Movies Filmed at Gaztelugatxe

Lugar Barrio Gibelortzaga, 9A, 48370 San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Bizkaia, Spain

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Dating back to the 10th century, a small hermitage to John the Baptist sits atop this small island that is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge with 231 steps (or maybe 241, or 229).

Game of Thrones

Dragonstone Path

Daenerys and the others climb a long winding path up to the castle at Dragonstone in episode 7x01 “Dragonstone”. Jon and Tyrion catch up on their way up to the castle and then one of the dragons swoops overhead in episode 7x03 “The Queen's Justice”. Jon and Davos are walking down the steps when they come upon Missandei and ask her about serving Daenerys in episode 7x04 “The Spoils of War”.