Movies Filmed at Piru United Methodist Church

3875 Center St, Piru, CA 93040, USA
Nearby Locations
Center Street & Church Street from The Pretender
27 m

697 Church Street from Twilight Zone: The Movie
41 m

625 North Church Street from Iris DeMent: Our Town
115 m

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The X-Files

From episode 7x09 "Signs & Wonders".

Source: IMDb

Space Cowboys

Tank Sullivan's Parish

Source: IMDb


St. Adrian Church

From episode 6x10 "Harvest of Death".

Source: IMDb


From episode 2x08 "The Spoil".

Source: IMDb

Desperate Housewives

From episode 7x15 "Farewell Letter".

Source: IMDb

Mission: Impossible

All Saints Church

From episode 1x10 "The Carriers".

Source: IMDb

True Blood

From episode 1x05 "Sparks Fly Out".

Source: IMDb