Movies Filmed at Former Los Angeles Sports Arena

Part of Exposition Park
3939 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037, USA

Demolished in 2016 for the construction of the new Banc of California Stadium.

Nearby Locations
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum from Columbo and 44 other movies.
327 m

California Science Center from Alias
390 m

State Drive from Runaways
413 m

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The A-Team

From episode 4x07 "Body Slam".

Source: IMDb

Fantastic Voyage

Combined Miniature Deterrent Forces Headquarters

Source: IMDb

Soylent Green

Euthanasia Shop

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb

Matt Houston

Boxing Event

From episode 1x11 "The Rock and the Hard Place".

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb