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You Me Her

Amari House (exterior)

The Trakarskys talk with the Amaris about their sex and attempts at conception in episode 1x01 “Cigarettes and Funions and Crap”. Jack finds himself trapped at a party at the Amari's house while Emma is out on her date with Izzy in episode 1x03 “No Penetration”. Jack and Emma talk with Carmen and Dave to convince them to cover for them during their month with Izzy in episode 1x08 “The Relationship More Populated”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames

Lori comes next door on halloween to apologize for the trouble she caused with the Trakarskys.

Like Riding a Vagina Bike

Jack, Izzy, and Emma prepare to enter Carmen's party.

Tourist Lesbians and Millennial Twats

Carmen comes outside to find Emma moping on her steps.

Hold Onto Your Ovaries

Jack and Dave chat about Emma's potential promotion while playing basketball.

The Insidious Lure of Pumpkin Spice

Dave and Carmen interview the perfect candidate for nanny but realize she is way out of their price range. Later, the whole neighborhood assembles for a celebration of Hawthorn Heights' independence.

Matherfield House (interior)

Ava wanders into the kitchen while still high and Lori notices and interrogates her in episode 2x07 “Weird Janis and the White Trash Baby Vessel”. Ava walks into the living room where Lori is nursing a hangover from the night before and they chat about both of them being assholes in episode 2x08 “Freaky Little Love Poodles”. Carmen goes over to her new neighbor Hannah's house to work on the magazine and Hannah pushes her into looking at childcare options in episode 3x01 “Dickless in Seattle”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
I Said Make Up

Carmen and Hannah go over some tech stuff with a young man from their printing company and then Dave comes over with some kid problems.

Fool Me Once? Shame on You. Fool Me Twice? Blow Me

Hannah and Carmen look at their fancy new website and then Hannah flirts with the cute guy from the printer when he delivers the first copies of the magazine.