Star Trek: Discovery Filming Locations

After being involved in the start of the Klingon War, Michael Burnham is recruited to the crew of the USS Discover as they test experimental technology that may bring victory.

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Star Trek: Discovery was filmed in Toronto in Canada and Jordan.
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Wadi Rum

Crepusculan Homeworld

From episode 1x01 "The Vulcan Hello".


Aga Khan Museum

Vulcan Science Academy

Michael has a vision of her graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy where Sarek makes a decision that changes her future in episode 1x06 "Lethe".


Kelso Conservation Area

Pahvo Ridge

Michael works on the antenna to send the signal to the Discovery but Saru arrives to try to stop her in episode 1x08 "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum".

Source: Memory Alpha


Hilton Falls

Pahvo Forest

Michael, Saru, and Ash travel through the forest towards the antenna but get sidetracked by a strange blue haze which they follow to a small building in episode 1x08 "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum".

Source: Memory Alpha


Vaughan City Hall

United Federation of Planets, Office of the President

Michael talks to Amanda and Sarek outside the building before heading inside to accept the Starfleet Medal of Honor with several other members of the crew of the Discovery in episode 1x15 "Will You Take My Hand?".

Source: Memory Alpha

Hearn Generation Plant

USS Hiawatha

Michael, Pike, and Nhan make their way through the wreckage of the crashed medical ship and encounter a trio of flying drones constructed from Federation technology which lead them to the survivors in episode 2x01 "Brother".


The Integral House

Sarek & Amanda's Home

Michael remembers coming to her new home on Vulcan and meeting Spock for the first time in episode 2x01 "Brother".


Ball's Falls & Historic Village

New Eden

Michael, Pike, and Owosekun visit the local church to learn about the society and are discovered by some locals in episode 2x02 "New Eden".