Movies Filmed at Million Dollar Theatre

307 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013-1207
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Bradbury Building from Disclosure and 17 other movies.
23 m

Pan American Building from Constantine and 2 other movies.
49 m

Grand Central Public Market from La La Land and 5 other movies.
59 m

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Million Dollar Theater (exterior)

The street preacher yells at Lucifer as he and Chloe are walking into a crime scene in episode 1x12 "#TeamLucifer".


CrossRhodes Theatre (interior)

Will checks out the theatre where CrossRhodes is playing while in New York in episode 2x22 "New York".

Blade Runner


The Million Dollar Theatre can be seen in the background when Pris and J.F. Sebastian meet outside Sebastian's apartment.

(500) Days of Summer

Movie Theatre

Tom and Summer watch Vagiant.


Source: IMDb