Younger Filming Locations

Younger was filmed in New York & Nyack in the United States of America.

Loosie Rouge


Liza runs into Josh outside his shop while chatting with her daughter on the phone in episode 1x02 “Liza Sows Her Oates”. Liza goes over to Josh's place planning on telling him her true age in episode 1x03 “IRL”. A very drunk Maggie drags Liza to Josh's place to get a tattoo in the middle of the night in episode 1x04 “The Exes”.

Appears in 8 additional episodes.
I'm with Stupid

Liza goes over to Josh's place to apologize for being an ass but he isn't home.

Tattoo You

Liza storms into Josh's shop to yell at him for giving Caitlin a tattoo.

Jersey, Sure

Liza talks to Caitlin on the phone while heading to work.

Beyond Therapy

Josh is being photographed for his piece in the Times when he sees Liza walking past and runs over to talk with her.

No Weddings & a Funeral

Liza climbs out of the fire escape above the store after Josh's girlfriend comes shows up.

The Marshmallow Experiment

Liza goes to Josh's place and throws marshmallows through his window.

Post Truth

Lauren and Liza watch Kelsey's Uber drive to Josh's place on the map.

Gettin' Hygge with It

Lauren catches Kelsey leaving Josh's place in the morning and interrogates her about it.

140 Metropolitan Avenue

Maggie's Apartment

Liza kisses Josh outside the apartment after their walk around the neighborhood in episode 1x02 “Liza Sows Her Oates”. Liza walks home to find Josh sitting on the steps wanting to apologize for the night before in episode 1x04 “The Exes”. Liza uses the company car service to win back Maggie and bring her downtown in episode 1x05 “Girl Code”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo

Josh helps Maggie and Liza carry a new mattress out to the curb after a bedbug scare.

The Old Ma'am and the C

Liza is talking on the phone with Caitlin while walking home with Maggie when Josh shows up to talk with her.

Bad Romance

Liza is walking home drunk with her ex-husband when they kiss.

Secrets & Liza

Thad is at the apartment looking for Liza when he runs into Caitlin who accidentally reveals that she is Liza's daughter.

No Weddings & a Funeral

Liza arrives home to find Josh waiting for her and he tells her that he broke up with Greta and wants to give it a shot with her.

Bank of America Tower

Empirical Press (exterior)

The lobby and exterior of the publishing house where Liza works frequently features conversations between Liza and her coworkers on their way to and from work.

Appears in 8 episodes.
Liza Sows Her Oates

Liza runs into Kelsey as she is leaving the subway and they chat about her date with Josh while walking to the office.

I'm with Stupid

Liza reads The Scarf while walking down the street outside work.

Hot Mitzvah

Liza & Kelsey meet Lauren outside the office and she invites them to her Hot Mitzvah. Later, Liza meets with the author of the book she is hoping to doctor.

The Old Ma'am and the C

Kelsey runs up to Liza as they are arriving at work and asks what went down over the weekend.

The Good Shepherd

Liza and Kelsey talk about how to bring the mysterious man from the farmer's market in to their press.

Last Days of Books

Liza talks to Michelle on the phone and talks to her about the investment in the bookstore.

What's Up, Dock?

A cute bicyclist talks to Diana outside the office.

Post Truth

Liza runs into Charles outside of the office and he invites her to see some Hemingway stuff.

151 Bedford Avenue

Colin's Apartment

Kelsey chats with Colin while walking to his place and he asks her to check out his book in episode 3x08 “What's Up, Dock?”. Kelsey goes to Colin's place to celebrate the good news about his book only to learn about the other offer in episode 3x09 “Summer Friday”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Pigeons, Parrots and Storks

Colin calls Kelsey in a freakout after he gets his editor's notes on his book and she heads over to help him through it.

Get Real

Kelsey goes to stay with Colin for a few days while she looks for a new place.

750 7th Avenue

Empirical Press (interior)

Liza and Diana try to delay Anton Bjornberg while Maggie is late for their meeting in episode 1x04 “The Exes”. Liza takes notes for Diana at a meeting with their boss Charles in episode 1x05 “Girl Code”.

Stanford Publishing

Liza interviews with two young editors but is turned away for her age in pilot episode.



Maggie is getting coffee in the morning when the barista fangirls out about her artwork in episode 4x02 “Gettin' Hygge with It”. Maggie has coffee with Josh and introduces him to Montana in episode 4x03 “Forged in Fire”. Montana invites Josh up to her studio to help move some paintings for her upcoming show in episode 4x05 “The Gift of the Maggie”.

Palace Hotel


Lia goes with Diana & Charles to their annual meeting with Belinda Lacroix where she ends up dying in the bathroom in episode 4x04 “In the Pink”.

Belinda Lacroix's Funeral

Everyone from the company attends Belinda Lacroix's funeral dressed in pink in episode 4x04 “In the Pink”.

JW Marriott Essex House New York


Liza gets out of the car with Annika Bjornberg and Annika invites her to lunch where she accuses her of sleeping with Anton in episode 1x08 “Sk8”.

Lincoln Center

Anton Bjornberg is given an award at the Pen 25th Annual Literary Awards Ceremony and Kelsey tells Bjornberg's wife that she is the one sleeping with him in episode 1x08 “Sk8”.

17 Hollywood Avenue

Liza's Old House

Liza returns home as her realtor is showing off the home to a couple and then she video chats with Caitlin in pilot episode. Liza goes to her house with Maggie to tag things for the movers only to find her ex there messing things up in episode 1x03 “IRL”.

