Movies Filmed at Robert Burnaby Park

8201 Wedgewood St Burnaby, BC, Canada
Nearby Locations
Amorosa Pasta House from Lucifer
787 m

Blood & Iron Martial Arts from Lucifer
816 m

Lost In The 50's Drive-In from Psych and 2 other movies.
987 m

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Battlestar Galactica

Dream Sequence Forest

Location of dream sequence with Laura Roslin and Leoben in episode #108 "Flesh And Bone". The sequence was shot just east of the baseball field.

Caprica Swing Set

Swing set where the Cylons meet Sharon in episode 1x08 “Flesh and Bone”.

Caprica Dirt Road

Road where the resistance members are ambushed and Kara is captured in episode 2x05 “The Farm”.