Nikita Filming Locations

Nikita was filmed in Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, & Cambridge in Canada and Los Angeles in United States of America.

Fairmont Royal York

The Wyckland Hotel

Nikita stops Division from assassinating General Safwani in his hotel room in pilot episode.

Ahmedov's Hotel

Nikita and Michael gather information from Timur Ahmedov in order to locate Kasim Tariq in episode 1x09 "One Way".

The Omni King Edward Hotel

Nikita's Loft

For subsequent episodes in season one this location was replaced with a set. Nikita runs her operations out of an abandoned loft in pilot episode.

Convocation Hall (U of T)

The Centennial Foundation (exterior)

Michael arrives at a Washington D.C. fundraiser and later Nikita blows up a car out front in pilot episode.


32433 Pacific Coast Highway

Waterfront House

Nikita has a nightmare about an old mission in pilot episode.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Daniel's Grave

Nikita visits the grave of her fiancé to draw out Division in pilot episode.

Elizabeth Street (between Foster & Hagerman)

United Nations

Nikita drops off General Safwani at the United Nations after saving him from Division in pilot episode.

Bellwood Health Services

Pharmacy Heist

Alex is captured by the police while robbing a pharmacy in pilot episode.

Essroc Toronto Terminal

Roselle Park, New Jersey

Nikita wakes up for in her car by the waterfront in pilot episode.

Bay Adelaide Centre West

Dadich Released

Mirko Dadich evades reporters after being acquitted in episode 1x02 "2.0".

Henry Sampson's Office

Percy visits Henry Sampson to talk about the botched kidnapping of Jill Morelli in episode 1x03 "Kill Jill".

Bay Lower Station (TTC)

34th Street Station

Dadich brings his kidnappers to the subway station where he hid the GPS device in episode 1x02 "2.0".

Yonge Street (between King & Wellington)

34th Street Station Entrance

Nikita tracks Dadich and his kidnappers to a subway station in episode 1x02 "2.0".

Ted's Restaurant


Nikita and Jill are eating at a restaurant when two police officers arrive in episode 1x03 "Kill Jill".

Lester B. Pearson Garden for Peace and International Understanding (U of T)

North Virginia State University Payphone

Benjamin Prentice calls Jill Morelli on the phone to arrange a meeting in episode 1x03 "Kill Jill".

The Exchange Tower

Outside Office Building

Michael and the Division team arrives outside the office building where Nikita and Jill are taking a call in episode 1x03 "Kill Jill".

Municipal Parking

Newspaper Parking Garage

Jill Morelli meets with newspaper editor Jeremy Holt at his office when Division agents kill him and attempt to kidnap her in episode 1x03 "Kill Jill".

Victoria Quad (U of T)

North Virginia State University Quad

Nikita and Jill go to meet Benjamin Prentice but he doesn't show up in episode 1x03 "Kill Jill".

Meridian Credit Union

Banque Métropolitaine de Montréal

Owen interrupts a bank robbery when the thieves attempt to take a young girl hostage in episode 1x05 "The Guardian".

Courtyard off Temperance Street

Alley near Bank

Owen calls Percy after leaving the bank in episode 1x05 "The Guardian".

End of Commissioners Street Pier


Percy arranges for Owen to deliver the Black Box to him at a freighter on the Montréal waterfront in episode 1x05 "The Guardian".

Boat Storage Lot

Walking to Freighter

Owen is walking towards the freighter when he gets a call from Nikita about Emily in episode 1x05 "The Guardian".

Seneca College Markham Campus

Texpro Oil

Nikita rescues Division agent Sara when Division tries to frame her for a suicide bombing in episode 1x07 "The Recruit".

Absolute World

Stairs outside Anna's Office

Nikita walks up some stairs after escaping Anna Harcourt's office building in episode 1x08 "Phoenix".

157 King Street East

News Broadcast

A newscaster announces Senator Kerrigan's scandal in episode 1x08 "Phoenix".


