The Handmaid's Tale Filming Locations

The Handmaid's Tale was filmed in Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, & Cambridge in Canada.
Show Map

105 Aberdeen Avenue

Waterford House

Offred meets Ofglen at the gate and they head out on a shopping trip. Later, after the ceremony, Offred runs outside and is spotted by Nick in episode 1x01 "Offred". Offred is picked up by the birth van for Janine's birthing in episode 1x02 "Birth Day". Nick drives Offred back to the house where the Eyes are waiting for her in episode 1x03 "Late". Offred is escorted out to the car so she can be driven to the doctor's office in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum". Serena asks Offred to come outside to help with gardening and she proposes an alternative means of conception in episode 1x05 "Faithful". Shortly after the revolution all of the trappings of the old life are cleared out of the homes in episode 1x06 "A Woman's Place". Nick watches as the previous handmaid is taken away after killing herself with Mr. & Mrs. Waterford in episode 1x08 "Jezebels". The car pulls back into the driveway after a trip to Jezebels in episode 1x09 "The Bridge". Offred is marched away by the Eyes in episode 1x10 "Night".

Mill Race Park

River Path

Offred and Ofglen walk down the river path on their way home from shopping and come upon three bodies hanging from the wall in episode 1x01 "Offred". Offred, Ofglen, Oferic, and Ofsamuel sit beside the water while a new body is raised up onto the wall in episode 1x02 "Birth Day". The handmaids are made to clean the blood off the hanging wall in preparation for the diplomatic visit in episode 1x06 "A Woman's Place".

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada


Offred remembers spending time looking at fishes with her husband and daughter in episode 1x01 "Offred".

Main Street Bridge


Offred and Ofglen cross the bridge after the execution in episode 1x01 "Offred". Moira and Offred attend a protest where the police open fire on the crowd in episode 1x03 "Late".

Coronation Park

Punishment Stage

The handmaids assemble at a stage where a man charged with raping a handmaiden is brought out for execution in episode 1x01 "Offred". The handmaids are summoned to stone Janine to death for her crime against her baby but they all refuse in episode 1x10 "Night".

14 Main Street

Dress Stop

Ofglen reminisces about the times before with Offred and how this used to be a ice cream shop in episode 1x01 "Offred". Alma comes to Offred with an assignment to acquire a package for Mayday in episode 1x09 "The Bridge".

The Church of St. Aidan


Offred and Ofglen pass a school on their way to shopping and Offred thinks back to a time on the beach with her family in episode 1x01 "Offred".

The Red Center

June is brought into an old school where she, Moira, and many other woman are taught to be handmaids in episode 1x01 "Offred". The handmaids-in-training are taught the details of the ceremony for the first time and then June & Moira execute a risky escape plan in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".

Woodbine Beach


Offred remembers spending time with her son and husband on the beach in episode 1x01 "Offred".

Bridgepoint Health Hospital

Hospital (interior)

Offred spends time with her new daughter and later wakes up to find Hannah missing in episode 1x02 "Birth Day".

25 Park Lane Circle

Putnam House

Offred and the other handmaids attend Janine's birthing at her commander's house in episode 1x02 "Birth Day". Offred returns to the Janine's commander's house with Serena to see the newborn in episode 1x03 "Late". The Handmaids wait outside as Janine goes through the ceremony to hand her baby over to Mr. & Mrs. Putnam in episode 1x09 "The Bridge".

Lakeridge Health Oshawa

Hospital (exterior)

Luke drives Offred to the hospital to have her baby and they have to go past groups of protestors out front in episode 1x02 "Birth Day".

James Street Baptist Church

St. Paul's Church

Offred and Ofglen come upon a church being destroyed and see a man captured by the Eyes in episode 1x02 "Birth Day".

Bonjour Brioche

Bonjour Brioche

June and Moira stop at a bakery to grab some refreshments during their jog but June's credit card is denied and the cashier is a giant asshole in episode 1x03 "Late".

Cambridge City Hall


Emily and the woman she was in a relationship with are tried for their affair in episode 1x03 "Late".

Parking Lot (off McNab Street)


Emily's girlfriend is pulled from the van and hanged by the Eyes while she watches in episode 1x03 "Late".

Grand Cafe


June, Moira, and one other protestor duck into a coffee shop to avoid the bullet and explosions in the street in episode 1x03 "Late".

Queen Street East (between Degrassi & McGee)


June gets a strange look from a passing woman while she and Moira jog together in episode 1x03 "Late".

