Star Trek: Discovery Filming Locations

After being involved in the start of the Klingon War, Michael Burnham is recruited to the crew of the USS Discover as they test experimental technology that may bring victory.

Part of the Star Trek Collection

Star Trek: Discovery was filmed in Toronto & Hamilton in Canada as well as in Iceland & Jordan.

Hearn Generation Plant

Essof IV

The crew builds the mousetrap in an abandoned facility and prepare to use Michael to capture the Red Angel in episode 2x10 “The Red Angel”. Pike questions Dr. Burnham, Michael confronts her mother, and Georgiou plants a device to intercept the data download in episode 2x11 “Perpetual Infinity”.

USS Hiawatha

Michael, Pike, and Nhan make their way through the wreckage of the crashed medical ship and encounter a trio of flying drones constructed from Federation technology which lead them to the survivors in episode 2x01 “Brother”.

The Mercantile

Booker escorts Michael inside the secure market to sell her antiques for dilithium in episode 3x01 “That Hope Is You, Part 1”.

The Integral House

Sarek & Amanda's Home

Michael remembers coming to her new home on Vulcan and meeting Spock for the first time in episode 2x01 “Brother”. Michael returns home and talks to her mother about Spock while Sarek searches for him using Tokmar in episode 2x07 “Light and Shadows”. Spock remembers seeing the Red Angel for the first time and Michael remembers when she deeply wounded him in episode 2x08 “If Memory Serves”.

Woodbine Beach

Former Starfleet Academy Park

Tilly and the other members of the bridge crew head down to the former Starfleet Academy and find a tree that they had all sat under during their academy days has grown to enormous size in episode 3x03 “People of Earth”.

Vulcan Beach

Amanda helps Sarek meditate so they can locate Michael and Spock with their katras in episode 2x13 “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 1”.

Aga Khan Museum

Vulcan Science Academy

Michael has a vision of her graduation from the Vulcan Science Academy where Sarek makes a decision that changes her future in episode 1x06 “Lethe”.