Rene about his betrayal and Oliver's spying in episode 6x09 "Irreconcilable Differences".

Seaside Bicycle Route (under Cambie Street Bridge)

Star City Waterfront Pathway

Dinah goes for a walk with Vincent and they chat about his new direction in episode 6x10 "Divided".


2730 Cooperative Way

Councilman Grovner's House

Councilman Grovner is leaving his home when he sees his car covered in toilet paper in episode 6x11 "We Fall".


Hebb Avenue (between Renfrew & Nootka)

Councilman Grovner Driving

Councilman Grovner is heading down the road near his house when he find himself unable to stop in episode 6x11 "We Fall".


South Grandview Highway & Slocan Street

Red Light

Councilman Grovner's car goes crashes after running a red light in episode 6x11 "We Fall".


Italian Cultural Centre

Oak Street Community Center

Oliver encourages citizens to assemble in a safe zone at the community center which they later learn is the target of Cayden James in episode 6x11 "We Fall".


Alexander Street (between Columbia & Main)


Lance is walking down the street watching news footage when he spots Black Siren following him in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".


3600 Viking Way

Bomb Building

Diggle and Oliver assault the warehouse containing the thermobaric bomb in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".

Cayden James's Lair

Dinah and her team assault the hideout to rescue Vincent in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".


Vancouver Auto Centre

Chop Shop

Dinah thinks back to the last undercover mission she and Vincent were on together in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".


Alley (south of Powell, west of Hawks)


Vincent reassured Dinah that he didn't know about the A.R.G.U.S. team and says he has no information on the bomb's location in episode 6x12 "All for Nothing".

University Hill Secondary School

Star City High School

Cayden James arrives after his son's basketball game has ended and later he is arrested outside before he can watch the championship in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".


Beresford Street & Buller Avenue

Road out of Town

Diggle and Oliver intercept Cayden James and show him the undoctored footage of his son's murder in episode 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick".


Northern Street (between Western & Station)


Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity are driving to the cabin when they realize they are being followed in episode 6x14 "Collision Course".

Plaza of Nations

Rooftop across from Hotel

Olive and Diggle scout the hotel where Roy is being held and then they return with Thea who slides across to rescue him in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".

Derelict Casino

Black Siren is escorted to meet Ricardo Diaz in an old casino and later Oliver, Thea, and Diggle arrive to rescue Roy based on Black Siren's tip in episode 6x15 "Doppelgänger".


Carbide & Carbon Building

Wayne Enterprises

Batwoman stands on top of the spire of the abandoned Wayne Enterprises tower and looks down at the new superheroes in her city in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Arkham Asylum (gate)

Barry, Oliver, and Kara plan their search for Dr. Deegan and are joined by Caitlin, Cisco, and Diggle who tell them about the message from Earth-90 in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".


LondonHouse Chicago


Kara, Oliver, and Barry arrive in Gotham and stumble upon the disused Bat-Signal while planning their search in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".


Alley (south of Wacker, west of Michigan)

Gotham Alley

Barry, Oliver, and Kara are walking haplessly through a seedy alley when they are set upon by some muggers and arrested after Barry goes a bit too far subduing the attackers in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".


Chicago City Hall

Gotham City Police

Kara, Oliver, and Barry are released from police custody and escorted into a waiting vehicle by their mysterious benefactor in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".


West Hastings Street (between Nicola & Broughton)


The Monitor appears on the street to call out the heroes and tells them that he is testing this world to see if they can succeed against a greater threat in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".

West Parking Garage (Bentall Centre)

Construction Site

Oliver and Barry are running from the police when they are confronted by a dark version of Superman in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".


Alley (south of Pender, west of Jervis)


Oliver and Barry reappear after another change in the universe where they are now wanted fugitives in episode 7x09 "Elseworlds, Part 2".

Minaty Bay


Jim Corrigan has Oliver relive all of his previous battles to prepare him for his final fight against the Anti-Monitor in episode 8x08 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four".

Lian Yu

From episode 8x06 "Reset". From episode 8x07 "Purgatory".


Pitt River Quarries


Mar Novu's experiment goes wrong sending him to the anti-universe where he unleashes his counterpart. The Paragons travel here to do battle with the Anti-Monitor and recreate reality in episode 8x08 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four".


Surrey Civic Plaza

Central City Plaza

Barry locates Oliver in the Speed Force as he is reliving the battle with Deegan during the Elseworlds incident in episode 8x08 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four".