Movies Filmed at The Integral House

194 Roxborough Dr, Toronto, ON M4W 1X8, Canada

A 1,700-suqare-metre private residence designed by Shim-Sutcliffe Architects for mathematician & violinist James Stewart. The design of the house began in 1999, with construction running from 2003 until 2009 at an estimated cost of $24 million. The house is five stories tall, the lowest three of which is built on the slope of the ravine beneath the street level. The house includes a performance hall capable of seating 150 people, an indoor pool with massive retractable glass wall, and a garden on the roof of the lowest floor.

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Star Trek: Discovery

Sarek & Amanda's Home

Michael remembers coming to her new home on Vulcan and meeting Spock for the first time in episode 2x01 “Brother”. Michael returns home and talks to her mother about Spock while Sarek searches for him using Tokmar in episode 2x07 “Light and Shadows”. Spock remembers seeing the Red Angel for the first time and Michael remembers when she deeply wounded him in episode 2x08 “If Memory Serves”.