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You Me Her

Trakarsky House

Jack and Emma take out the trash and recycling in the morning. That evening Emma comes home to find Jack on the couch palming his junk in episode 1x01 “Cigarettes and Funions and Crap”. Jack and Emma chat about the night before in the morning and later Izzy arrives at the house and is seen by Lori in episode 1x02 “Can You Be Cool?”. Izzy talks to the Trakarskys about the time she spent with them and eventually the three of them get high together before Emma makes thing awkward in episode 1x03 “No Penetration”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
Niece Jackie

Emma tries to match Jack's story of Niece Jackie when she runs into Lori while walking the dog and later Izzy shows up at the house after going through the woods in the rain.

The T Word

Izzy sneaks through the woods to have a threesome with the Trakarskys but the attention of the neighborhood is attracted when Andy shows up looking for Izzy.

The Morning After

Izzy tries to convince Jack & Emma to stay home from work for the day.

The Relationship More Populated

The trio decides to spend a chill night together without sex.

Sweet Home Colorado

Ava confronts the Trakarskys after seeing Izzy leave but Emma snaps and threatens her. Later Ava returns after Lori asks to see Izzy's social media account to prove she is Jack's niece.

Trope Isn't a Four Letter Word

Emma and Jack are watching a movie and snacking on halloween candy when they get a call from Nina about Izzy.