Valley Halla Estate

Kasim's Cabin

Nikita and Michael track down Kasim Tariq to a meeting at a secluded house in the woods in episode 1x09 "One Way". Nikita takes Kasim to the cabin after kidnapping him and defends the position from his soldiers in episode 1x17 "Covenant".

Pinewood Studios Toronto

Yemen Shipyard

Michael picks up a package from Kasim Tariq before heading back to base with his family in episode 1x09 "One Way".

Old Finch Avenue Bridge

Remote Uzbekistan Bridge

Michael leaves Nikita by the side of the road and later she steals a police car in episode 1x09 "One Way".

Facility on Ship Canal

Yemen Military Base

Michael goes to drop off a package at his military base only to have a bomb planted in his car explode and kill his wife and daughter in episode 1x09 "One Way".

Duncan Street (between Nelson & Adelaide)

Alex's Apartment (exterior)

Michael drives Alex to her new apartment in episode 1x12 "Free".

162 McCaul Street

RFT Comics

Birkhoff is kidnapped by the CIA after leaving a comic shop in episode 1x12 "Free".


Former 2 Adelaide Street West

Thorburg Cultural Center (rooftop)

Nikita goes to the roof with Prince Erik but he refuses to leave without Leela Kantaria in episode 1x13 "Coup de Grace".

The Royal Conservatory of Music

Thorburg Cultural Center

Nikita infiltrates a party where Alex and her team are set to assassinate a Georgian politician (the country, not the state) in episode 1x13 "Coup de Grace".

Source: Marco on Tumblr

Enterprise Airlines (YOO)

Herndon Airport

Ryan Fletcher delays the Division agents while Nikita arranges for Ari Tasarov's people to arrive in episode 1x14 "The Next Seduction".


International Marine Passenger Terminal

Border Crossing

Nikita drops Emil Voss off with the CIA agents at the border crossing in episode 1x14 "The Next Seduction".

Pond off Reesor Road

Crash Site

Nikita comes upon the crashed transport vehicle and finds Emil Voss dead in episode 1x14 "The Next Seduction".

Reesor Road (between Steeles & Old Finch)

Back Roads

Nikita rides after the vehicle transporting Emil Voss in episode 1x14 "The Next Seduction".

Sunnyside Pavilion (Sunnyside Park)

Waterfront Pavilion

Ryan Fletcher arranges a meeting with Nikita near the waterfront in episode 1x14 "The Next Seduction".

Front Street West (between York & Bay)

Mailbox Signal

Ryan Fletcher draws a heart on a mailbox to signal Nikita in episode 1x14 "The Next Seduction".

Alley (south of College, west of Markham)

Alley near Steam Room

Nikita and Michael face off after leaving the steam room in episode 1x15 "Alexandra".

489 College Street

Steam Room (exterior)

Nikita threatens a group of men in a steam room in an attempt to find Alex in episode 1x15 "Alexandra".

Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex

Theater (exterior)

Nikita kidnaps Kasim from in front of the theater in episode 1x17 "Covenant".

Metropolitan United Church


Owen fights off the strike team and obtains a sample from Brandon to open the black box in episode 1x18 "Into the Dark".

Main Street Bridge

London Bridge

Nikita and Owen chase the London Guardian across a bridge where they fight in episode 1x18 "Into the Dark".

Zed Lofts

Brandon's Apartment

The London Guardian Brandon exercises and takes his drugs in episode 1x18 "Into the Dark".

Royal Ontario Museum

Egilsson Center

Alex and Jaden attend a gala in Geneva to get invited to a private part with Kalume Ungara, and later Nikita fights Anya Vimer to prevent the release of the nerve toxin in episode 1x19 "Girl's Best Friend".

The Lakeview Restaurant

Lakeview Restaurant

From episode 1x20 "Glass Houses".


Port Perry Home Hardware

Hardware Store

From episode 1x20 "Glass Houses".


PACE Credit Union

Evanston Mutual

Nikita fakes a bank robbery to draw out the Guardian in episode 1x20 "Glass Houses".