Movies Filmed at The Church of St. Aidan

70 Silver Birch Ave, Toronto, ON M4E 3K9, Canada

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RC Harris Water Treatment Plant from Flashpoint and 15 other movies.
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4 Balsam Road from Mean Girls
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Beech Avenue (between Kingston & Balsam) from Mean Girls
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The Handmaid's Tale


Offred and Ofglen pass a school on their way to shopping and Offred thinks back to a time on the beach with her family in episode 1x01 “Offred”.

The Red Center

June is brought into an old school where she, Moira, and many other woman are taught to be handmaids in episode 1x01 “Offred”. The handmaids-in-training are taught the details of the ceremony for the first time and then June & Moira execute a risky escape plan in episode 1x04 “Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum”.