Movies Filmed at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Part of Exposition Park
700 Exposition Park Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037, USA
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California Science Center from Alias
256 m

Former Los Angeles Sports Arena from Space Jam and 15 other movies.
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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles Co… from Bones and 25 other movies.
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From episode 2x03 "The Most Crucial Game".

Source: IMDb


Berlin Stadium

Anna Espinosa and Sydney meet in a stadium to examine the manuscript in episode 1x03 "Parity". Sydney and Anna find themselves having to quickly memorize the code as the briefcase begins to destroy the manuscript in episode 1x04 "A Broken Heart".


From episode 6x13 "Southwest Division".

Source: IMDb

Quincy M.E.

From episode 5x21 "Deadly Arena".

Source: IMDb

Perry Mason

From episode 9x08 "The Case of the 12th Wildcat".

Source: IMDb


Motorcycle Chase

From episode 3x07 "Return of the Supercycle".

Source: IMDb

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Opening Ceremonies

Source: IMDb

Jerry Maguire

Odessa Football Stadium

Source: IMDb

Hell's Kitchen

Tailgate Challenge

From episode 12x17 "6 Chefs Compete".

Source: IMDb

The Bionic Woman

Kennedy Stadium

From episode 3x08 "Brain Wash".

Source: IMDb

Rocky II

Source: IMDb

Charlie's Angels

From episode 2x17 "Angels in the Backfield".

Source: IMDb


From episode 2x03 "Bitter Legion".

Source: IMDb


From episode 5x03 "Dead on Target: Part 1".

Source: IMDb

The Incredible Hulk

From episode 2x08 "Killer Instinct".

Source: IMDb


From episode 6x01 "The Game".

Source: IMDb

Night Moves


Harry goes to a football game with Nick and Joey.

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb

Beauty and the Geek

Sports Challenge

From episode 5x03 "It's Game Time".

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb

The Biggest Loser

From episode 16x01 "Opening Day". From episode 16x06 "The Tailgate". From episode 16x17 "End Zone".

Source: IMDb


Source: IMDb