East 29th Street & Madison Avenue

Street Corner

Kelsey and Liza are walking to lunch talking about the upcoming launch party when Liza gets a text from her ex-husband in episode 1x06 “Shedonism”.

Street near Club Shelter

Liza helps Diana carry a very drunk Annabelle Bancroft to a cab in episode 1x06 “Shedonism”.

The Carlyle

The Carlyle

Liza goes to the hotel bar to meet Charles but backs out when she sees him talking to some other people in episode 3x01 “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss”.


Empirical Press (interior)

Liza gets a job as an assistant at a publisher by lying about her age in pilot episode.

537 North Broadway

Hector's Vacation House

Kelsey, Lauren, and Josh take a vacation upstate to escape their worries for a few days in episode 4x07 “Fever Pitch”.

The Greenpoint Loft

Maggie's Apartment (roof)

Maggie and Liza head up to the roof to investigate a noise and find their new neighbors raising chickens for their restaurant in episode 4x08 “The Gelato and the Pube”.


Breakfast Spot

Liza is eating breakfast at a hole-in-the-wall and reading Anna Kerenina when Charles walks in and chats with her in episode 1x09 “I'm with Stupid”.

Page Plaza Diner

Page Plaza Diner

Dave asks Liza to sign his boat over into her name so it can't be taken away with his gambling losses in episode 1x06 “Shedonism”.

The Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar

Kelsey and Liza go out with Edward L.L. Moore and his agent to celebrate the success of his new book in episode 3x07 “Ladies Who Lust”.

Brookfield Place

Time Inc.

Kelsey and Liza go to the Entertainment Weekly offices to be interviewed for an article about Millennial in episode 3x09 “Summer Friday”.



Lauren shows Kelsey and Thad all of her wild ideas for their wedding and later everyone attends the engagement party in episode 2x10 “Bad Romance”.

Melrose Ballroom

Melrose Ballroom

Liza and Kelsey attend a seminar hosted by Antonia Steward so that Empirical can sign her as an author in episode 3x12 “Get Real”.

81 Irving Place

Diana's Apartment

Diana throws her old wedding dress out the window of her apartment and then sees a homeless man wearing it the next day in episode 3x01 “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss”.



Liza, Kelsey, Diana, & Charles go out to dinner with a potential new investor, Bryce Reiger, and attempt to woo him to the company in episode 3x02 “The Marshmallow Experiment”.



Diana brings Liza out to lunch to talk offer career advice and Liza is invited to a young professional's group by another assistant in episode 2x10 “Bad Romance”.

Henry Lehr

The Ice Cream Shop

Charles and Liza run into each other on the street and Charles points out a shop he used to work at when he was growing up in episode 3x11 “A Book Fair to Remember”.


Swedish Candy Store

Anton Bjornberg takes Kelsey to a store to show her what real Swedish Fish taste like in episode 1x07 “Broke and Pantyless”.

The Woods


Lauren takes Kelsey out so she can move on from Thad and while Kelsey strikes out, Lauren meets an old friend from her childhood and hits it off with him in episode 3x03 “Last Days of Books”.

Bar Pleiades

Bar Pleiades

Kelsey brings Liza to an "age appropriate" bar and Liza ends up flirting with an attractive developer in episode 4x04 “In the Pink”.

Atlantic Marina


Liza meets David at the marina and tells him that she won't be bailing him out anymore in episode 1x06 “Shedonism”.

The 40/40 Club

29 Under 29 Party

Liza and Kelsey attend Entertainment Weekly's 29 Under 29 party where they are being honored in episode 4x01 “Post Truth”.


Bar (exterior)

Liza gets a text from Caitlin while walking to the bar for a trivia date with Josh in episode 2x02 “The Mao Function”.

27 Mercer Street

Hector & Dorff's Flagship Store

Lauren and Maggie go to the new Hector & Dorff store to check out Maggie's artwork on display in episode 2x06 “Un-Jaded”.

800 3rd Avenue

Dr. Jane Wray's Office

Kelsey and Liza go to meet with a psychologist about a book and later Liza returns to reveal the truth during a session in episode 2x08 “Beyond Therapy”.

SPiN New York


The gang attends a ping pong themed Hector & Dorff launch party and Josh gets peppered with questions about his breakup with Liza in episode 2x02 “The Mao Function”.

Manahatta Park


Liza meets Thad and he attempts to blackmail her but she refuses to go along with it in episode 2x11 “Secrets & Liza”.

Le Monde

Le Monde

Kelsey goes out to lunch with Colin's editor Pippa and Pippa warns her about getting to involved in the process in episode 3x10 “Pigeons, Parrots and Storks”.

Gran Morsi

Italian Restaurant

Kelsey and Liza come to help Lauren in the middle of her breadstick binge/freakout over sleeping with her childhood friend in episode 3x03 “Last Days of Books”.

New York Academy of Art

New York Academy of Art

Liza and Maggie attend an art show and are joined by Kelsey and two of her friends in episode 1x05 “Girl Code”.

Parking Lot (at 8th & Kent)

Brooklyn Flea

Maggie and Liza sell the stuff from Liza's old house at the flea market to hipsters in episode 1x03 “IRL”.

17 Frost Gallery

17 Frost Gallery

Kelsey and Jess get Maggie a new gallery to show off her work in episode 1x05 “Girl Code”.

Erwin Pearl

Jewelry Store

Kelsey shows Liza a watch she is planning on getting for her boyfriend in episode 1x11 “Hot Mitzvah”.

The Gander

The Gander

Kelsey gets Lauren to help build Liza's social media profile in episode 4x01 “Post Truth”.