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Liza runs into Josh outside his shop while chatting with her daughter on the phone in episode 1x02 “Liza Sows Her Oates”. Liza goes over to Josh's place planning on telling him her true age in episode 1x03 “IRL”. A very drunk Maggie drags Liza to Josh's place to get a tattoo in the middle of the night in episode 1x04 “The Exes”.

Appears in 8 additional episodes.
I'm with Stupid

Liza goes over to Josh's place to apologize for being an ass but he isn't home.

Tattoo You

Liza storms into Josh's shop to yell at him for giving Caitlin a tattoo.

Jersey, Sure

Liza talks to Caitlin on the phone while heading to work.

Beyond Therapy

Josh is being photographed for his piece in the Times when he sees Liza walking past and runs over to talk with her.

No Weddings & a Funeral

Liza climbs out of the fire escape above the store after Josh's girlfriend comes shows up.

The Marshmallow Experiment

Liza goes to Josh's place and throws marshmallows through his window.

Post Truth

Lauren and Liza watch Kelsey's Uber drive to Josh's place on the map.

Gettin' Hygge with It

Lauren catches Kelsey leaving Josh's place in the morning and interrogates her about it.