Movies Filmed at 140 Metropolitan Avenue

140 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
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North 3rd Street (between Wythe & Berry) from Jessica Jones
95 m

Relish Diner from The Good Shepherd
125 m

Bedford Avenue (between 4th & 5th) from Younger
270 m

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Maggie's Apartment

Liza kisses Josh outside the apartment after their walk around the neighborhood in episode 1x02 “Liza Sows Her Oates”. Liza walks home to find Josh sitting on the steps wanting to apologize for the night before in episode 1x04 “The Exes”. Liza uses the company car service to win back Maggie and bring her downtown in episode 1x05 “Girl Code”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo

Josh helps Maggie and Liza carry a new mattress out to the curb after a bedbug scare.

The Old Ma'am and the C

Liza is talking on the phone with Caitlin while walking home with Maggie when Josh shows up to talk with her.

Bad Romance

Liza is walking home drunk with her ex-husband when they kiss.

Secrets & Liza

Thad is at the apartment looking for Liza when he runs into Caitlin who accidentally reveals that she is Liza's daughter.

No Weddings & a Funeral

Liza arrives home to find Josh waiting for her and he tells her that he broke up with Greta and wants to give it a shot with her.