Bay Street South (between Markland & Aberdeen)

Street near Waterford House

Offred walks down the street with the new Ofglen and passes several guards before stopping to let an Eye van drive past in episode 1x03 "Late". Offred continues down the street as the last of the handmaids following her head off to their homes in episode 1x10 "Night".

200 Wellington Street West

Barr & Monroe (exterior)

June and her female coworkers are escorted out of the building at gunpoint in episode 1x03 "Late".

Ernst & Young Tower

Barr & Monroe (interior)

June's boss announces that all of the female employees are no longer allowed to work at the company in episode 1x03 "Late".

Bay Lower Station (TTC)

Arlington Station (platform)

June and Moira head down into the subway looking for a way into Boston but June is discovered before she can board the train and only Moira escapes in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".

Toronto City Hall

Hanging Wall

Moira and June walk up some stairs where they see a series of bodies hanging from a wall and a group of people burning artwork in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".

Brick by Brick Park


June and Nick take Hannah to the carnival in a flashback in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".

Downtown Diversity Garden


Moira and June walk around streets after escaping the Red Center and attempt to figure out where they are in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".

Bay Station (TTC)

Arlington Station (entrance)

June and Moira walk past security into the subway in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum".

Ontario Square


Offred talks to Ofsteven in the market who then steals a car and drives around for a bit before being captured by the Eyes in episode 1x05 "Faithful".

Dark Horse Espresso Bar


June has coffee with Luke and they discuss having an affair in "theoretical" terms in episode 1x05 "Faithful".

Fairmont Royal York


The handmaids attend a fancy dinner so they can be shown off to the Mexican ambassador in episode 1x06 "A Woman's Place".


Offred is escorted into an illicit sex club by Commander Waterford where she spots Moira still among the living in episode 1x08 "Jezebels". Nick escorts Offred and the commander to the club before retiring to the kitchen in an attempt to gather information for the Eyes in episode 1x09 "The Bridge".

Park Hill Road Bridge


Offred stands on a bridge in town thinking about her night of sex with Nick in episode 1x06 "A Woman's Place".

David Crombie Park

Little America

Luke talks to the mute member of his group in a park in Toronto before getting summoned to a meeting with the U.S. government-in-exile in episode 1x07 "The Other Side".

The Fishway

Smuggling Dock

Luke and the group of survivors he is traveling with catch a smuggling boat at a dock near the coast in episode 1x07 "The Other Side".

Adelaide Street East (between Toronto & Church)

Continuing through Town

Luke and June sees some guards while continuing through the town in episode 1x07 "The Other Side".

Victoria Street (between Adelaide & King)

Driving through Town

June and Luke drive nervously through town with Hannah in their attempt to escape in episode 1x07 "The Other Side".

Ted's Restaurant


Nick grabs coffee with Andrew Pryce who tells him about the Sons of Jacob in episode 1x08 "Jezebels".

Beanfield Centre

Eye Headquarters

Nick reports to the commander in charge of the Eyes on another commander who has been breaking the law in episode 1x08 "Jezebels".

Princes' Boulevard (between Nunavut & Newfoundland)

Driving the Commanders

Nick listens to three commanders talk about the Handmaids while he drives them around in a flashback in episode 1x08 "Jezebels".

51 Aberdeen Avenue

Daniel's House

Aunt Lydia drops Janine off at her new assignment as Ofdaniel in episode 1x09 "The Bridge".

Old Mill Road Bridge

The Bridge

Offred is brought to a bridge where Janine is standing on the edge threatening to kill herself and her baby in episode 1x09 "The Bridge".

Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of Canada

Hannah's Home

Serena drives Offred far from home and shows her Hannah alive and well in episode 1x10 "Night".

Council Chamber

Commander Putnam is put on trial by a group of commanders in episode 1x10 "Night".

Bay Street South (between Aberdeen & Inglewood)

Walking Home

A long line of handmaids led by Offred walk to their homes in episode 1x10 "Night".

Inglewood Drive & Undercliffe Avenue

Walking Home

June walks home with the package she got from the butcher's shop in episode 1x10 "Night".

Aberdeen Avenue (between Hilton & Bay)

Continuing Home

Offred continues walking forward as more of the handmaids following her split off in episode 1x10 "Night".

King George School

The Red Center

June and Moira plot to escape the Red Center and June is punished after being caught in episode 1x04 "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum". June remembers her first day at the Red Center and getting an ear tag in episode 1x10 "Night".