Movies Filmed at Toronto Harbour - Pier 35

Commissioners Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
Nearby Locations
Menier Consol from Orphan Black
238 m

Parking Lot (off Polson Street) from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 1 other movie.
249 m

Boat Storage Lot from Orphan Black and 1 other movie.
286 m

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Valentine's Ship

Hodge brings the Mortal Cup to Valentine on a ship at the port and Valentine uses it to create new Shadowhunters in episode 1x13 “Morning Star”. Jace tries to escape Valentine in episode 2x01 “This Guilty Blood”. Clary, while under the control of a spell, tells Jace about a fake vision of the future in episode 2x02 “A Door Into the Dark”.



Percy arranges for Owen to deliver the Black Box to him at a freighter on the Montréal waterfront in episode 1x05 “The Guardian”.