Nikita Filming Locations

Nikita was filmed in Toronto, Cambridge, Oshawa, & Mississauga in Canada and Los Angeles in the United States of America.

Valley Halla Estate

Kasim's Cabin

Nikita and Michael track down Kasim Tariq to a meeting at a secluded house in the woods in episode 1x09 “One Way”. Nikita takes Kasim to the cabin after kidnapping him and defends the position from his soldiers in episode 1x17 “Covenant”.

Royal Ontario Museum

Egilsson Center

Alex and Jaden attend a gala in Geneva to get invited to a private party with Kalume Ungara, and later Nikita fights Anya Vimer to prevent the release of the nerve toxin in episode 1x19 “Girl's Best Friend”.

Facility on Ship Canal

Yemen Military Base

Michael goes to drop off a package at his military base only to have a bomb planted in his car explode and kill his wife and daughter in episode 1x09 “One Way”.

Municipal Parking

Newspaper Parking Garage

Jill Morelli meets with newspaper editor Jeremy Holt at his office when Division agents kill him and attempt to kidnap her in episode 1x03 “Kill Jill”.