Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport, 6301 Silver Dart Drive, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
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Fire and Emergency Services Training Ins… from Rookie Blue and 4 other movies.
2.2 km

Mississauga Transit Malton Satellite from Wonderfalls
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Orbitor Drive & Matheson Boulevard East from Warehouse 13
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Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute

FESTI is a private college for training fire fighters and other emergency responders that is part of the fire department of Pearson Airport where it is located. The main building includes a 90-seat theatre, several other classrooms, as well as common areas for students. The building was designed by Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects in 2007 and is a LEED Silver building with a green roof and a large solar wall. The 40-acre grounds also include various training buildings, towers, aircraft mockups, and other facilities for training in a variety of difficult scenarios.

Infield Terminal

Build as a temporary international terminal during the construction of Terminal 1, this terminal is currently used as a filming location operated by TriBro Studios while being maintained in case it is ever needed as a replacement for one of the other terminals.

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