Mary Kills People Filming Locations

Mary Kills People was filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, & Brampton in Canada.

90 Cumberland Drive

Mary's House

Mary returns home with takeout and talks with her ex-husband. Later, Jess & Naomi sneak out into the shed to smoke and make out when they discover Mary's secret stash in episode 1x01 “Bloody Mary”. Mary returns home to find Joel, AKA Ben, waiting for her in episode 1x02 “The River Styx”. Mary returns home and bundles her daughters off to their father's house in episode 1x03 “Wave the White Flag”.

Appears in 9 additional episodes.
Raised by Wolves

Mary is washing up in the kitchen when she sees Grady in her back yard.

The Judas Cradle

Mary is coming downstairs when she hears someone making noise in the kitchen.

Morning Glory

Mary's sister asks to be brought into the business.

The Means

Mary comes home and gives Cambie her gift from Mexico which leads to a conversation about death.

The Connection

Jess & Naomi go through boxes of old stuff and Nicole asks to join Mary for a session as part of their arrangement.

Twin Flames

Jess throws a party for her friends and Naomi gets jealous of her attention on Heather and then spots Des sneaking around.

Ride or Die

Jess and Naomi clean up after the party then then Mary sends them off with her sister.

Come to Jesus

Mary and Ben talk after their night together and later Nicole tells Mary to speak with Jess.

Fatal Flaw

Mary comes home to find Jess watching the video of her mother and finally tells her the truth.

Bridgepoint Health Hospital

Eden General Hospital

Mary helps a stabbing victim and gets a pair of referrals from Annie in episode 1x01 “Bloody Mary”. Annie identifies another terminal patient in need of Mary's services in episode 1x02 “The River Styx”. Mary meets with Annie to give her the money for Irene's case and reassure her about the cops in episode 1x03 “Wave the White Flag”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
Raised by Wolves

Annie gets called into the boardroom for questioning on the patient who went missing.

The Judas Cradle

Mary talks to the administrator and lies about transferring the patient and then she attempts to reassure Annie about it.

Morning Glory

Mary pays Annie her last payment and asks her to babysit Des for the day.

The Means

Mary works with a car accident patient and learns that Betty Lisko survived the jump.

Twin Flames

Mary loses a patient and then tells Annie that she isn't interested in another client.

Ride or Die

Mary learns about the investigation into Betty Lisko's death from Annie and talks to Brendon about letting go.

245 Carlaw Avenue

Des's Apartment

Des gets a call from Mary who tells him that the drugs were watered down and later she returns to drop off the cat in episode 1x01 “Bloody Mary”. Mary patches up Des's gunshot wound and learns that the cat has escaped through the window in episode 1x02 “The River Styx”. Mary goes over to Des's place to pick him up for work and Frank & Ben tail her car as it leaves in episode 1x03 “Wave the White Flag”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
The Judas Cradle

Ben wires Des up with a recording device so he can record his and Mary's meeting with a patient.

Morning Glory

Annie shows up at Des's place to keep him clean for the day.

The Means

Mary stashes her new supply when she is surprised that Des has returned home.

The Connection

Mary goes over to Des's place to pick up her supply of drugs but he tells her he is keeping half for himself.

Twin Flames

Annie heads over to Des's place only to find him packing up and preparing to go off the grid.

Ride or Die

Des destroys his supply of pentobarbital and then Joshua Yang stops by asking to hang out.

International Marine Passenger Terminal

Port Denver Police Station

Frank talks to Mary on the phone pretending to be Ben's doctor in episode 1x02 “The River Styx”. Frank and Ben go over old death reports looking for cases that might be connected with Mary in episode 1x03 “Wave the White Flag”. Ben returns to work and Frank lets him know that he got a wiretap warrant for Mary in episode 1x04 “Raised by Wolves”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The Judas Cradle

Ben sits in his car and watches the video of having sex with Mary.

Morning Glory

The cops investigating Sid's disappearance call Ben after discovering the body.

TG Appliance Group

Bloom Appliances

Mary head to Olivia's work to confront her about the appliance-based threats in episode 2x02 “The Connection”. Mary heads to the warehouse to tell Olivia that her husband is dead in episode 2x03 “Twin Flames”. Ben talks to Olivia about her husband's disappearance and plants a bug in her office in episode 2x04 “Ride or Die”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Come to Jesus

Olivia is shot by a sketchy delivery driver and the police storm the warehouse but don't find any evidence.

Fatal Flaw

When Mary goes to pick up the drugs, Olivia reveals that they will have to go to a second location.

St. James Cathedral Centre

West Bridge Academy

Naomi approaches Heather while she is stalking Jess on Instagram and apologizes for the kiss at the party in episode 2x05 “Come to Jesus”. Naomi overhears Jess and Heather talking about her in the bathroom and finally shows Jess the video of her mother in episode 2x06 “Fatal Flaw”.

Eden General Hospital (conference room)

Annie sits nervously outside while Mary is interrogated about Betty Lisko's death in episode 2x06 “Fatal Flaw”.

Cherry Beach Park


Nicole drops Naomi and Jess on a deserted island on the lake to force them to work things out in episode 2x04 “Ride or Die”.


Mary meets with Ben on the beach and he tells her he's heading out of town on a case and then she joins Morgan's viking-style funeral in episode 1x06 “Morning Glory”.

Fisherman's Pier

Diego's Tacos

Mary and Des stop to pick up food after helping Troy Dixon in episode 1x01 “Bloody Mary”.


Mary meets with Des by the water and tells her about what happened with Grady in episode 1x03 “Wave the White Flag”.



Mary and Des go out drinking after the incident and when Des is still there later that evening he is picked up by a beautiful woman in episode 2x01 “The Means”. Olivia asks Des to the same bar where they met to establish her alibi during the murder of her husband in episode 2x02 “The Connection”.

Allan Gardens


Des's old girlfriend Larissa asks for his and Mary's help to end her terminally ill grandmother's pain in her favorite place in episode 2x05 “Come to Jesus”.

The Florian

Betty & Victor's Apartment

Mary and Des head over to take care of their latest client but Des objects when he realizes that the wife plans to go out with her husband in episode 2x01 “The Means”.

Valet Car Wash

Car Wash

Olivia drives through a car wash to block the bug and makes a proposal to Mary and they find the police waiting when they emerge in episode 2x06 “Fatal Flaw”.