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304 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013-1224
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The oldest surviving commercial building in downtown was constructed in 1893 for gold-mining millionaire Lewis L. Bradbury by George Wyman & Sumner Hunt. The building's mild Romanesque exterior hides an ornate Victorian court with a massive skylight, wrought iron railings, marble stairs, and caged elevators. After falling into disrepair over the years, the office building was extensively restored in 1991 and in 1996 it became to the LAPD's Internal Affairs division as well as several other government agencies.

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Pushing Daisies

Ned & Chuck's Apartments

From episode 1x07 "Smell of Success".

Good Neighbor Sam

Sam Bissell's Hotel

(500) Days of Summer

Office Building

Tom interviews for a new job.

Blade Runner

The Bradbury

Pris sets herself up in the doorway of the decrepit building where J.F. Sebastian lives and convinces him to bring her upstairs. Later, Deckard tracks the replicants to the building.

Lethal Weapon 4

Leo Getz's Dentist's Office

On the Edge of 'Blade Runner'

Bradbury Building

Source: IMDb

The Unfaithful

Hannaford's Office

Source: IMDb



From episode 1x16 "Let No Man Put Asunder".

The Artist

Kinograph Studio


Source: Traci Galbraith


Los Angeles Sun's Office

Mr. Wrong

Jack Tramonte's Office


Will Randall's Office

Murder in the First

James Stamphill's Law Office