Movies Filmed at Hepworth Building

3580 Moncton Street, Richmond, BC V7E 3A5, Canada
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Nikaido from Once Upon a Time
7 m

Splash Toy Shop from Charlie St. Cloud
8 m

Serenity Lifestyle Boutique from Once Upon a Time
13 m

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Once Upon a Time

Archie's Office

Office where Archie has his sessions with Henry, first seen in episode 1x02 "The Thing You Love Most". Cora, disguised as Regina, enters Archie's office in episode 2x10 "The Cricket Game".

The Rabbit Hole

After leaving the girl's night out Mary Margaret talks to David on the street corner in episode 1x12 "Skin Deep". Mr. Gold talks to Lacey outside the bar in episode 2x21 "Second Star to the Right".