Movies Filmed at Bantry Bay Publick House

33-01 Greenpoint Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, USA
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City View Inn from Person of Interest
60 m

35th Street (between Starr & Bradley) from Person of Interest
106 m

Greenpoint Avenue & Starr Avenue from Person of Interest
159 m

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Person of Interest

Bantry Bay Publick House

Reese follows Frankie Wells to a bar where she is attempting to apprehend Ray Pratt in episode 4x18 “Skip”.

Cop Bar

The Machine remembers a cop talking about death and in present day Shaw comes to let Fusco know she is alive and to pick up Bear in episode 5x13 “return 0”.


Shaw beats up some goons in a bar looking for Simmons in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”.

Edward Kovach's Bar

Reese follows Carter to a bar where he threatens the man who has been beating his wife in episode 1x09 “Get Carter”.