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245 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2S1, Canada
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Wayla from That's My DJ
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Mary Kills People

Des's Apartment

Des gets a call from Mary who tells him that the drugs were watered down and later she returns to drop off the cat in episode 1x01 “Bloody Mary”. Mary patches up Des's gunshot wound and learns that the cat has escaped through the window in episode 1x02 “The River Styx”. Mary goes over to Des's place to pick him up for work and Frank & Ben tail her car as it leaves in episode 1x03 “Wave the White Flag”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
The Judas Cradle

Ben wires Des up with a recording device so he can record his and Mary's meeting with a patient.

Morning Glory

Annie shows up at Des's place to keep him clean for the day.

The Means

Mary stashes her new supply when she is surprised that Des has returned home.

The Connection

Mary goes over to Des's place to pick up her supply of drugs but he tells her he is keeping half for himself.

Twin Flames

Annie heads over to Des's place only to find him packing up and preparing to go off the grid.

Ride or Die

Des destroys his supply of pentobarbital and then Joshua Yang stops by asking to hang out.